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Viking persuasive essay


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Viking persuasive essay

  1. 1. Justin Magrum 13.12.10 Period 1 Honors L.A. DO NOT VISIT THE VIKINGS The Vikings were a very brutal and savage race. They would raid villages usingfear, fear put into the villagers through the Vikings giant axes and large dogs. TheNorsemen, which was another name for the Vikings, were the most feared invaders ofwestern-Europe during the 800’s and 900’s because of their skill in siege operations.They conquered most of Europe buy the time they started to fade away and they shapedmany parts of northern culture. Do not go to Viking age Norway or Denmark, The people there are brutal and ifupset will strike without mercy. They are nomadic and are always moving, they have nomajor home to stop at just little camps along the European continent. The Viking peoplealso did many invasions, being part of there culture was dangerous because they mademany enemies and could get attacked at any moment as well. If a person or group was not a friend of their culture or religion they would bemercilessly slaughtered. Vikings were skilled in siege attacks and could take over afortified city with only a few minor problems. Every captured person became a slave forthem on their farms. Again if a person is not part of them they can be killed on the spot,
  2. 2. but if they don’t have any value they more often then not will be turned into a slave forthem. The Norsemen are savage and extremely dangerous. Visiting a Viking city would be very difficult because they are nomadic and arealways moving around. They have little settlements around the entire continent butnothing major other than maybe five or six cities. With this constant moving if a personcan not traverse the terrain well s/he will die from the cold and the mountainous region. Ifa person also couldn’t stand the cold s/he would not be able to live with the Norse peoplefor more than a few weeks before they would freeze over and die. If someone was visiting the Norse people and was “drafted” into one of theirraiding parties, especially against a fortified city, they had a little chance to survivebecause the major parts to the Viking sieges was charging the enemy. This alone wouldget many people killed in the process and after that they would make enemies out of thefriends of the people that they just conquered. Their new found enemy, if dumb enough,would maybe surprise attack a camp, and with out preparation that small camp couldeasily be destroyed and if a foreigner was there they would not know what to do andwould probably die in the panic. Yes the Vikings would be interesting to visit with some aspects. They have abeautiful landscape with the mountains, snow, and forests. It would be interesting to see awhole other way of life, which is based on farming and hunting, instead of going toMcDonalds to get a whopper for dinner in your car. The Norse have amazingly beautiful
  3. 3. exotic creatures that don’t live in the states, like the miniature pony creature that is asstrong as any horse but about as large as a medium donkey. It would be a nice, newexperience but it would just be to dangerous for a normal person to live with Vikings. They are a very dangerous people to live with and it is not recommended toanyone who wants to live a little longer. It is freezing temperatures almost year round.They are constantly fighting with other people, and they rarely stay in the same place forto long and they never get settled in to relax. Just don’t ever try to live with the Vikingsbecause if someone does they might be looking at an early grave.
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