Preeminent Internet Corporation Protects IP and Infrastructure with FireEye


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To provide the necessary protection the Security Manager from one of the largest internet companies and his colleagues researched a wide variety of possible options and ultimately elected to install multiple FireEye Web Malware Protection System
appliances at strategic points across the company’s worldwide offices. Learn what FireEye can do for your company and don't go another day without the protection you need.

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Preeminent Internet Corporation Protects IP and Infrastructure with FireEye

  1. 1. Case StudyPreeminent Internet Corporation Protects IP andInfrastructure With Global Deployment of FireEyeKey Components As an integral part of their everyday business lives, the• FireEye Web Malware Protection company’s employees are constantly visiting a vast number System security appliances of websites, spread throughout the world. This behavior (14 currently deployed) brings its own set of challenges.• FireEye Central Management System (CMS) The Senior Manager of Security Operations explained, “Without intending to do so, our employees were continually infecting their own machines and introducing malicious code into our internal infrastructure. In order to combat this we needed a solution that worked at key gateway locations to evaluate the traffic and alert us to potential threats before they had the opportunity to do harm.” A global threat needs a global solution To provide the necessary protection the Security Manager and his colleagues researched a wide variety of possible options and ultimately elected to install multiple FireEye Web Malware Protection System appliances at strategic points across the company’s worldwide Company Anonymous Internet Corporation Industry Internet, Computer software Description The company is one of the world’s best known Internet corporations. Its Web portal, search engine, and related Web-based digital media portfolio are internationally renowned. The company’s primary Web properties are among the world’s most popular websites. Challenge Identify and deploy a security solution to address advanced threats unknowingly introduced into its internal infrastructure by company staff. With offices distributed across the globe, implementation and ongoing management activities needed to be efficient and reliable. Solution 14 FireEye Web Malware Protection System (MPS) appliances deployed throughout the world at all major internal infrastructure egress points. Single-console operational capabilities facilitated through use of the FireEye Central Management System (CMS). Benefits All major gateways protected. FireEye Web MPS appliances integrated into existing security portfolio to provide coverage for staff and infrastructure located throughout the world. Ease of deployment, reliability and dependability of appliances minimize overhead, and the centralized management console facilitates streamlined operational processes.
  2. 2. Case Study“The FireEye Web MPS appliance is one of those components that never really gets all the credit it deserves because we have the confidence that it will do exactly what it was designed to do, and it does!” — Senior Manager of Security Operationsoffice network. In addition to the North American The deployment of any piece of sophisticatedheadquarters campus, appliances have been equipment has the potential to create significantdeployed in many countries, spanning the globe. overhead for the team responsible for managing the implementation. However, the FireEye Web MPSFireEye is renowned for providing industry-leading appliances have proven themselves to be highlyprotection against next generation threats for reliable. The company’s Manager commented, “Inmany of the world’s highest profile companies. The the multiple years that we’ve had the appliancesportfolio of FireEye MPS appliances supplement we’ve rarely had any need to call the FireEyetraditional and next generation firewalls, IPS, AV, and support organization, but when we have, the qualityWeb gateways protecting critical data and systems and speed of response have been extremely good.against zero-day Web exploits and multi-protocolcallbacks across diverse protocols. “We’re still in the process of rolling out FireEye appliances to achieve 100 percent coverageSuspicious code modules are inspected by the of our internal infrastructure but we’ve alreadymulti-phase FireEye Virtual Execution (VX) engine to been able to dramatically reduce the number ofconfirm and nullify zero-day malware and targeted malware infections. Every FireEye device that we’veattacks. Suspected malware is isolated and analyzed implemented immediately generates alerts, definitelyin a full-featured virtual execution environment to giving us concern for the integrity of the locationsestablish the exact intent and to determine the that are not yet protected.”appropriate course of action. “From a security perspective, having comprehensiveDistance is no object visibility across our network is absolutely imperative.Implementing FireEye Web MPS appliances across Prior to this visibility we had no idea if we were underthe world has proven to be a very simple task. The threat and when we did find out, it was invariablySecurity Operations Manager observed, “Everything too late,” reflected the Senior Manager of Securityhas been really easy and predictable. You give the Operations. “We are all too aware of the seriousnessdevice an IP address and it just works!” of getting hit by a malware attack. We know that the investment we’re making in FireEye appliancesUsing the FireEye CMS, the company’s operations is money well spent!”team can configure, manage, and upgrade thedistributed FireEye security appliances. The CMSfacilitates viewing of the status for the entire groupof appliances using an intuitive interface fromany location.© 2012 FireEye, Inc. All rights reserved. FireEye is a trademark of FireEye, Inc. All other brands, products, or service names are or maybe trademarks or service marks of their respective owners. – CS.ANONHT.US-EN.032012FireEye, Inc. | 1390 McCarthy Blvd. Milpitas, CA 95035 | 408.321.6300 | 877.FIREEYE (347.3393) | |