Firmex - Case Study - Cherry Tree


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Firmex - Case Study - Cherry Tree

  1. 1. CUSTOMER SUCCESS Cherry Tree Business Challenge "We know when our Cherry Tree is a financial advisory firm that offers investment banking, investment management and clients use Firmex, they wealth management services. Established in 1980, their mission statement is to provide seasonedare going to consistently advice to entrepreneurial leaders of special skill and character in order to help them pursue innovative receive a high quality business strategies; and to connect those leaders to investors and corporations with patient capital, Virtual Data Room shared goals and enthusiasm for the Entrepreneurial Economy. One of the areas of advice that is experience. That is why routinely given to companies looking to engage in Sell-side M&A is the use of Virtual Data Rooms. we dont hesitate to Virtual Data Rooms are an effective tool for organizing and providing transparency to the due diligence recommend them." process of an M&A or fund raising transaction. Cherry Tree regularly advises their clients to use Virtual Wayne Atkins, Data Rooms as a cost effective approach to sharing the highly confidential information required in these Managing Director critical business processes. "When we recommend a Virtual Data Room, we need to be assured thatCherry Tree Companies the provider we recommend is going to deliver the value and service that our clients have come to expect from us," stated Wayne Atkins, Managing Director and Head of Cherry Trees Strategic Advisory practice. "This was often challenging, until we discovered Firmex." Assured Value Delivered Consistently When using a Virtual Data Room to facilitate the due diligence process during an M&A transaction, users need a solution that is easy to set up and use and that is secure and reliable. "The tool needs to enable the due diligence process, not stand in its way", discussed Wayne Atkins. "If it doesnt have the features to support the transaction, or if its too complicated to use, our clients wont be happy." Cherry Tree has been recommending the Firmex data room to its clients for the last three years. "Firmex is a preferred vendor when advising our clients on using a Virtual Data Room," explained Atkins. "We have used many of the data rooms available. Firmex is on par with the larger providers in terms of functionality, but when you consider the usability, all-inclusive service and cost certainty of the Firmex offering, it is one of the best values on the market." Superior Service & Complete Cost Certainty Superior service is very important to Cherry Tree. When recommending complementary services such as a deal room, Cherry Tree is very careful about the providers they recommend. They need to have assurance that the provider they are putting their name beside is going to deliver the same superior service Cherry Tree would - with every transaction and every interaction. The Firmex solution offers unlimited training and expert 24/7/365 support included in its price. In addition to the training they receive at signup, clients are able to refer to a rich and searchable knowledgebase, with video demonstrations. "When we recommend complementary services, it is analogous to putting our own name on it," indicated Wayne Atkins. "We are confident that when our clients use Firmex, they are going to consistently receive a high quality Virtual Data Room experience. This is important to us. That is why we dont hesitate to recommend them." In an uncertain market, cost certainty is fast becoming a competitive advantage. Cherry Tree likes the Firmex fixed price model because they are assured that the price quoted is the price their clients will be charged. This is because Firmex does not count pages, documents or deal rooms and charge on top of the subscription at the end of the deal. "Transparency is very important in a deal and helps build trust with clients," Atkins added. "Firmex understands our values and guarantees that they will uphold them." Cherry Tree has been referring Firmex since 2009 and has been very happy with the level of service and value that Firmex delivers to their customers. NORTH AMERICA 1 888 688 4042 EUROPE 44(0) 20 3371 8476 INTERNATIONAL 1 416 840 4241 Contact sales or learn more at: