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ITS Online Profile new


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ITS Online Profile new

  1. 1. ITS ONLINE Company Profile 2015 By: ITS Online Crew Majalah ITS Point Y-ITS
  2. 2. 5W 1H WHAT is ITS Online? WHO’s the crew? WHERE do we work? WHEN must we work? HOW do we work? WHY we have to?
  3. 3. What is ITS Online? Is OFFICIAL MEDIA of ITS. Structurally, residing under the command of Pusat Informasi dan Komunikasi BKPKP ITS.
  4. 4. Who’s the crew? Maintained by ITS students (19 crews) Consists of 1 Reportage Coordinator, 6 Editors, and 12 Reporters Led by Editor in Chief Drs. Hadi Siswanto Also assisted by a number of employees.
  5. 5. Where do we work? The Media ITS Point Y-ITS Various Books The Office Perpustakaan Pusat ITS 6th Floor ITS Sukolilo Surabaya Campus
  6. 6. When must we work? When ITS has event. When ITS reaches for achievement. When there are news (in ITS), we have job 24hours/day 7days/week
  7. 7. How do we work? Reporter Looking for news Exploring news Writing news
  8. 8. Editor Editing News Deciding News Eligibility Guiding Reporter How do we work?
  9. 9. Reportage Coordinator Arranging Reporter Traffic Evaluating Crews Making News Policy Responsible for the whole team work How do we work? Reportage Coordinator
  10. 10. How do we work? About The News Kind of News: Straight News/Hard Feature Condition: Affecting people / Important Comprehensive Information Unique Good Image All about ITS
  11. 11. How do we work? About The Quality Improvement Weekly Meeting Reporter Award Upgrading Media Internship Annual Open Recruitment Refreshing
  12. 12. Why we have to? to inform people about ITS
  13. 13. Thank You