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3a 101215 fir eweek-v2


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3a 101215 fir eweek-v2

  1. 1. in a Nutshell
  2. 2. What is FEDERICA ? A Europe-wide, physical e-Infrastructure based on virtualization in all its components: 13 points of presence in 10 countries 22 WAN circuits at 1 Gigabit (Ethernet) 13 router/switches, 20 V-Nodes Operational since Nov 2008 network elements and computing elements
  3. 3. The FEDERICA service Create full testbeds (slices) according to user’s specification (topology, resources type, number) The user has complete control on the slice. A “slice” Routers A “portal” A “topology” Nodes FEDERICA substrate (only CORE is shown) Global Internet
  4. 4. Until when, where, cost ? The facility is open until March 2011 . Access is from anywhere in Internet. There are no fees for standard usage. The user receives the slice (no automatic provisioning yet) and configures the resources according to its needs (e.g. with its own system images, protocols, applications).
  5. 6. The user of FEDERICA is Researching and experimenting in creating new architectures and services on networks and distributed systems for current and Future Internet. Any researcher
  6. 7. How FEDERICA has been built ? FEDERICA Physical Infrastructure Router/Switch Host for Virtual Computers Ethernet Circuit at 1 Gbps
  7. 8. “ Slices” for “any” Research <ul><li>Using virtualization technologies it’s possible to create circuits, nodes and routers and to combine them in arbitrary topologies. </li></ul><ul><li>Example: a full mesh of routers </li></ul>