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Top Law Firm Protects Clients' Interests


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A top law firm feels more secure than prior to deploying the FireEye Web Malware Protection System. The device is protecting their infrastructure and gives them the confidence that they are blocking malicious code and the assurance that no data is being inappropriately sent outside of the network. Are your clients' protected?

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Top Law Firm Protects Clients' Interests

  1. 1. Case StudyTop Law Firm Protects Clients’ Interests byDeploying FireEye Web MPS to CombatAdvanced Malware and Targeted APT Attacks Summary Company New York-based Law Firm Industry Legal Description This New York-based law firm specializes in delivering legal expertise to financial services firms and other multinational corporations. In addition, it is well known for its commitment to provid- ing pro bono services to assist disadvantaged, disabled and deserving clients. Challenge Identify a security solution to elevate the protection of the company’s infrastructure beyond levels typically provided by traditional signature-based technologies. Viable candidates needed to provide next-generation protection, and be easy to install, without degrading exist- ing network traffic throughput. Solution Deployment of FireEye Web Malware Protection System (MPS) 4000 Series appliance. Results The FireEye Web MPS appliance was rapidly configured into the infrastructure and provided immediate visibility into the characteristics and integrity of network traffic. An imperceptible impact on network performance and sophisticated real-time malware detection capabili- ties culminated in the test appliance becoming a permanent fixture in the firm’s IT security environment.This law firm has built its reputation on crafting creative trial strategies and has amassed an impressive record for winningcases. The daily substantial volumes of information handled by the partnership imposes a heavy responsibility, the firm’sDirector of IT, elaborated, “By the very definition of our business, all of our data is highly sensitive. It is a company-criticalimperative to ensure that all possible precautions are taken to safeguard the integrity of the information with which weare entrusted.”“ e thought that the FireEye appliance was fantastic: The power of its malware detection technology was the W ultimate decision maker for us.” – Director of IT, law firmFireEye, Inc. | 1390 McCarthy Blvd. Milpitas, CA 95035 | 408.321.6300 | 877.FIREEYE (347.3393) | |
  2. 2. Case Study using a unique multi-phase analysis engine that ex-The Evidence is Clear ecutes potentially malicious code in a full-featuredThe original IT security infrastructure relied heavily on virtual execution engine.mainstream firewall products to provide perimeterprotection for the network. The Director of IT com- Case Provenmented, “We never had a specific issue with running The FireEye appliance was originally deployed in ajust a firewall, but we were cognizant of other law firms monitor-only mode, but the firm’s evaluation teambeing hacked and were aware of the potential for quickly gained the confidence to transition to andata leakage instigated by zero-day malicious code.” inline configuration. The Director of IT described,He continued, “We were literally on the verge of “Before the move inline we manually addressedsigning a deal with another vendor when I had a call each alert, and were able to confirm an extremelyfrom a FireEye sales representative. I was sufficiently low false-positive rate. This gave us the confidence tointrigued by what FireEye had to offer that I placed go inline and we immediately benefited from havingthe original order on hold and agreed to perform a call-backs automatically blocked and zero potentialproof of concept with the FireEye appliance.” for data exfiltration.”The evaluation was conducted over a period of 30 As with any device placed directly in the path of largedays. The Director of IT recalled, “The appliance was volumes of network traffic, the impact on throughputeasy to install and we felt that the technology gave performance was a major consideration. However,us unique benefits that weren’t available from any the Director of IT quickly dismissed the concern, “Hav-other vendor. The FireEye Malware Protection System ing researched the FireEye appliance’s specifications,was the only product that focused on real-time we were comfortable that there would be no adverseinterpretation of the specific intent of potentially effects on network throughput. I would be very hesi-malicious code, versus the rigid signature-based ap- tant to do this with most equipment, and am awareproach—and difficult to administer heuristic-based that several security-related boxes from other vendorstechniques—that everyone else offered.” have severe issues with restricting bandwidth.”The law firm halted discussions with the compet- He concluded, “We absolutely feel more secureing vendor and purchased a FireEye Web Malware than we did prior to deploying the FireEye appli-Protection System (MPS) 4000 Series appliance to ance. Having the device protecting our infrastruc-protect its flagship New York office. The FireEye Web ture gives us the confidence that we are blockingMPS appliances continually scrutinize, isolate and malicious code and the assurance that no data isconfirm zero-day malware and targeted attacks being inappropriately sent outside of our network.”Key Component:FireEye Web Malware Protection System 4000 Series applianceFireEye is the world leader in combating advanced malware, zero-day and targeted APT attacks that bypasstraditional defenses, such as Firewalls, IPS, AV, and Web gateways!© 2011 FireEye, Inc. All rights reserved. FireEye, Inc. and all FireEye, Inc. products are either trademarks or registered trademarks of FireEye, Inc.Other product and company names mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners. -- CS.WMPS052011FireEye, Inc. | 1390 McCarthy Blvd. Milpitas, CA 95035 | 408.321.6300 | 877.FIREEYE (347.3393) | |