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Let Mustang Survival customize your order with screen printing, logo patches, custom color, embroidery, special colors or
extra reflective tape. For more information on customization

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2011 Uspr Ocatalog

  1. 1. Innovative Solutions With over 40 years of experience applying innovative technologies to practical lifesaving solutions, Mustang Survival researches, designs and produces quality lifesaving products for recreational, professional and military users. We perform extensive research to design and manufacture quality lifesaving products for the world’s most demanding and unpredictable environments. Our products provide flotation and extreme climate protection to fishermen, leisure boaters, sailors, industrial marine workers, coast guards, fighter jet pilots and even NASA astronauts. Whatever the application, serious users depend on Mustang Survival. Let Mustang Survival customize your order with screen printing, logo patches, custom color, embroidery, special colors or extra reflective tape. For more information on customization please call 1.800.526.0532 or visit mustangsurvival.com/ customization. Setup charges may apply on small-order quantities. Screen Printing Screen printing is a permanent customization that can be done on finished product. Available from simple block lettering to custom graphics. Black and white are standard with additional colors available upon request. Logo Patches You provide the patch, and we’ll sew it on name tags (removable & permanent) Removable name tags use embroidered lettering with Velcro attachments. Permanent name tags can either be printed Gorilla Grip, which is similar to Embroidered Logo Logo Patch screen printing, or embroidered lettering in white thread on black fabric. & Screen Printing Custom Color Many products can be made in non-standard colors. 2011 Embroidered Logo The embroidery of customer-supplied insignia on Mustang Survival products is Contract Holder FSS Contract GS-07F-0065H an excellent way to highlight a logo or brand. GSA items in our catalog are Specialized software transforms artwork into an electronic file format readable marked with this symbol by embroidery machines. If TAA compliance is required you The image is converted into stitches and sewn on to the garment taking into must order the “GS” version where account the size, garment type, and fabric composition of the selected product. available. Contact your sales rep or customer service (1.800.526.0532) Reflective Tape for more information. Extra reflective tape can be added to most products. P R O F E S S I O N A L C A T A L O Gmustangsurvival.com CANADA USA New address effective September 2010 1215 Old Fairhaven Parkway, Suite C 7525 Lowland Drive Bellingham, WAcustomer service: 1.800.526.0532 Burnaby, B.C. USA 98225 ©Mustang Survival Corp 2010. Rev.24 June2010. Printed in Canada. Canada V5J 5L1 tel 604.270.8631 tel 360.676.1782 toll free 1.800.526.0532 toll free 1.800.526.0532 fax 1.888.676.5014 fax 1.888.676.5014 W E S AV E L I V E S FO R A L I V I N G email mustang@mustangsurvival.com email mustangusa@mustangsurvival.com
  2. 2. Serious Products for Serious Users First Responder Solutions Did you ever wonder why so many marine professionals insist on Mustang? Water Rescue Kits Water Rescue Kit Components It’s because every stitch that comes out of Mustang Survival is made as though lives depend on it. And lives do. You’re First On The Scene, THERE ARE VICTIMS MD3025 MRD100 Belt-Pack Rescue Stick™ IN THE WATER, and time is running out . . . WHAT CAN In 1967, the now legendary Mustang We are focused on saving lives and It is commitment to quality that PFD YOU DO? Survival Floater Coat™ set a whole proudly make innovative products has earned our facilities ISO 9001 new standard for survival apparel. to keep our recreational customers registration, the highest of all Protect Yourself. Through constant innovation and an and families safe. We also deliver international standards. This is our MRD075 Protective unwavering dedication to excellence, leading edge protection to the most guarantee that you are receiving Throw Bag Storage Case we’ve continued to set new standards demanding users – the Canadian superior quality in design and ever since. Our survival apparel Armed Forces, US Navy, US Air Force, manufacturing. Every detail of every Don the Inflatable PFD not only remains unsurpassed in NASA, the Coast Guard, and law garment we make is treated [Life Jacket] in order to protect flotation and hypothermia protection, enforcement organizations around as though lives depend on it. yourself in case of accidental it also provides superior mobility the world. immersion. Mustang Survival. and durability. WE SAVE LIVES FOR A LIVING. Stabilize the Victim. MRK110 CONTAINS Cold Water Survival Times yy 1 Belt-Pack Inflatable PFD Throw the Rescue Stick™ yy 1 Rescue Stick In just 20 minutes, hypothermia our unique AirSoft™ foam. It not only to the victim. The device yy 1 Throw Bag can deprive you of all mental and provides maximum insulation against automatically inflates when yy Quick Reference Instruction physical capacities, leading to the cold, it also keeps you afloat to immersed in water. Sheet unconsciousness and even death. protect you from drowning. Retrieve the Victim. dimensions: 18.2” x 8.4” x 6.7” At Mustang Survival, our research This graph indicates random samples scientists are dedicated to protecting of Clo values and the corresponding MRK120 people from hypothermia. The length estimation of survival time in calm CONTAINS of time a person can survive in cold water (assuming a thin person with a yy 4 Rescue Sticks water primarily depends on both the 5.5°F [3°C] drop in core temperature). yy 1 Throw Bag water’s temperature and the thermal yy Quick Reference Instruction insulation of the victim’s protective Sheet STYLE NUMBER CLO Value dimensions: 18.2” x 8.4” x 6.7” clothing. The scientific measure of Nude .060 such insulation is referred to as a Clo Traditional Fishing Attire .100 value. Simply put, the higher the Clo, Rescue Stick MC1534 .185 the greater the insulation and the MS2175 .420 MRD100 longer you can survive in cold water. In an emergency, seconds count! MRK130 MSD901 .740 To provide the maximum Clo possible, The Rescue Stick™ allows first CONTAINS Mustang products are made with OC8000 .960 responders to quickly stabilize INFLATED a victim at risk of drowning, yy 4 Rescue Sticks increasing their chance of survival. yy Quick Reference Instruction It can be accurately thrown over Sheet 100 feet, automatically inflating dimensions: 18.2” x 8.4” x 6.7” Many Mustang Survival garments in seconds upon contact with the Tight-weave high-tenacity nylon are lined with our innovative AirSoft™ 1 outer shell is abrasion and UV water. polyvinylchloride (PVC) closed-cell resistant foam. By trapping air pockets, this Closed-cell foam traps air pockets Rescue Training Stick Mustang Survival Throw Bag foam provides our products with both 2 providing both buoyancy and buoyancy and insulation. In fact, all insulation MRD050 MRD075 Mustang garments exceed the minimum A training only replication of yy 75’ of 9mm Multi-filament buoyancy requirements for US Coast 3 Lining material polypropylene rope. the Rescue Stick designed for throwing practice of the Rescue yy Mesh top for quick drying Guard approval. This allows for a loss of 4 Body heat stays in Stick at a target. yy Retro-reflective tape buoyancy over time due to compression yy Light stick holder of the foam. 5 Skin yy Quick release buckles Front cover photo courtesy of National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA).1 Small aviation photo courtesy of Mike Robinson. 2
  3. 3. hit™ & Deluxe Inflatable PFDs M.i.t.™ & Belt Pack Inflatable PFDs M.I.T. is the next generation of inflatable Inflatable WORK VEST with HIT™ PFD technology designed by Mustang scientists. Made from stretch-fabrics MD3188 derived from the medical industry, M.I.T. PFDs use less fabric, offering less membrane The only inflatable work vest on the market. weight and a far more flexible fit. Inflatable Technology Pioneering the standards and available exclusively from Mustang Survival, the Inflatable Work Vest is built with exclusive technology for serious users. M.I.T. 35 yy FIRST - and ONLY - approved inflatable yy PU-coated nylon shell improves work vest on the market puncture and abrasion resistance Membrane Inflatable TechnologyTM yy Approved for use on inspected and yy Custom-molded inflator cover uninspected vessels of any size reduces wear and protects inflator MD2085 (Manual) & MD2087 (Auto) yy Ideal for constant wear situations, hot, yy 5-year maintenance free hydrostatic Inspired by our first ever inflatable PFD, the M.I.T. 35 boasts 35 lb buoyancy when inflated. humid conditions and high-mobility inflator technology (HIT) It features an inspection window and access flap to make inspecting and maintaining your requirements yy Automatically inflates when PFD a breeze, a hidden pocket for convenient storage of your essentials, a reflective badge yy 35 lb buoyancy when inflated, twice submerged in 4 or more inches of and a flexible fit that moves with you all day long. the flotation of foam work vests water, or by pulling manual size / AGE UNIVERSAL ADULT (16 YRS+ / 80 LB+) yy Offers greater mobility than foam activation tab color navy, red work vests yy Will not inflate due to high humidity approval Pending November 2010 yy Neoprene collar offers unsurpassed comfort yy First inflatable strength tested for 50 mph yy Recessed zipper protects teeth from oil, yy Easy-to-clean components grease and other contaminants yy Lightweight and comfortable design M.I.T. 22 Size: Universal Adult (16 years+ / 80lb +) Approval: USCG Type V Work Vest WITH Hydrostatic Inflator Technology (HIT™) – uses a pressure valve that will inflate the MD2010 (MANUAL) & MD2012 (AUTO) with chest size 30”-52” Type II PERFORMANCE PFD if immersed in 4”or more of water pressure. No more inadvertent inflation Good things do come in small packages. Proving good designs never go out of style, we’ve color: Orange Accessory: MA7637 Belt Extender due to high humidity, rain, or splash. brought back a tried and true favorite: the first inflatable PFD ever designed by Mustang. (accommodates larger chest sizes) Lighter, simpler and all around better, this little PFD packs a lot of benefits into its compact figure. yy 22 LB buoyancy when inflated SIZE /AGE Universal Adult (16 YRS+ / 80 LB+) yy More flexible fit COLOR RED, YELLOW, MOSSY OAK yy Lighter weight components DUCK BLIND yy Reduced chafing and fatigue Approval USCG Type V with Type III yy 1 fold, easy to use design Performance yy Simple to inspect and maintain RE-ARM KITS & ACCESSORIES Easy to install and include all required components to re-arm your PFD. Refer to our website for detailed instructions and a video. Hi-Visibility PFD with HIT™ Law Enforcement PFD Inflatable PFD with HIT™ PRODUCT LINE MODEL(S) KIT / ACCESSORY with HIT™ Belt-Pack PFD (Manual) MD3183 T3 MD3183 Inflatable PFD with HIT™ (Auto) MD3183 , MD3188 MA7214 yy ANSI approved fabric and reflective MD3183 LE Size: Universal Adult Deluxe Inflatable PFD (Manual) MD3085 MA7203 MD3075 tape for those who need to be seen yy Back flap can be custom screen printed Color: Carbon/Black, Red/Black, Tan/Black Deluxe Inflatable PFD (Auto) MD3087 MA7202 Fits around the waist like a belt, staying out (Must be worn with an approved Class Approval: USCG Type II of the way until manual inflation to provide 2 or 3 product to meet ANSI 107-2004 Size: Universal Adult (30” - 52” Chest) M.I.T. 35 Inflatable PFD (Manual) MD2085 MA7203 USCG Type V Commercial* with 35 lb buoyancy. Easy to wear and maintain. standards) Color: Orange / Black, Navy / Black, M.I.T. 33 Inflatable PFD (Auto) MD2087 MA7202 Type II Performance Features 3F inflator for easy inspection. Olive / Black, carbon / Black M.I.T. 22 Inflatable PFD (Manual) MD2010 MA2010 Size: Universal Adult (30” - 52” Chest) Approval: USCG Type II *When worn on uninspected commercial vessels less than Minimal bulk with control on when PFD inflates. Color: Hi-Visibility AnSI Flourescent Yellow-Green 40ft in length and not carrying passengers for hire M.I.T. 22 Inflatable PFD (Auto) MD2012 MA2012 USCG TYPE V COMMERCIAL* with TYPE II Approval: USCG TYPE II Belt-Pack PFD (Manual) MD3025 MA7170 Size: Universal Adult (30” - 52” Chest) Performance USCG TYPE V COMMERCIAL* with TYPE II Performance Color: Black / Carbon MD3075 MA7203 Deluxe Inflatable PFD Approval: Pending December 2010 Rescue Stick™ (Manual) MRD100 MA7206 MD3085 (Manual) Belt Extender MD3087 (Auto) Compact Tactical Life Preserver (Auto) MD3196 SO MA7214 10 LE versions available Compact Tactical Life Preserver (Manual) MD3091 SO MA7170 MA7637** Size: Universal Adult (30” - 52” Chest) Damage Tolerant Life Preserver MD4030 MA4060 Compatible with most Mustang Survival Color: Red / Carbon , Navy / Carbon *(DT) Version Includes Ballistic Pouch MA4060 DT* PFDs with 1.5” webbing except older models of MD3082 ,MD3084, and any models with MD3085 Damage Tolerant Life Preserver MD4035 MA4065 Approval: USCG Type III lot number beginning with a W. USCG Type V* with Type III Side Pouch Tactical PFD MD1250 MA7214-10 (x2) Performance Accessory Pocket Crotch Strap MD3091, MD3196 & (SO vers) MA3090 MD3087 Waist Belt Extender** Inflatables with 1.5” webbing MA7637 MA6000 Approval: USCG Type II USCG Type V* with Type II yy attaches to all inflatable PFD waist belts Inflatable Vest Pocket All Inflatables MA6000 Performance yy ergonomically designed for easy access *When worn on uninspected commercial vessels less than 40ft in length HemiLight™ water activated rescue light Immersion Suits MI5732 yy 400-Denier nylon outer shell and not carrying passengers for hire **Wearing the waist belt extender voids US Coast Guard approval UNLESS the wearer has a chest size greater than Color: Orange, black 130cm or 52 inches, in which case the approval is NOT voided. Compatible with most Mustang Survival PFDs with 1.5”3 Please Note: Only the MD3188 is approved as a work vest. webbing except older models of MD3082, MD3084, and any models with lot number beginning with a W. 4
  4. 4. Industrial Flotation Vests Shore-Based Water Rescue Vest Rescuer Vest Industrial Flotation Vests MRV050 WR MRV100 SR Our Industrial Flotation Vests are designed for comfort and mobility on the job and include D-Rings and SOLAS reflective tape The Mustang Survival Near Shore Ideal for boat and shore operations for increased visibility. All are USCG TYPE III APPROVED. Water Rescue Vest delivers a more or low-to-medium risk swift water compact, light weight solution for environments. shore-based rescue professional. yy -High flotation (Med/Large) (32” - 52” Industrial Mesh Vest yy Shoulder adjustments and short- Chest) 26 lbs. Buoyancy; (X-Large) waist cut for maximum torso mobility (44” - 62” Chest) 30 lbs. Buoyancy. MV1254 T1 yy Reflective tape on front and back yy “Live bait” quick release belt. • SOLAS grade reflective tape on yy Fast tab and D-ring for radio and yy 4 accessory attachment points. SIZE: M/L, XL front and back light attachment yy Two front mesh pockets w/ drainage COLOR: Crimson Red • Mesh shoulders offer mobility yy Two front storage pockets with yy One piece over the shoulder foam for approval: CAN/CGSB-65.11-M88 zipper closures strength and structural integrity. IRIA-CERTIFIED and comfort yy Strength-tested for 50 MPH yy Armhole adjustment straps • Large front pockets with SIZE: XS/S, M/L, XL/XXL Velcro™ closure approval: USCG TYPE III • Side adjustments for dual sizing • High waist reduces interference Work Vests Instructor Vest with tools and duty belts MRV200 SR size S/M, L/XL, XXL/XXXL, 4xl/5xl Vinyl-Dip Work Vest For use in high-risk swift water MV3092 environments. yy Easy to clean vinyl exterior yy High flotation (Med/Large) (32” yy Reflective tape on front & back - 52” Chest) 26 lbs. Buoyancy; yy Plastic front closure buckles yy One piece over the shoulder (X-Large) (44” - 62” Chest) 30 lbs. foam for strength and 4-Pocket Flotation Vest Universal Fit yy Fall protection slot on back Buoyancy structural integrity yy Universal size fits up to 56” chest yy “Live bait” quick release belt MV3128 T2 MV3104 T1 Size: Universal (30” - 52” chest size) adult yy 3 accessory attachment points. yy Includes unique (over the shoulder) extrication leash A functional PFD ideal for industrial Offers functional industrial Approval: USCG Type V yy 11 adjustment points to maintain (Cowtail) allows one-hand applications. It offers large arm holes flotation with large arm holes for a secure fit in the swift water MV3092 SS operation. for mobility and Tug-Tite® side mobility. SOLAS reflective tape on rescue environment With Stainless Steel fasteners yy Armhole adjustment straps adjustments for exact sizing. Four the shoulders offers visibility in yy Removable, multi-purpose, front large Velcro™-secured front pockets dark or stormy conditions. Great in lieu of standard plastic clips. SIZE: M/L, XL and back pockets with internal COLOR: Crimson Red conveniently store tools and four D-rings for boat crews. polymer panel for extra impact approval: CAN/CGSB-65.11-M88 can be used for lanyard attachments. protection SIZE: Universal (30” - 52” Chest Size) Type III/V Work Vest IRIA-CERTIFIED SOLAS reflective tape on the shoulders offers visibility in dark or stormy MV3192 conditions. Strength rated to 50mph. For construction, enforcement and Ring Buoy Bag with Rope Short-waisted for use with sidearms. other personnel working on or near Mrd190 SIZE: S, M, L, XL, xxl, 3xl/7xl Classic Industrial the water requiring an approved Throw line to attach to Ring Buoy for safe deployment. Flotation Vest work vest. Designed to be safe, functional and comfortable, the yy 90’ of polypropylene floating rope High Impact SAR Vest MV3106 T2 MV3192 Work Vest comes with yy Storage bag with cinch strap Stay safe on the job with this classic SOLAS reflective tape on the MV5600 PFD perfect for a variety of industrial front collar and back for enhanced The MV5600 SAR Vest is strength- applications. Features large arm tested to 100mph meaning it has been holes for mobility and SOLAS visibility, a fast tab attachment point for a radio or other equipment SIZE: Universal Ring Buoys designed, tested and approved to hold up reflective tape on the shoulders for and a comfortable mesh lining. Side (30” - 52” chest size) to rigorous activities. The high neoprene- visibility. Includes side adjustments Approval: USCG Type III / V 24” Lifering With Tape adjustments create a customized fit lined collar provides impact protection for better sizing. MRD024 in a functional universal size. by minimizing neck mobility and the large SIZE: S, M, L, XL, xxl, 3XL/7xl 30” Deckbuoy™ With Tape 3-belt adjustment system creates a MRD030 secure fit. Type 1 Vests 30” Bridgebuoy™ With Tape yy Strength rating of 100MPH MRD031 yy Two large front cargo pockets with Adult Type I Vest All buoys are molded from easy to use pull tabs for extra storage MV8020 high-impact linear, low-density yy 62 sq in. SOLAS reflective tape Standard Type 1 Lifejacket polyethylene for superior life for high visibility for offshore vessels. expectancy in the most harsh yy Large cutaway armholes for maximum SIZE: Universal Adult environments. range of motion Approval: USCG Type I yy High collar provides head support yy SOLAS grade reflective tape yy 3-Belt system for a custom fit Child Type I Vest yy Polypropylene rope with UV stabilizer yy Special Operations version also available MV8022 Standard Type 1 Lifejacket Approval: MRD030: USCG Approved to SOLAS SIZE: S , m, l, xl, xxl, XXXL for offshore vessels. MRD024: USCG Approved (for use on MRD031: USCG Approved to SOLAS; vessels not required to carry 30” ring. BV-SOLAS certified Ships Wheel SIZE: Universal Child Approval: USCG Type I5 6
  5. 5. Cold Weather Flotation Integrity™ Our top-of-the-line Integrity™ flotation gear is designed to keep you warm in cooler weather and is ergonomically designed Coverall / Worksuit for an incredibly comfortable and flexible fit. Deluxe Anti-Exposure Coverall & Worksuit MS2175 Our rugged worksuits are constructed of Mustang Airsoft® closed cell foam for Coats & Bombers greatest mobility. Provides protection from foul weather and offer emergency flotation and insulation in the event of accidental immersion. MJ6224 (bomber) yy Insulated hood SIZES: XS – XXXL MC1524 (Coat) yy Velcro™ closures at wrists Approval: USCG Type V Worksuit & Type III PFD when worn Integrity™ Coats and Bomber Jackets & ankles COLORS: Orange, Orange /Black will keep you warm, comfortable and yy SOLAS reflective tape protected while on the water. Built with yy Neoprene wrist closures Mustang AirSoft™ foam for a light, yy Inflatable Head Pillow flexible fit – these coats and jackets yy Extra Chest Pockets feature deluxe benefits that include a yy Immersed Clo 0.420 fleece-lined collar, under-arm zipper vents and water-resistant Comfort- Cuff™ technology. SIZES: S – XXXL APPROVAL: USCG Type III COLORS: Red/Carbon, Black/Carbon MJ6224 ONLY: Orange/Carbon SPECIAL ORDER (BOTH): Navy/Carbon, Olive/Carbon MC1524 MJ6224 Integrity™ HX MP4225 HX Bib Pant Providing extra warmth and weather Classic Flotation Bomber protection, the Integrity™ Bib Pant is built with ripstop nylon knee and seat MJ6214 T1 reinforcements, abrasion-resistant hem yy Relaxed fit for mobility and comfort reinforcement, hand-warmer pockets and yy Full-length storm flap and an internal adjustable straps. HX design is fully Classic Bib Pant waist belt reduces ride-up seam-taped. yy Warm, fleece-lined front pockets MP4212 SIZES: S – XXL yy SOLAS reflective tape on chest, yy Extra warmth and weather protection sleeves & back COLORS: Red / Carbon, Black / Carbon, Orange / Carbon yy Adjustable elasticized suspenders yy Attachable hood can be yy Leg zippers allow easy entry purchased separarely size s-xxl (MA7136 & MA7112) color orange, navy, black SIZES: S – XXXL APPROVAL: USCG Type III COLORS: Red, Navy, Olive, Orange/Black Insulated Hood MA7136 Hi-Vis Solutions yy 1 handed tightening ANSI 107-2004 CLASS 3 CERTIFIED yy Reflective tape Classic Coat ThermoSystem yy Water resistant Plus Coat ANSI Flotation Coat size universal MC1504 MC1504 T3 color red, navy, orange Mobility and comfort MC1534 yy Neoprene beavertail provides Weatherproof Hood with a relaxed fit. hypothermia protection ANSI Flotation Bomber yy Full-length storm flap yy Neoprene wrist closures MJ6214 T3 MA7112 yy Zippered closures on front yy Insulated hood folds Features, sizes and approval as above, Accessory hood pockets into collar but also include: yy Seam-taped yy Attachable hood can be yy Interior radio pocket yy 1 handed tightening yy ANSI-approved fabric and reflective tape purchased yy SOLAS reflective tape yy Neoprene wrist cuffs yy Volume adjustable size s-xxxl SIZES: S – XXXL SIZE S – XXXL size universal color orange, navy APPROVAL: USCG Type III APPROVAL USCG TYPE III color ANSI -Fluorescent approval USCG TYPE III COLOR: Orange COLOR: ANSI Fluorescent Yellow - Green yellow / green7 8
  6. 6. Immersion Suits Ice Rescue Cold Water Immersion Suit Designed for use in commercial operations, the new Immersion Suit from Mustang Survival is the ideal ship abandonment suit for workboats, transport vessels, Ice Commander TM drilling rigs, supply ships, steamships and commercial fishermen. The HR version 1 IC9002-02 meets new IMO / SOLAS immersion suit standard IMO RES.MSC.207(81). Quick-don suits for cold water and ice rescue. Ice Standard versions without lifting harness and buddy line are still available for use 2 Commander™ suits offer both the flotation and thermal on non-SOLAS vessels. protection that allow operation in icy water for extended periods of time. 45% lighter than neoprene suits and Neoprene Cold Water Immersion Suit includes burp handle and a removable inner buoyancy liner. MIS210 HR / MIS220 HR / MIS230 HR / MIS240 HR Mustang Survival Ice Commanders provide a minimum of Easy to don in stormy conditions 4 5 36 lbs of buoyancy, which is more than double what a basic foam lifejacket provides. • Five-fingered insulated gloves for warmth and dexterity • Water-tight face seal 1. Neoprene face guard • Includes buddy line 2. Durable welded urethane-coated nylon shell • Includes lifting harness 6 3. Knee and elbow reinforcement • Wrist and ankle adjustments for a better fit 3 4. Integrated chest harness for tether attachment • 5mm fire retardant neoprene provides flotation 5. Ergonomic ice awl pockets and hypothermia protection 6. Integrated gloves • Triple-sealed seam construction • Non-slip, durable soles 7. Non-slip boot soles • Available in four sizes: Child, Small Adult, 8. Covered heavy duty diagonal entry zipper Universal and Adult Oversize – proper sizing has Torso and leg adjusters provide better fit and mobility for been shown to increase survival time both small and large people – in one suit. Diagonal zipper SIZES: Child’s (MIS210), Adult Small (MIS220), 8 eases entry, adds flexibility and improves on-ice mobility. Adult Universal (MIS230), Adult Oversize (MIS240) SIZE: Universal Adult 110lb - 330 lb (50kg - 150 kg) 4’11” - 6’7” (1.5m - 2m) COLORS: Orange (With color-coded bag for each size) color: Gold Approval: USCG Approved Immersion Suit (Complies with SOLAS chapter III) Each size comes in a COLOR CODED BAG for easy reference: ADULT Adult adult child 7 Universal oversized small Ocean Commander ® Marine Abandonment Immersion Suit OC8000 HR yy Water-tight zipper and seams yy 45% lighter than conventional neoprene suits yy Buddy line for tethering yy Removable gloves for improved dexterity yy Solas grade reflective tape yy Increased mobility and dexterity to improve yy Neoprene wrist seals IC9001-02 functionality in emergency situations yy Includes lifting harness yy Detachable inner buoyancy liner Front-zip classic design. yy Immersed CLO 0.960 yy Welded nylon outer shell SIZE: Universal Adult 110lb - 330 lb (50kg - 150 kg) Size: Universal Adult, 110lb - 330 lb Accessories & Replacement Parts 4’11” - 6’7” (1.5m - 2m) (50kg - 150 kg) 4’11” - 6’7” (1.5m - 2m) Replacement Liner: MA2281 Color: Gold Color: orange Replacement Carry Bag: MA2001 Approval: USCG Approved Immersion Suit Water Activated Locator Light: MI5732 (complies with solas chapter III)9 10