LinkedIn: Building relationships with the world's professionals


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Presentation by Henry Clifford-Jones, Director, Marketing Solutions EMEA at LinkedIn. Delivered at Firefly's LinkedIn Army event.

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  • Members are able to be more productive and successful because on LinkedIn they spotlight their professional identities, and seek and share insights…on desktop, tablet, or mobile device.
  • DESIGNER NOTES: I’d like to draw out the importance of content reflected in the emarketer charts.Equally XXXs use of the platform is not unusual. It’s the reason why LinkedIn has evolved into a professional publishing platform. Our members are 6 times more engaged with content on LinkedIn vs our jobs properties. And marketers see the value in creating relations through content.So we’re helping both members and marketers share and engage with content by investing time in content from four primary sources:Brands, 2) Thought Leaders 3) News and 4) Peers And the LinkedIn products that deliver this content are:Brands – Company Pages, Company Updates,SlideShare, GroupsLinkedIn members choose to follow the companies that they want to hear from, engage with content these companies post to SlideShare, and join Groups built or sponsored by these companiesThought Leaders – Influencers Members are getting unique content that they can’t get anywhere else by following Influencers. The Influencers program includes over 220 of the most influential thought leaders, from Richard Branson to President Obama.On LinkedIn, Influencers have become publishers virtually overnight, attracting – in the case of Richard Branson – 1.3million followers that engage with and share their content – posting hundreds of thousands of comments. (March 1, 2013) Companies have the same opportunity on LinkedIn. News – LinkedIn TodayThere are more than 40 industries and 480 news sources to follow on LinkedIn Today.Since LinkedIn Today was integrated into the LinkedIn Homepage in July 2012, traffic to 3rd party publishers is up nearly 60% Peers – Connections, Fellow Group Members Members visit their homepage and read their news feed to see what their connections are sharing. Since their connections are usually people in the same industry or function, they typically share information that is extremely relevant and useful. 
  • So, we’ve moved beyond simply connecting members and are now the definitive publishing platform for professionals.Compared with other professional publishers, content on LinkedIn works very differently. The rich data we have on our platform means we can deliver the most relevant content to our members. This means members receive individually relevant content from brands and publishers based on their profile data, and also the content that their network and industry peers engage with mostThere are more than 1.3 million publishers actively using the LinkedIn Share button on their sites to send content into the LinkedIn platform.And, unlike other media properties, on LinkedIn our members amplify content to their 1st-degree connections by liking, commenting and sharing
  • Cisco,IBM, Google,Hewlett-Packard,Microsoft,Linkedin,Amazon,Dell,Apple, Oracle
  • Sample: IBM, Google,Hewlett-Packard,Microsoft, Oracle
  • TRANSITION: Many leading brands across categories are putting content at the core of their strategies. Here are some of the patterns we see that are making them successful.
  • Key Message: Make your customers more productive and successful. Right content in the right context. Start with insights that you know your audience will care about. And then consider the right context for when and where they want to receive them. For Blackrock, they are consistently publishing great content about the financial markets, personal finance and global trends. And this thoughtful, aspirational content is at home on LinkedIn. It’s what our members want and expect.
  • Key Message: You should not create all of this content on your own.Everyone in this room can be an editor.You don’t need to originate all of your own content – you can add a perspective on 3rd party content and generate results by re-publishing it. Generally the original piece will have much more reach on LinkedIn than the original channel.Example: Lenovo is sharing great content from The Wharton School’s blog about mobile phone usage and the impact on business.
  • Key Message: There is a place for long form content – but for today’s consumer, shorter form content is a key part of what they, what they engage with and what they share with others. The term snackable captures the consumer behavior so well.With people so consumed by digital media and mobile devices, effective content is content that is easy to understand, easy to consume and most of all – easy to share.
  • Key Message: This is a critical point that can be over-looked – value the Who – value if you’ve reached the right audience or not. We’ve invested in improved analytics in our co page and for content products so this level of data is at your fingertips on our platform. We still see people getting very consumed by volume metrics – how many like, comments, shares.But the “Who” in the equation is the key piece that will drive your impact. If you have a lot of activity but it’s happening among the wrong target audience, it’s wasted activity for your marketing budget.
  • One-third of the 600 million professionals on the planet are LinkedIn. This represents the largest group anywhere of influential,affluent and educated people. We’ve becomethe world’s largest professional network by helping our members be more productive and more successful at all the stages of their careers.
  • LinkedIn: Building relationships with the world's professionals

    1. 1. Building Relationships with the World’s Professionals Henry Clifford-Jones, Director, Marketing Solutions EMEA
    2. 2. Our Mission. Connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful 2
    3. 3. Our Offering to Members EverywhereInsightsIdentity Connect, find and be found Be great at what you do We work where our members work
    4. 4. LinkedIn then
    5. 5. LinkedIn now
    6. 6. Key Trends 6
    7. 7. Content is our core 10XMore engagement with content vs jobs COMPANIES & ORGANISATIONS 2.7MM Company Pages Company Updates SlideShare Groups THOUGHT LEADERS 200+ Influencers NEWS 1.3MM Publishers LinkedIn Today PEERS 1.5MM Groups Connections
    8. 8. Hewlett-Packard Mobile is on the rise 33%Of unique visiting members come through mobile apps, versus just 19% a year ago. LinkedIn data Q1 2013
    9. 9. Developing Strategies for Marketers Marketers as Editors Employees as Marketers 9
    10. 10. LinkedIn Transformation professional publishing platform 10 Rich data drives content relevance 1.3 million+ publishers send diverse content to LinkedIn Members share compelling content through the network Individually relevant content from brands and publishers
    11. 11. LinkedIn Confidential ©2013 All Rights Reserved 11
    12. 12. The average LinkedIn member is 12x more likely to see top tech brands though an employees profile page than on their company page Company Page Views Employee Profile Views 12X More Page Views
    13. 13. LinkedIn Confidential ©2013 All Rights Reserved 13
    14. 14. Non-Followers Non-Employee Followers Employees 1.8X More Engaged Your employees are you biggest advocates 7.4X More Engaged Source: LinkedIn Internal data Indices only for active members in September 2013
    15. 15. LinkedIn Confidential ©2013 All Rights Reserved 15
    16. 16. How to make content work for you? 16
    17. 17. 1. Make your customers more productive and successful 17
    18. 18. 2.Be the editor 18
    19. 19. 3.Make it snackable 19
    20. 20. 4.Value the “who” 20
    21. 21. Thank you 21
    22. 22. 1 of every 3 professionals on the planet is LinkedIn 22 238m Global 50m Europe 14m UK