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1a A.Gavras


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1a A.Gavras

  1. 1. Panlab Federation Framework Service offering Anastasius Gavras [email_address]
  2. 2. Concept and components
  3. 3. Admission control algorithm controls testbed via Federation Computing Interface PTM PTM TEAGLE SERVICES RA RA RA RA RA RA repo VCT tool OE TGW Eclipse Access resources through your code UA/SUT VCT def FCI Core
  4. 4. GGSN SGSN Cosmote Mobile Network vpn WEB TV Application Server IMS … WEB TV Client Application Web TV#1 Web TV#2 Web TV#n Cosmote Lab Technicolor / Media-Network Applications Video Data stream Adaptor WebTV to mobiles Web C3 C2 C1 C4
  5. 5. Pool of resources in PII testbeds ? Partly ongoing, mostly possible, some RAs available HTTP, XMPP, Video Streaming, carrier IMS, OpenIMS, Femto APs, Computing Resources Athens, Cosmote ? Yes, with WebTV (server in MN) IMS subscriber provisioning Athens, Cosmote Yes Mostly no, but possible SOA and NGN testbed Berlin, Fokus Yes Yes OpenIMS Berlin, Fokus Yes, used also in Onelab2, G-Lab No, but ongoing Future Internet Research Testbed Berlin, Fokus Yes No, but possible 3GPP EPC and Next Generation Mobile Networks testbed Berlin, Fokus Yes No, ? Real time RF spectrum analyser Ireland, TSSG Yes RAs available OpenIMS Ireland, TSSG Yes No, but possible Carrier grade open access IMS; access i.a. fibre, Pico/Femto; several functions Ireland, TSSG Available after PII PII integration Testbed Location
  6. 6. Pool of resources in PII testbeds ? Limited, some RAs Carrier grade infrastructure Palermo, Italy ? RAs under construction Power Line Communications Evaluation Platform Paris, France Mostly yes Mostly yes (RAs for Federica) Cloud, optical switches, streaming servers Montreal, Canada ? Yes (messaging, presence, contacts,) TID Service Delivery Platform with (limited) access to operator network Madrid, Spain Yes Yes (used in several use cases) NGN OpenIMS; IP-PBX; media streaming, conferencing, VoIP; computing resources Patras, Greece Yes Partly yes (e.g. WebTV use case) Partly ongoing NGN with carrier IMS core; fibre and 4G access; connected to users Brittany, France ? Some components integrated, SelfNet use case Full Carrier IMS with AAA, range of application servers; OpenIMS, several access networks, computing resources Oulu, Finland Available after PII PII integration Testbed Location