2011 Lion Catalog


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head-to-toe protection, Fire Equiptment

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2011 Lion Catalog

  1. 1. Game-Changinghead-to-toe protection Visit us at www.lionprotects.com Interact with us at www.lionconnects.com
  2. 2. Benefit from LION’s Quality ProcessThroughout its 100-year plus history, LION has dedicated itself to providing quality products and services to its valuedcustomers. Quality doesn’t just happen by talking about it — it takes quali people using a quality process. That’s t qualitywhy LION went through the expense and effort to become ISO 9001 registered and to maintain that certification. rtA Real Commitment to Quality Products and Servic roducts ServicesWhat does ISO 9001 registration mean? ISO is short for the International Organization for Sta an? Standardization. Itpromotes the development of standards, testing and certification to encourage the real commitment to quality t commproducts and services. In order for a company to become registered as an ISO 9001-compliant firm, it must pass der comp fira strict evaluation of its product development, manufacturing, quality and documentation processes by a qualified uct ntation processindependent third-party registrar. It is analogous to Underwriters Laboratory certifying the performance of protective rar. performaclothing to NFPA Standards. Registration certifies compliance to the quality process based on observed evidence ards.as opposed to the performance testing of a garment. The audits are rigorous, inflexible and are conducte on a rmance conducted“follow-up” inspection basis, as well. is, wConsistency and Reliability in Every Step iabilityISO 9001 registration is proof-positive that LION is committed to continuous improvement of all procedures relating of-positiveto meeting customer expectations. The process requires LION to formalize and document each and every step by tations. eawhich they design and manufacture protective clothing, and the processes used to respon to complaints, questions, nufacture respondsuggestions and ... of course ... the occasional error. The result is consistency and reliability in every step of the rse reliabimanufacturing process of protective clothing. Each garment is cut and sewn the same way and the customer gets the ive wasame product regardless of who performed t work. theResponsive to Customer ConcernsBecause it covers the design process, ISO 9001 is a more stringent registration. It requires the manufacturer to listento customer feedback and take action. LION has a Quality Review Board that meets regularly to formally review ality mecustomer feedback. A team member is assigned the responsibility of investigating the concern or suggestion from a sponsibility ocustomer and recommending a course of corrective action.The process also requires LION’s suppliers to be accountable by documenting their quality criteria and the correctiveactions taken in case a material or product fails the criteria.Online Warranty RegistrationTaking advantage of warranty protection has never been easier! You can register your LION PPE purchases quicklyand easily over the internet at http://www.lionprotects.com. Just go to the Care and Use link for the product you areregistering. The short online form also gives you the opportunity to give valuable feedback about the quality of ourproducts and service.We solicited feedback via warranty registration cards long before our certification to ISO 9001 required us to do so.While the warranty registration cards fulfilled our ISO requirement, you had to fill out the card by hand and mail it backto us. We believe that you will find online registration more convenient.Your feedback helps us to deliver LION Janesville® turnouts that are the best in comfort, safety and durability. ISO 9001 Registered Firm File No. A4310
  3. 3. Table of ContentsLION Janesville® Turnout Gear Every Move you Make .................................................................... 3 Vented Moisture Barrier, Liner Inspection System and Separable Liner System.......................................................28 LION Janesville® V-Force® Coats ................................................... 4 Outer Shells ......................................................................................29 LION Janesville® V-Force® Pants ................................................... 6 DuPont™ Nomex® and Kevlar® Brand Fibers V-Force® Design Comfort and Mobility Features .................. 8 Add Strength and Durability to Turnouts .............................30 V-Force® Design Standard Comfort and Safety Reinforcement Materials ............................................................. 31 Features and Pocket Options....................................................... 9 Compression Burns and Moisture Management................32 LION Janesville® Super-Deluxe™ Coat and Pants with Freedom® Design .................................................................. 10 Lite-N-Dri™ and FireWall Knee™ Reinforcements .................33 Freedom® Design Comfort and Mobility Features ............. 12 Semper Dri™ and Wrist Shield System™ ...................................34 Freedom® Design Standard Features ...................................... 13 Reflective Material .........................................................................35 Emergency Escape Simplified with Personal LION Paul Conway Helmets™ Rescue System ................................................................................ 14 The Science of Comfort and Safety ......................................... 37 LION Integrated Class II Harness™ and Escape Belt ............ 15 American Classic™ ...........................................................................38 Suspenders ............................................................................ 16 Legacy 5™ ...........................................................................................40 Popluar LION Janesville® Turnout Options.................. 17 American Heritage™ ....................................................................... 42 Moisture Management Systems ............................................... 18 LION Technical Footwear™ ® isodri Technology Delivers Optimum Feel the Difference ........................................................................44 Moisture Management ................................................................ 19 Marshall ............................................................................................46 isodri® Protective Systems ..........................................................20 Commander .....................................................................................48 Thermal Liners ................................................................................ 21 THL and TPP Test Results.............................................................26 Moisture Barriers ............................................................................27 ©2011, Lion Apparel Inc. Litho in U.S.A. 3.5M-3/11
  4. 4. 2 www.lionprotects.com
  5. 5. Every Move You MakeGame-changing safety and comfortComfort isn’t just a subjective opinion. Much of it is scienceand quantifiable. Garment design, working weight andthe ability to manage the moisture inside your protectiveenvelope are all factors that contribute to the comfort ofyour turnout gear.Water Inside Your Protective EnvelopeIncreases RiskWhen water collects in your turnout clothing, it gets heavierand uncomfortable. This increases stress. Water alsodisplaces the insulating air in your thermal barrier. Once inyour system, water can expand at an explosive rate, makingyou vulnerable to steam burns and serious injury.Manage the Moisture in Your Turnoutwith isodri® TechnologyLIONs exclusive isodri® technology is an engineeredsystem that manages moisture through a combinationof materials that block outside sourced water, wickperspiration off the body and resist storing water inside theprotective envelope. The insulating layers and outer shellof an isodri® system are molecularly bonded with DuPont’sTeflon® F to restrict the absorption of moisture and keep theprotective layer of air intact. (Visit www.lionprotects.com,watch the video and learn why every fire fighter deservesdry gear.)No Compromises when it Comes to SafetyLION and cutting-edge safety are synonymous. Fordecades, LION has been the industry leader in the fightagainst fire fighter stress by incorporating innovative designfeatures and materials to deliver the most natural, leastrestrictive movement possible. We are the innovator ofdozens of meaningful patents, including:• isodri® Protective Systems.• Flame-resistant, closed-cell cushioning and reinforcements.• AraFlo® apertured thermal liners.• Integrated lumbar support.• Freedom® mobility system.• V-Fit™ Design. www.lionprotects.com 3
  6. 6. ® V-force4 www.lionprotects.com
  7. 7. LION Janesville® V-Force® CoatsThe best technology from combat and sports clothing applied to turnoutsV-Force® Coats A BJust as NASA technology advancements were transitionedinto ground breaking protective clothing improvements in the1970s, LION Janesville’s V-Force® turnout gear has embracedinnovations from today’s military and sports clothing. Theresult is an intricate set of turnout gear that is designed to flexand bend like the human body.Maximum Comfort — the Difference is in the DetailsThe V-Force® Coat is more comfortable than commonfirefighting coats because it’s cut much different. The seamsare not at the shoulders and sides, but at the back. Thissignificantly reduces hem rise when you’re extending yourarms. It also prevents SCBA straps from pushing seams intoyour body and causing discomfort. Fitted side panels providea more tailored fit and better mobility.Natural Arm MovementThe contoured raglan sleeves have a natural shaping. Thiscombines with the V-Fit™ Elbow to promote free and easymovement. The elbow is made up of cutouts, shaped pieces A. Standard V-Force® Coat B. V-Force® Bi-Swing Coatand darts. This reduces bunching and the overall working • Superior cut delivers superior • Bi-swing back has inverted pleatweight of the coat. comfort and mobility. in both the outer shell and liner system. It expands as your arms • Fitted side panels for tailoredThe elbow reinforcements are notched to give you superior feel and fit. move forward. No tugging orthermal and moisture protection without impeding movement. binding at the shoulder. When your • Contoured raglan sleeve shaped arms return to a natural position,The coats cuffs extend over the back of your hand for like the human arm and bends the pleat closes so theres noadditional thermal protection when reaching or pulling. like your arm to reduce pulling bunching of material. and binding. • All the great comfort andReduced Working Weight • V-Notch® elbow reinforcements mobility features of the standardNo detail has been overlooked. The collar and throat tab keep heat and moisture out. V-Force® coat. Wont bunch.(optional) are angled for comfort and to interface perfectly • Contoured collar and optionalwith your SCBA mask. The streamlined storm flap reduces shaped throat tab comfortablythermal buildup and the coat’s working weight. interface with SCBA mask. www.lionprotects.com 5
  8. 8. ® V-force6 www.lionprotects.com
  9. 9. LION Janesville® V-Force® PantsThe best technology from combat and athletic clothing applied to turnoutsAdvanced Design DeliversSuperior Comfort and MobilityAll V-Force® Pants share the superior V-Fit™ Design thatreduces bunching of materials in the crotch and delivers thebest overall fit of any turnout pants available.The legs are contoured to match the body and alsoreduce working weight. The knees are an intricate designof cutouts, shaped pieces and darts to enable free andeasy movement. You’ll especially notice this when crawlingand bending. Nine inches of Semper Dri™ in the lowerlegs repels water to keep your pants dry and the workingweight low.The elimination of crotch seams reduces tension to giveadded comfort to your turnout gear. A banded insert runscontinuously from the top of the knee of one leg, throughthe crotch and to the top of the opposite knee. In additionto extending the useful life of your pants, it also providesa more comfortable fit. Increased leg circumferenceincreases mobility. V-Force® High-Back Pants V-Force® Lumbar PantsV-Force® Pants StylesV-Force® High-Back Pants — Provide the ultimate inthermal protection. A five-inch back panel extends abovethe waist. A unique Velcro® support pad attaches LION’sV-Back™ Suspenders to the pants. Snap tabs fasten thesuspenders to the front (V-Back™ High-Back Suspendersare required).V-Force® Belted Pants — Have a traditional waist withbelt loops; a two-inch Kevlar® belt with thermoplastic, quickrelease buckle and suspender buttons to give you the optionof using the belt alone or adding suspenders.V-Force® Lumbar Pants — Have a traditional waist andfeature the LION Lumbar Support System. This system isintegrated into the V-Force® and is orthopedically designedto provide adjustable mechanical support when you’re lifting,bending forward, standing or performing emergency rescues. V-Force® Belted Pants www.lionprotects.com 7
  10. 10. V-Force® Design Comfort and Mobility FeaturesV-Force® Advanced Features* E. Raglan sleeves — Shaped like your arm to promote free, unrestricted movement and reduce hem rise.A. Collar and shaped throat tab (optional) — 3" contoured collar provides optimum thermal protection F. Superior cut — Superior cut evenly distributes and comfort. (Optional shaped throat tab.) weight of the garment. Seams are placed to reduce conflicts with SCBA straps that can cause irritationB. Elbows — Elbows include cutouts, shaped pieces and discomfort. and darts to allow natural arm movement without restrictions or tugging. G. Radial Inseam — The elimination of crotch seams reduces tension to give added comfort to yourC. Legs and knees — Contoured legs and knees turnout gear. A banded insert runs continuously from employ cutouts, shaped pieces and darts to enable the top of the knee of one leg, through the crotch free and easy movement. and to the top of the opposite knee. This not onlyD. Side panels — Contoured shaping delivers better increases comfort, but extends the useful life of your fit and mobility, while reducing hem rise. Side panels turnout pants. have a more tailored fit to move with your body during firefighting activities.AContoured Collar and Shaped Throat Tab (optional)B CV-Force® Elbows V-Force® Legs and KneesD E F G Raglan Sleeves Radial Inseam Contoured Side Panels Superior Cut* Other options available.8 www.lionprotects.com
  11. 11. V-Force® Design Standard Comfort andSafety Features and Pocket Options V-Force® Standard Features* A B C Streamlined Storm Flap Viz-a-V™ Trim Pattern Extended Cuff A. Streamlined storm flap — E. isodri® Protective Systems — H. Semper Dri™ System — Reduces Reduces thermal buildup, bulk An engineered system that water absorption in pants legs, and working weight. manages moisture by a coat cuffs and yoke to keep B. Viz-a-V™ trim pattern — Made combination of materials that your working weight lighter. with 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective block outside sourced water, I. Reinforcements — Protects Material for high visibility. wick perspiration off the body, high-abrasion areas using and resist storing water inside the self-fabric or polymer-coated C. Extended cuff — Extra length thermal barrier. Keeps working over back of hand for additional aramid reinforcements on cuffs, weight low and helps guard elbows, knees and kick shields. thermal protection when extending against steam-related injuries. your arms. J. Liner Inspection System — F. Extra thermal protection at Velcro® sealed opening allows ™ D. Wrist Shield System — Wrist yoke — Yoke of coat employs Shield System™ securely seals the you to easily examine film side Semper Dri™ System to reduce of moisture barrier and inside of wristlet of your turnout coat to your water absorption and enhance wrist. When you reach, the wristlet thermal liner. Makes Complete thermal protection. Liner Inspections easier and faster. and CROSSTECH® black moisture barrier travels with your wrist to G. Knees with water-resistant minimize exposure to water, steam FR Lite-N-Dri™ closed-cell and flame. Semper Dri™ material is cushioning in liner — Provides employed in the waterwells of the additional thermal protection coat sleeves. in a high compression area. V-Force® Pocket Options* A B Pleated Semi-Bellows Pocket Semi-Bellows Pocket A. Pleated semi-bellows B. Combination semi-bellows and pockets — Angled flaps and pull handwarmer pockets — Angled tabs make it easy to open and flaps and pull tabs make it easy access tools. to open. Handwarmer opening for convenience and comfort. * Other options available. www.lionprotects.com 9
  12. 12. ™ super-deluxe10 www.lionprotects.com
  13. 13. Super-Deluxe™ Coat and PantsFully featured coat with bi-swing back for outstanding forward mobility.Low-rise waist pants for increased comfort and uniform-style fit.Super-Deluxe™ Coat with Bi-Swing BackThe Super-Deluxe™ Coat is ergonomically designedto promote free, natural movement when performingfirefighting operations. It includes all of LION Janesville’sindustry-leading Freedom® Design features in theunderarms and elbows. These features allow yourphysical energy to be concentrated on the task at handfor greater mobility, reduced stress and increased safety.More Comfortable — No Tugging, PullingOr BunchingThe bi-swing back design is the key comfort andmobility feature on theSuper-Deluxe™. This ishow it works: an invertedpleat is placed in both theouter shell and thermalliner. It expands as yourarms move forward.There’s no tugging orbinding at the shoulder.When your arms return to amore natural position, thepleat closes so there’s nobunching of material.The coat is available in 32 or 35 inch lengths.Super-Deluxe™ Pants with Low-Rise Waistfor Increased ComfortSuper-Deluxe™ Pants have a low-rise waist design (two incheslower than traditional turnout gear) that complements thenatural contours of your body for increased comfort. They fitand feel more like an every day pair of trousers.The Freedom® Design features in the crotch and kneeenhance mobility on the fireground, especially when crawling,climbing or bending. Nine inches of Semper Dri™ in the lowerlegs repels water to keep your pants dry and the workingweight low. www.lionprotects.com 11
  14. 14. Freedom® Design Comfort and Mobility FeaturesFreedom® Design FeaturesLION Janesville’s Freedom® Design reduces fire fighter stress through a series of innovative, ergonomic featuresthat help deliver exceptional mobility and comfort. Radial inseam and banded crotch — The elimination of crotch seams reduces tension to give added comfort to your turnout gear. On LION Janesville® pants, a banded insert runs continuously from the top of the knee of oneBellows underarm construction — Underarm bellows leg, through the crotch and to the top of the oppositekeep your protective envelope intact by reducing hem knee. In addition to extending the useful life of your pants,rise and sleeve travel. Football-shaped bellows are it also provides a more comfortable fit. Increased leglocated in the armpits of the coat between the shoulder circumference increases mobility.seam and torso on all three layers (outer shell, moisturebarrier and thermal barrier). When you reach forward oroverhead, the bellows expand. The expansion keepsother parts of the coat, such as the sleeve and body,from traveling and creating exposure. Freedom® Knee — The Freedom® Knee enables a natural flexing motion. It provides a gusset that the knee can fall into when crawling, climbing, bending, kneeling, etc. For added thermal protection, an additional layer of Lite-N-Dri™ cushioning is sewn into the liner at the knee. The padding provided by Lite-N-Dri™ also adds comfort when kneeling or crawling.Freedom® Elbow — The Freedom® Elbow enables you tobend your arm freely and comfortably while keeping yourwrists protected. It works in a similar fashion to the bellowsunderarm construction. A football-shaped insert is set atthe back of the elbow. When your arm flexes, the insertexpands to eliminate tugging at the sleeve or shoulder.12 www.lionprotects.com
  15. 15. Freedom® Design Standard FeaturesA B BOverlapping Collar FR Velcro® Storm Flap Closure FR Velcro® Storm Fly Closure with Zipper Coat Closure with Snap and ZipperC D DOver-The-Hand Wristlets Leather Reinforcements Kick ShieldsA. Comfortable overlapping quilted E. Ever-Dry™ Reach System — I. Semper Dri™ System — Reduces collar — Keeps water out and Reduces vulnerability to water, steam water absorption in pants legs, provides secure thermal seal. and flame. When you reach, full coat cuffs and yoke to keepB. FR Velcro® with thermoplastic protection stays on your wrist. your working weight lighter. zipper closure — F. Extra thermal protection at J. Reinforced knees — Knees with • Thermoplastic zipper coat closure yoke — Yoke of coat employs water-resistant FR Lite-N-Dri™ and Velcro® storm flap closure. Semper Dri™ System to reduce water closed-cell cushioning between the • Thermoplastic zipper pants closure absorption and enhance thermal moisture barrier and thermal liner to with Velcro® and snap storm fly protection. enhance thermal protection. closure for secure thermal and G. Closures with breathable moisture K. Adjustable fit — Pants have moisture seal. barrier material — Storm flap, waistband and external take-upC. 8" over-the-hand wristlets — waterwells and fly facing are all lined straps for a comfortable fit. Made of Nomex®/Kevlar® on isodri® with breathable moisture barrier L. Liner Inspection System — Velcro® versions, others are made of material for dryness and protection. sealed opening allows you to easily Kevlar®/Spandex®. H. Zip-in coat liner — Coat liner examine film side of moisture barrierD. Leather reinforcements — zips into outer shell for reliable and inside of thermal liner. Makes Reinforcements are on knees, cuffs, attachment, reduced bulk and Complete Liner Inspections easier kick shields, shoulders and elbows superior comfort. and faster. for thermal protection and added wear life. www.lionprotects.com 13
  16. 16. Emergency Escape Simplified with Personal Rescue SystemThe Personal Rescue System from LION integrates allescape components (50-foot escape line, descender,your choice of anchor, a quick link and a tether) and stowsthem in a cargo pocket on the leg of turnout pants. Itcan be deployed using any Class II life safety harness orescape belt.There are two pocket options: horizontal or vertical split The Personal Rescue Systemcargo pocket. Each keeps the rope from becoming integrates all escape componentsentangled with the other hardware. and stows them in a cargo pocket on the leg of turnout pants.The Personal Rescue System is available on mostLION Janesville® turnouts. It can also be retrofit to anymanufacturer’s turnout pants and works with the See the video.LION Integrated Class II Harness, the LION Escape Visit http://www.lionprotects.com/harnessbelts.htmlBelt (see next page) or with any manufacturer’s Class IIharness or escape belt.14 www.lionprotects.com
  17. 17. LION Integrated Class II Harness™and Escape Belt New LION Integrated Class II Harness™ — Ready When You Need It LIONs Integrated Class II Harness™ features a new single-point of attachment design for improved functionality and ergonomically positioned leg loops for increased comfort. The harness is is built into your turnout pants so it’s always available when you need it. The harness is located between the outer shell and liner system. This maintains the integrity of your PPE and protects the harness. The harness is removable for easier care and maintenance. Made from Kevlar® with a unique design that makes it intuitive — its size responds to the user. It tightens when loaded, yet is relaxed and doesn’t interfere with other work situations. The LION Integrated Class II Rescue Harness™ is designated as a NFPA 1983, Class II Life Safety Harness. It is to be used for emergency escape with up to two-person load/capacity. It also meets all the requirements of NFPA 1971, so the harness retains its integrity when exposed to heat. LION Escape Belt The LION Escape Belt is an emergency self-rescue device that fastens at the waist outside of your turnout pants. The belt is positioned through belt loops on the pants and fastens with a hook and ring closure. When the escape rope is attached to the belt, it engages in the proper position. The escape belt is made from two-inch Kevlar® webbing and is certified to meet NFPA 1983. It is certified for use up to 300 pounds. When the belt is combined with a rope, descender and carabiner, it can be used as an escape system. www.lionprotects.com 15
  18. 18. suspendersEZ H-Back Quick-Adjust,Non-Stretch Suspenders Night Hawk Four-Way, Quick• Black with navy shoulder padding. Adjust Suspenders V-Back™ Quick Adjust, Stretch• Quick tug of plastic loops delivers • Black with navy shoulder padding. Padded Suspenders for Any perfect adjustment each time. • 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material. Pants Model• Makes donning quick and easy. • Water-resistant metal clips for easy • Traditional red color with• Metal loop or thermoplastic connection and removal. black padding. fasteners. • Metal loop fasteners on front and back.EZ H-Back Quick-Adjust,Stretch Suspenders Night Hawk Four-Way,• Traditional red with navy Non-Stretch Suspenders shoulder padding. • Traditional red color.• Quick tug of plastic loops delivers • 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material. V-Back™ Quick Adjust, Stretch perfect adjustment each time. Padded Suspenders for • Water-resistant metal clips.• Makes donning quick and easy. V-Force® High-Back Pants Only• Leather tab fasteners. • Traditional red color with black padding. • Metal loops and rear Velcro® fastener panel.EZ H-Back Quick-Adjust, Four-Way, Non-StretchNon-Stretch Suspenders Suspenders• Black with yellow trim and navy • Traditional red color. shoulder padding. • Water-resistant metal clips.• Quick tug of plastic loops delivers perfect adjustment each time. V-Back™ Quick Adjust, Stretch• Makes donning quick and easy. Padded Suspenders for Pants with Sewn In Attachment Loops• Rectangular metal loops. • Traditional red color with• Requires snap tabs on pants. black padding. S-T-R-E-T-C-H Four-Way • Quick tug of plastic loops delivers perfect adjustment each time. Suspenders • Square metal loops. Connecting • Traditional red color. straps on belted pants thread through • Water-resistant leather clips. loop and are secured with snap.16 www.lionprotects.com
  19. 19. Popular LION Janesville® Turnout OptionsElasticized Pants CuffElasticized thermal liner pants cuff (to help reduce theentry of hot air, smoke or debris up the pants leg). FireWall Knee™ Silicone foam is used between the outer shell and the knee reinforcement. Silicone has outstanding thermal resistance and delivers 250% more thermal protection than a standard knee system. Custom Identification Choose from lettering attached directly to the coat, to removable or to sewn-on letter patches. Placement options include: above the hem, on the yoke or hanging lettering patches that attach by snaps or Velcro® and hang below the hem of the coat. Semper Dri™ Additional LayersHanging Coat Pockets Special Teflon® F treated thermal liner material reducesFull bellows hanging pockets (pockets hang absorption to help stay drier and lighter. Often placed inpartially below hem line to allow for full depth high compression areas, such as the yoke and upperusage on shorter coats). arm areas. Can be added to either the thermal liner or outer shell.Tool PocketFull bellows tool pocket (includes six compartmentsto store and separate multiple tools). www.lionprotects.com 17
  20. 20. Moisture Management Systems Superior moisture management means optimum comfort and thermal protectionKeep the Wet Stuff on the Red Stuff Water Compromises Your ProtectionWater is the fire fighter’s best friend … or at least the It’s obvious that many scald burns are from wearingbest tool. It puts out fires by replacing the air source. wet gear in hot places. But a lot of plain old contactNo oxygen = no combustion … sounds great! and compression burns are made worse by waterBut when water replaces the air in your turnouts, gloves compromising your protection. A burn injury can happenor boots, bad things happen. They get heavier, and that’s very quickly when water is the conductor, usually withoutuncomfortable, but the bigger problem is having water warning. Gear that’s thoroughly soaked will sometimesinstead of air in your PPE. That’s a matter of safety! take longer to heat up than dry gear, but that makes the protection less predictable. isodri® is at the Heart of Moisture Management There is no raw material that inherently manages moisture. That’s why LION designs protective systems engineered to keep external moisture out and transport moisture generated by the body away from the skin to the garment’s outer surfaces. The key player in these systems is isodri® technology. isodri® liner systems are engineered to reduce water inside your thermal barrier and, therefore, the heatWater Expands at Explosive Rates storage capacity of your turnouts.While the outer shell, moisture barrier and impermeablereinforcements help keep water from external sources outof your protective envelope; the thermal barrier can actlike a sponge, absorbing perspiration. That’s dangerousbecause water conducts heat 21 times faster than air at atemperature as low as 200° F. And, water can expand atexplosive rates when heated (about 1700% the rate of airwhen the water is in a vaporous state).Four Unique isodri® SystemsThere are four unique isodri® liner systems available on LION Janesville® turnouts. Which liner system is best foryou? That decision is influenced by your climate, number and types of calls and your fireground operations. Theaccompanying chart rates performance factors of each isodri® liner system and should be helpful in identifying whichwill work best for your department’s unique comfort and protection needs. TPP THL Wicking Lubricity Dry Time Working WeightGlide™ 2L AraFlo® ✦✦ ✦✦✦✦ ✦✦✦ ✦✦✦ ✦✦✦✦ ✦✦✦✦ ™Glide Center Cut ✦✦✦ ✦✦✦ ✦✦✦ ✦✦✦ ✦✦✦✦ ✦✦✦✦Exhale SRS ® ✦✦✦✦ ✦✦ ✦✦✦ ✦✦✦ ✦✦✦✦ ✦✦✦✦comotion™ ✦✦ ✦✦✦ ✦✦✦✦ ✦✦✦✦ ✦✦✦ ✦✦✦18 www.lionprotects.com
  21. 21. isodri® Technology Delivers OptimumMoisture Managementisodri® Protective Systems fights the proven problems The key difference between isodri® Protective Systemsof wet turnout gear by delivering a superior moisture and other systems is isodri’s ability to manage moisturemanagement solution. Each and every isodri® component in the thermal barrier of your turnout gear. The thermalis engineered to reduce the water intake and transport liner operates like the insulation in your house — itmoisture away from the body. This reduces the heat storage traps air inside of millions of tiny pockets. The trappedcapacity and working weight, promoting both comfort and air creates a barrier to heat flow. If the air pockets aresafety of your protective ensemble. compressed or filled with moisture, the thermal liner’sUnlike conventional turnouts, keeping moisture out of the ability to block heat is compromised.protective envelope takes place in all layers of the isodri® Optimum moisture management comes from asystem — the outer shell, moisture barrier and thermal liner. thermal liner that both wicks and sheds water. isodri® Protective Systems feature face cloth options withThermal Liners Perform Better When Dry advanced wicking technologies for superior comfortEvery fire fighter knows that heated water is volatile and safety. By pulling sweat from undergarments, theand can release explosive energy in the form of dangerous moisture is channeled away from the body towardsteam. But water can, and frequently does, cause burn layers of the liner system that refuse to draw ininjuries without warning at temperatures well below moisture. This allows the thermal barrier to maintainsteam conditions. airspace and function as designed. In addition, isodri® thermal liners using apertured AraFlo® promote higher air permeability than other systems and complement state-of-the-art moisture barriers such as CROSSTECH® black moisture barriers. Visit www.lionprotects.com/isodrivideo.html to see the video. www.lionprotects.com 19
  22. 22. isodri® Protective Systems — Less Weightand Faster Drying Means More ComfortWhen you’re wearing SCBA and dragging a fully charged And, how many times have you had to work in wet and1 3/4" hose line, the last thing you need is your gear clammy turnout gear because it hadn’t dried from ansucking up water and adding more weight to what earlier run? Fire fighters wearing gear with isodri®you’re already lugging around. Because isodri® Protective Systems report their gear has been dry andProtective Systems sheds water, you’re working lighter comfortable in less than 30 minutes.and more comfortably. How isodri® Works isodri® is more than just an outer shell that resists water penetration and absorption. It is a complete system of components (outer shell, moisture barrier, thermal barrier and wristlets) that works together to reduce the water in your turnout gear and the dangers that water presents. Outer shell is treated with Teflon® F-PPE to reduce moisture intake from outside sources such as hose water and rain. W.L. Gore CROSSTECH® black, CROSSTECH® 3 Layer or RT7100™ moisture barrier allows body heat, in the form of vapor, to escape, but keeps liquid out. Thermal barrier is treated with Teflon® F to shed moisture generated by the body and maintain high thermal performance. AraFlo® promotes air permeability to allow vapor released by the body to be more easily transported away from the skin. Face cloth wicks perspiration away from the body.20 www.lionprotects.com
  23. 23. Thermal LinersAir Layers and Thermal Barriers Batting, Non-Woven or Combination Liners?The ideal thermal insulation system is comfortable, Spunlace, such as Nomex® E89™, is a non-woven materiallightweight, captures air and rejects water absorption of nominally consistent weight and thickness. A significantwhile promoting the “wicking” of sweat. The best liners portion of the insulating value of non-woven liners comesalso withstand the effects of heat and have high porosity from the air space between the layers. Non-woven lineror air permeability. systems usually have multiple layers of insulative fabrics.The protective value of the fabric composite is really AraFlo® is an engineered development of the originalfound in the air that’s between the fire fighter and the Nomex® E89™. During production, small evenly spacedheat source. Air itself is the greatest single source of apertures are created in the fabric. This promotes greaterthe insulative qualities in protective clothing. Best of all, air permeability and quicker drying.it weighs nothing and it’s free! The most functional way Another advantage that can be applied to someto achieve the best protection is to use a multi-layer non-wovens is the addition of Teflon® F treatment. Bothconfiguration in which each layer accomplishes part of Nomex® E89™ and AraFlo® can be impregnated withthe job. Extremely efficient insulation can be gained by a highly-durable, water-resistant treatment to greatlycreating very thin air spaces between the layers, which improve the liner’s ability to resist water absorption. Teflon®supplement the air contained within the layers. It’s F-finished non-wovens also dry very rapidly. Dry linerimportant that none of these individual air spaces exceed systems minimize the amount of water that can replace the1.8 cm of thickness, because convective currents start critical insulative air space in the system.beyond that thickness and may begin to quickly transmitheat. Similarly, air layers that are replaced by water can be Battingsunpredictably dangerous. Unlike air, water is an amazingconductor of heat. Battings (sometimes called felts or needled non-wovens) are a soft, bulky assembly using the air between theThermal barrier systems with the most air spaces can: randomly-needled fibers to form an insulative barrier.• Create the most layers of air. Thermal liners using battings are usually made with one• Resist absorption (water replacement of the layer of needled material quilted to a face cloth. Battings insulating air). cannot be treated to reduce water absorption and,• Provide the most reliable protection. therefore, they can get very heavy, be slow to dry and may transfer heat when wet.The Face Cloth Can Make a Big Difference Combination SystemsAnother important consideration for thermal barriers The LION “Center Cut” and “Exhale SRS®” systemsrelates to comfort and mobility. It is now widely recognized are examples of true combination liners. They usethat thermal barriers which use slippery yarns on the separate layers of durable, water-repellent materials to“face cloth” next to the wearer are far less likely to bind sandwich the moisture barrier. The moisture barrier isand restrict the fire fighter’s movement. The super-strong double-protected. This improves the thermal insulationfilament yarns which create this lubricity are also excellent value (TPP) by protecting the moisture barrier and creatingat wicking perspiration away from the body. multiple air spaces between the increased number of veryThe part of your liner that you can usually see is the “face thin layers.cloth”. The face cloth is generally the muscle, while theinside of your thermal barrier is the brain. Face cloths that“wick” perspiration off the body are more comfortableand some face cloths have the added advantage of beingslippery. Liner systems using high-lubricity face cloths canreduce the strain of moving around and have been provento be effective in reducing stress (IAFF/Indianapolis FDStudy, 1999). Not all shiny liners have high lubricity. www.lionprotects.com 21
  24. 24. Thermal Liners — Glide™ Face ClothLow Friction Lets You Move More Freely Absolute-wick Characteristics Keep You ™Glide face cloth has the highest levels of lubricity in Ready for Actionthe fire service. The slick low-friction properties of Glide™ eliminates the clammy feel of other low-frictionGlide™ mean added freedom of movement and less filament liners by wicking perspiration away from the bodyworking stress for a more comfortable feel in your turnout to keep you more comfortable. It also dries twice as fastgear. Freer movement means thermal liner systems with a as other low friction liners to keep you ready for action.Glide™ face cloth help fight stress and fatigue. Liners with Glide™ look and perform better; and toThe low friction capability of Glide™ does not diminish meet the rigors of firefighting can be quilted toafter laundering. Independent tests prove that Glide™ Nomex® E89™ and AraFlo® spunlace or 100% virginis up to 25% slicker after washing than Caldura® Nomex®/Kevlar® batting.brand liners. LIONs Glide™ 2L AraFlo (K6 and K7) and Glide™ Center Cut (C6 and C7) liner systems have Glide™ face cloths to promote free and natural movement.22 www.lionprotects.com
  25. 25. Thermal Liners — isodri® Glide™ 2L AraFlo® (K6 and K7) This high-tech liner delivers very high THL values and reduces the risk of water-related burn injuries. The Glide™ face cloth wicks perspiration quickly, but the entire system carries less water and dries more rapidly than any other traditionally-oriented concept. Uses two layers of spunlace and a low-friction face cloth. However, both the 2.3 oz/yd2 Nomex® E89™ and the 1.5 oz/yd2 apertured AraFlo® layers are finished by DuPont™ with Teflon® F high-performance water resistance. Fusion™, Advance®, Advance Ultra™, Armor™ or PBI® Matrix. CROSSTECH® black, CROSSTECH® 3-Layer or Gore RT7100™ moisture barrier. One layer each of 1.5 oz/yd2 AraFlo® and 2.3 oz/yd2 Teflon® F-treated Nomex® E89™. Producer-dyed Nomex® filament/spun face cloth (Glide™). Glide™ Center Cut (C6 and C7) Center Cut represents another breakthrough in the orientation of the internal components. Like all isodri® systems, this one picks up very little weight from water and dries in a flash. This combination system places a tough woven layer of water-resistant Nomex® chambray between the shell and the moisture barrier and a quilted composite of Glide™ face cloth and Teflon® F-finished AraFlo® on the other side of the moisture barrier (next to the wearer). This unique system improves the thermal properties (TPP) of the entire ensemble, while delivering outstanding THL values. Fusion™, Advance®, Advance Ultra™ or PBI® Matrix. Teflon® F-PPE-treated Nomex® woven chambray. CROSSTECH® black or CROSSTECH® 3-Layer moisture barrier. Teflon® F-treated 1.5 oz/yd2 AraFlo®. Producer-dyed Nomex® filament/spun face cloth (Glide™). www.lionprotects.com 23
  26. 26. Thermal Liners — isodri® Exhale SRS® (X7) Exhale SRS® is a unique system delivering high TPP while maintaining good THL. The orientation of the thermal insulation helps protect the moisture barrier and provides additional insulation to the wearer. Like all isodri® systems, this one picks up very little weight from water and dries quickly. This combination system places a quilted layer of Teflon® F-treated, AraFlo® and a tough woven layer of water-resistant Nomex® chambray between the shell and the moisture barrier. A quilted composite of Glide™ face cloth and Teflon® F-treated Nomex® E89™ is on the other side of the moisture barrier (next to the wearer). Fusion™, Advance®, Advance Ultra™ or PBI® Matrix. Teflon® F-PPE-treated Nomex® woven chambray. Teflon® F-treated 1.5 oz/yd2 AraFlo®. CROSSTECH® black moisture barrier. Teflon® F-treated Nomex® E89™ (2.3 oz/yd2). Producer-dyed Nomex® filament/spun face cloth (Glide™). comotion™ (G7) co’motion™ delivers unparalleled comfort by employing an entirely new thermal barrier construction design that moves sweat off of your body and moves vapor through your liner. The wicking layer is soft to the touch and has a high degree of lubricity to reduce friction between your turnout and your undergarments. Advanced wicking components grab sweat off your skin and undergarments and pass it away from your body. isodri® moisture management technology keeps moisture out of your turnout’s thermal barrier, maintaining the protective airspace that helps shield you from heat to guard against steam and compression burns. PBI® Matrix or Armor™. CROSSTECH® black or CROSSTECH® 3-Layer moisture barrier. Dry layer, AraFlo®, maintains protective air space. Moisture transport layer. Producer-dyed Nomex® filament/Lenzing FR® face cloth.24 www.lionprotects.com
  27. 27. Thermal Liners Chambray Pure® (D7 and D9) Unlike the other battings, Chambray Pure® is made totally with virgin fibers. Needled from an equally balanced blend of virgin aramid and virgin para-aramid which is quilted to a 100% Nomex® spun face cloth. Chambray Pure® delivers an exceptional balance of TPP, THL and moderate cost. Chambray Pure® be treated with Teflon® F-PPE to improve drying time. Any standard outer shell. CROSSTECH® black moisture barrier or Gore RT7100™ moisture barrier. 50% virgin aramid, 50% virgin para-aramid batting. Producer-dyed Nomex® face cloth. Glide™ Pure (J7 and J9) Glide™ Pure is similar to Chambray Pure®, except it has a high-lubricity face cloth. Glide™ Pure is made completely with virgin fibers and delivers an exceptional balance of TPP, THL and freedom of movement. Unlike Caldura®, the Glide™ Pure face cloth has a very low coefficient of friction and wicks perspiration off the body with great ease. Glide™ Pure cannot be treated with Teflon® F-PPE. Most standard outer shells. CROSSTECH® black moisture barrier or Gore RT7100™ moisture barrier. 50% virgin aramid, 50% virgin para-aramid batting. Producer-dyed Nomex® filament/spun face cloth (Glide™). www.lionprotects.com 25
  28. 28. Thermal Liners Working Thermal 3 4 Total Heat Liner Codes Thermal Liner Description Durability Comfort Cost Weight1 Insulation2 Loss Range Reprocessed Quilt 8.0 oz/yd2 batt ✦ ✦✦ ✦✦ ✦ ✦ $ (D7 and D9) Chambray Pure ® 7.0 oz/yd batt 2 ✦+ ✦✦ ✦✦✦ ✦+ ✦✦ $$ ® Caldura (Aralite type) ® 7.6 oz/yd batt 2 ✦+ ✦✦ ✦✦ ✦✦ ✦✦ $$$ (J7 and J9) Glide™ Pure 7.5 oz/yd2 batt ✦+ ✦✦ ✦✦+ ✦✦+ ✦✦ $$$ Caldura SL ® 2 7.6 oz/yd non-wov ✦✦ ✦+ ✦✦ ✦✦ ✦✦✦✦ $$$ (K6 and K7) ™ Glide 2L AraFlo ® 2 7.3 oz/yd non-wov ✦✦✦ ✦+ ✦✦✦ ✦✦✦✦ ✦✦✦✦ $$$ (C6 and C7) Glide™ Center Cut 7.0 oz/yd2 comb ✦✦✦+ ✦✦✦ ✦✦✦ ✦✦✦+ ✦✦✦ $$$+ (X7) Exhale SRS ® 7.5 oz/yd comb 2 ✦✦✦+ ✦✦✦✦ ✦✦✦ ✦✦✦+ ✦✦✦ $$$$ (G7) comotion ™ 2 7.7 oz/yd non-wov ✦✦✦ ✦✦ ✦✦✦ ✦✦✦✦ ✦✦✦ $$$1 Working weight = dry weight + moisture regain; 3 Insulation stability + face cloth durability. high ranking = low weight. 4 Flexibility, bulk, friction resistance.2 All around; wet, dry, high or low heat.THL and TPP Test Results isodri® Composites 7.0 oz. Fusion™ 7.25 oz. PBI® Matrix 7.0 oz. Advance® 7.5 oz. Advance Ultra™ 7.0 oz. Armor™ TPP TPP TPP TPP TPP TPP TPP TPP TPP TPP Liner System THL THL THL THL THL B/W A/W B/W A/W B/W A/W B/W A/W B/W A/W C6 Glide™ Center Cut 268.4 42.2 55.3 265.4 44.6 52.8 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A C7 Glide™ Center Cut 288.0 38.2 52.5 286.0 39.9 50.5 266.6 43.0 50.3 270.6 47.5 56.4 268.4 43.2 N/A ™ ® K6 Glide 2L AraFlo 260.1 39.3 50.2 266.7 39.5 47.9 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A ™ ® K7 Glide 2L AraFlo 274.3 37.0 48.2 283.6 38.0 47.7 259.4 40.8 49.8 264.6 40.7 53.4 264.6 40.7 55.3 ™ G7 comotion N/A N/A N/A 222.7 39.8 48.2 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 210.9 39.5 53.4 ® X7 Exhale SRS 244.8 51.2 >60 238.4 49.5 >60 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Non-isodri® Composites 7.5 oz. Nomex® IIIA 7.0 oz. Fusion™ 7.25 oz. PBI® Matrix 7.0 oz. Advance® 7.5 oz. Advance Ultra™ TPP TPP TPP TPP TPP TPP TPP TPP TPP TPP Liner System THL THL THL THL THL B/W A/W B/W A/W B/W A/W B/W A/W B/W A/W D7 Chambray Pure® 268.0 41.4 51.4 243.6 39.4 51.8 243.1 39.0 48.5 224.1 46.9 54.4 221.1 46.1 53.7 D9 Chambray Pure® 244.8 40.2 53.8 239.2 39.6 51.2 227.6 38.7 49.1 249.3 40.1 55.2 225.0 39.9 58.5 J7 Glide™ Pure 259.6 42.8 47.2 242.7 41.6 52.1 245.4 40.7 46.2 229.7 45.9 50.3 N/A N/A N/A J9 Glide™ Pure 243.9 42.6 49.1 232.1 41.0 51.8 230.8 41.2 49.9 233.4 42.9 54.6 222.8 41.1 56.526 www.lionprotects.com
  29. 29. Moisture BarriersMoisture Barrier Criteria CROSSTECH® Black Moisture BarrierWhile the moisture barrier has a number of This new moisture barrier delivers durable protectionsupplemental functions, its main job is to keep the call after call after call. Engineered with the latestthermal protective properties of the system intact by technology to provide long-lasting protection andpreventing external water from penetrating into the breathability, CROSSTECH® black moisture barrier doescritical air spaces of the garment. not lose its high breathability even after exposure toA dry system is safer, more dependable, more extreme heat, and its improved durability can help reducecomfortable and a lot lighter than a wet one. All moisture maintenance costs. Lab tests, and field testing hasbarriers will shed external water, but there are significant shown that it remains significantly more liquid-proof anddifferences in their breathability, durability, thermal less prone to damage.integrity and long-term reliability.Highly-breathable moisture barriers are intended to CROSSTECH® 3-Layer Moisture Barrierprevent water from entering into the thermal layers, It is the most durable, flexible and abrasion-resistantwhile allowing body vapor from sweat to escape moisture barrier available. It provides the bestoutward. A more breathable barrier will usually reduce combination of durability, THL and TPP in athe amount of moisture and body heat that can be rugged three-layer construction for the mosttrapped inside the gear. Remember, the body heat in demanding scenarios.your sweat can only escape through your breathablemoisture barrier in vapor form. GORE RT7100™ Moisture BarrierWhat is Total Heat Loss? It meets the performance needs and cost considerations of specific markets. A durable, breathable alternativeIn its efforts to maintain metabolic equilibrium, the body to less expensive barriers and textiles, it provides aexhausts excess heat. Some of this thermal energy reliable combination of thermal stability and liquidis dry heat, but most of it is in the form of sweat. The penetration resistance unmatched in its price range.evaporation of sweat is the body’s most effective naturalcooling mechanism. The Total Heat Loss number for afabric or a combination of fabrics is the amount of energythat can be transferred through the system ... from theinside out. The higher the THL value, the more likely thesystem is to allow excess body heat to escape, greatlyreducing heat stress, keeping you cooler and dryer inextreme environments.Moisture Barrier OfferingsLION Janesville® turnouts offer a full range of moisturebarriers from W.L. Gore: CROSSTECH® black,CROSSTECH® 3-Layer and Gore RT7100™. Each isengineered to give you superior penetration resistanceagainst water, blood, body fluids and NFPA commonfireground chemicals. www.lionprotects.com 27
  30. 30. Vented Moisture Barrier, Liner InspectionSystem and Separable Liner SystemLiner Inspection System Makes Inspecting EasyThe Liner Inspection System makes Complete Liner Velcro® sealed openingInspections easier and faster. It has a Velcro® sealed allows access to inneropening to allow you to easily examine the film side of parts of the liner system.the moisture barrier and inside of the thermal liner onboth coats and pants. This means no more ripping seamsand re-stitching on inspections. Comes standard on allLION Janesville® models.Vented Moisture Barrier for Superior ComfortLION’s Vented Moisture Barrier delivers increased heatloss performance, reduced stress and additional comfort,while maintaining thermal and moisture protection. Similarin design to a golf jacket, it’s a two-piece moisturebarrier system with a circumferentialopening at the torso mid-sectionto allow vapor to escape. Atwo-inch overlap keepswater out. A circumferential opening with two-inch overlap increases heat loss performance while maintaining thermal and moisture protection.Separable Liner System Eases Cleaning,Inspection and RepairThe Separable Liner System for turnout coats andpants makes it easier to separate, inspect, send for repairand/or replace the moisture barrier or thermal liner ofturnout coats or pants. The Separable Liner System,developed by LION, is available with any LION Janesville®brand custom turnout model.Turnout liner systems are a composite of face cloth,thermal liner and moisture barrier. Normally, the edgesof the composite are sewn together, making it difficultto inspect, test and replace the moisture barrier alone.The Separable Liner System attaches the thermal linerto the moisture barrier with a combination of zippers andVelcro® to form a complete inner liner system that allowsthe components to be detached for inspection, cleaning,repair and/or replacement.28 www.lionprotects.com
  31. 31. Outer ShellsOuter Shell CriteriaThe outer shell probably has the most demanding Fusion™role in the total configuration of a turnout. It has two A balanced blend of producer-dyed Kevlar® andcritical functions: to resist ignition from direct flame producer-dyed Nomex® in a rugged 7.0 oz/yd2 ripstopimpingement and to protect the internal layers from rips, for resistance to tears and abrasion. Producer dyed totears, slashes, abrasion, etc. Some outer shell materials deliver better color performance and consistency. Treatedcan have modest impact on TPP tests or can resist with Teflon® F-PPE for the most durable water repellency.water absorption better than others. The real test of anouter shell material is its ability to maintain its protectivequalities under high thermal loads and to stand Advance®up on the fireground. A 7.0 oz/yd2 plain weave with pronounced ripstop for added strength. Colors can change significantly due toPBI® Matrix heat and light exposure. With 60% Kevlar®/40% Nomex® content, Advance® has good structural integrity and7.25 oz/yd2 60% Kevlar®/40% PBI® fabric blend with resistance to high heat. Super Shelltite™ finish deliversa matrix of 600 denier filament Kevlar® cables inserted good water repellency.for superior durability and tear and abrasion resistance.Delivers outstanding thermal protective performanceand resistance to high heat and direct flame Nomex® IIIAimpingement. Treated with Teflon® F-PPE for themost durable water repellency. Available in 7.5 oz/yd2 plain weave construction in a variety of colors, as well as undyed natural (off-white). Colors can change due to heat and light exposure.Armor™ Excellent resistance to rips, tears and abrasion. Nomex® IIIA has lower thermal stability under extreme7.0 oz/yd2 Armor™ is the strongest, most flexible temperatures than many other outer shells because itlightweight outer shell. Its a blend of 75% Kevlar® (50% contains a lower percentage of Kevlar®.filament/50% spun yarns) and 25% Nomex®. Treatedwith Teflon® F-PPE for the most durable water repellency.Advance Ultra™7.5 oz/yd2 plain weave with pronounced ripstop foradded strength. Available only in natural gold color. It’sblend of 60% Kevlar®, 20% Nomex® and 20% PBO®provides structural integrity and resistance to high heat. 1 Thermal 3 Water Color Outer Shell Working Weight 2 Durability 4 5 Cost Damage Resistance Fastness 2 PBI® Matrix 7.25 oz/yd ✦✦✦✦ ✦✦✦✦ ✦✦✦✦ ✦✦✦✦ ✦✦✦ $$$$ 2 ™ Armor 7.0 oz/yd ✦✦✦✦ ✦✦✦ ✦✦✦✦ ✦✦✦✦ ✦✦✦ $$$ 2 Advance Ultra™ 7.5 oz/yd ✦✦✦ ✦✦✦ ✦✦✦ ✦✦✦ ✦✦ $$$ 2 ™ Fusion 7.0 oz/yd ✦✦✦✦ ✦✦✦ ✦✦✦✦ ✦✦✦✦ ✦✦✦ $$ 2 Advance® 7.0 oz/yd ✦✦✦ ✦✦✦ ✦✦✦ ✦✦✦ ✦ $$ 2 Nomex® IIIA 7.5 oz/yd ✦✦ ✦✦ ✦✦✦ ✦✦ ✦✦ $1 Dry weight + moisture regain; high ranking = low weight. 3 Long-term strength and abrasion characteristics. 5 Resists change from UV, laundering, heat and abrasion.2 Strength retention after high-heat exposure. 4 Sheds liquids, soils and/or ice. www.lionprotects.com 29
  32. 32. DuPont™ Nomex® and Kevlar® Brand FibersAdd Strength and Durability To TurnoutsIt’s fair to say that there is not a turnout made in North Moisture BarrierAmerica that doesn’t contain a significant amount of Nomex® fabrics and Nomex® E89™ provide strongDuPont™ Nomex® and Kevlar® fibers. They can be flame-resistant substrates for their liquid impermeable films.found in every turnout component, adding inherentflame resistance, strength and durability to your Thermal Linersprotective ensemble. Nomex® and Kevlar® fiber batts and Nomex® E89™ non-wovens are combined with Nomex® fiber and filament face cloths to provide durable, flexible, heat insulatingOuter Shells components. Multi-layer Nomex® E89™ based thermal linersDuPont™ Nomex® and Kevlar® fibers and filament yarns are among the thinnest, most flexible, most breathableare engineered together with other high temperature components on the market.fibers to form materials that stand up to heat, stay strong DuPont’s Teflon® F provides a repellant finish to theand protect the inner components. Kevlar® filament is Nomex® E89™ and AraFlo® layers in LION’s isodri®engineered into premium fabrics to reduce fabric profile, Protective Systems to significantly improve moisturewhile strengthening fabrics to new levels of performance. management and reduce garment drying time.Durable DuPont™ Teflon® HT water repellant treatmentshelp keep the gear lighter and prevent water from Face cloths using Nomex® filament yarns, such ascompromising valuable air layers that provide the bulk of Glide™, help reduce surface friction, improving overallthe garments thermal insulation. garment mobility.30 www.lionprotects.com
  33. 33. Reinforcement MaterialsReinforcements Add Life to High-Wear Areas Extra Layer Of Outer ShellShoulders, knees, elbows and cuffs should be reinforced An extra layer of outer shell material is relatively flexible.to protect the wearer and extend the useful life of your The cost varies by fabric. “Self fabric” is the leastturnout. It’s a lot less expensive to replace a single layer durable of all the reinforcement options. If the extra layerof reinforcement material than it is to try and repair a of outer shell material is either Fusion™, PBI® Matrix,turnout that has an abraded outer shell, thermal liner and Armor™ or another isodri® fabric, it will have somewhatmoisture barrier. better durability and water resistance than other outerIn addition to reinforcement, high compression areas shell materials.such as shoulders, elbows, yoke and knees should becushioned to provide additional comfort and thermal Polymer-Coated Aramidprotection to the fire fighter. Polymer-coated aramid has outstanding water resistance. It’s very durable, easy to clean and stands up to heat. It’sLeather a little less flexible than leather or self material and costs a bit more than leather.Leather is the least expensive option for reinforcement.It is more durable than any outer shell, but can bedifficult to clean. It also picks up more water than other SuperFabric® Technologyreinforcements. Epoxy bead resin-coated aramid, the best of both worlds. Its durable, easy to clean, flexible and stands up to heat. Although not impermeable, it has better water resistance than outer shell material. Reinforcement materials Durability1 Thermal Water Flexibility Laundering4 Cost Resistance2 Resistance3 (with padding) Leather ✦✦+ ✦✦✦ ✦ ✦✦ ✦✦ $ Shell Material ✦✦ ✦✦ ✦ ✦✦✦ ✦✦✦ $$5 ® isodri Shell Material ✦✦+ ✦✦ ✦✦+ ✦✦✦ ✦✦✦ $$5 Polymer-coated Aramid ✦✦✦ ✦✦✦ ✦✦✦✦ ✦✦ ✦✦✦ $$ SuperFabric® ✦✦+ ✦✦✦ ✦✦+ ✦✦ ✦✦✦ $$1 Abrasion, slash and puncture resistance. 3 Low moisture regain and protection of underlayers. 5 Cost is higher for expensive shells.2 Tolerance to heat exposure and 4 Soil release and ease of cleaning. contribution toward contact burn protection.Polymer-coated aramid SuperFabric® Leather www.lionprotects.com 31
  34. 34. Compression Burnsand Moisture ManagementReducing Compression BurnsOne of the most frequent factors in fire fighter injuriesis the “compression” burn. These injuries can rangefrom irritating “strawberry” burns all the way up tolife-threatening, full-thickness burns. Lite-N-Dri™ more effectivelyCompression burn injuries can happen in routine resists compressive heatoperations or in an inferno. They almost always happen transfer than conventionalwithout warning, so it’s sometimes said that nothing can reinforcement materials,be done about them. That’s not true. especially when both are soaked in water.Moisture Management Is the KeyThe dangers of compression burns cannot be totallyeliminated for fire fighters, but the likelihood andfrequency can be reduced. Since the presence of waterin the PPE system greatly increases the unpredictability ofyour protection, “moisture management” is a key elementin reducing risk.Lite-N-Dri™ Cushioning Adds Thermal Protectionto High-Compression, High-Risk AreasLite-N-Dri™ cushioning provides supplemental thermal Most thermal insulators in today’s PPE deflect a littleinsulation to turnout coats and pants in high-compression energy and then absorb as much energy as they can.areas such as knees, shoulders, elbows and yoke. When they’ve absorbed their fill, they transfer thatIts basic function is to guard against extraordinary energy. That energy transfer can be quick, explosivethermal energy (heat) overpowering the thermal barrier and unpredictable, especially when water is introducedand putting the fire fighter at risk. When parts of your into the system. At only 200˚F, water transfersprotective envelope are compressed, you are more heat 21 times more quickly than air.vulnerable to heat-related injury because the compression Lite-N-Dri™ cushioning helps guard against heat-relatedremoves the insulating air from your thermal barrier. injuries in areas of high compression such as knees,Lite-N-Dri™ has millions of air pockets that allow it to shoulders, elbows and yoke. That’s why Lite-N-Dri™deflect and absorb energy. Lite-N-Dri™ is impermeable is built into the knee of every liner and every shell of LIONso it will not absorb water. This further helps reduce Janesville® turnout gearyour vulnerability to compression-related burn injuries,especially compared to batting-type knee pads that soakup water like a sponge.Lightweight and FlexibleCompared to other knee systems, Lite-N-Dri™ is lighterweight and more flexible, increasing mobility and reducingstress on the fire fighter.32 www.lionprotects.com
  35. 35. Lite-N-Dri™ and FireWall Knee™ ReinforcementsDeliver Substantially More Protection and ComfortA fire fighter’s knees are vulnerable to compression burns unless the properly constructed reinforcement system isused. LION Janesville® now offers two outstanding systems: Lite-N-Dri™ and the FireWall Knee™. Both systems offersuperior comfort while kneeling or crawling.Lite-N-Dri™ Knee Reinforcement System FireWall Knee™ Reinforcement SystemDelivers 150% More Thermal Protection Delivers 250% More Thermal ProtectionAll LION Janesville® pants include a layer of Lite-N-Dri™ The FireWall Knee™ has the same design as theclosed-cell cushioning between the moisture and thermal Lite-N-Dri™ system, but silicone foam is used betweenbarrier for increased thermal protection and comfort. the outer shell and the knee reinforcement. Silicone hasLite-N-Dri™ is impermeable to vapor and a proven heat outstanding thermal resistance and delivers 250% moreblocker. This is further enhanced with another layer thermal protection than a standard knee system. Like theof Lite-N-Dri™ between the outer shell and the knee Lite-N-Dri™ Knee Reinforcement System, the FireWallreinforcement. The additional layer of Lite-N-Dri™ gives Knee™ Reinforcement System also offers superioryou 150% more thermal protection. comfort when kneeling or crawling.Lite-N-Dri™ Knee Reinforcement System Face cloth. Thermal liner. Lite-N-Dri™ FR closed-cell cushioning. Moisture barrier. Outer shell. Lite-N-Dri™ FR closed-cell cushioning. Outer knee reinforcement.FireWall Knee™ Reinforcement System Face cloth. Thermal liner. Lite-N-Dri™ FR closed-cell cushioning. Moisture barrier. Outer shell. Silicone foam thermal reinforcement. Outer knee reinforcement. www.lionprotects.com 33