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  • How to Determine Your Life PurposeReclaim Your DreamsAchieving Your Goals Strategies for Accomplishing Your Tasks DailyThe Quick Big Picture...Find out exactly what's holding you back... and eliminate it! Your circumstances don’t decide your outcome, you do! Only focus on what you desire, not on the present appearance of things.  Wallace D Wattles said over and over again in his book ‘The Science of Getting Rich’ that in order to achieve any degree of success we must ‘Think the TRUTH regardless of appearances .“Where there is no vision, people perish.”- Proverbs 29:18  Without a vision for our future we slip back into hopelessness and despair when faced with life’s challenges.  Make sure you have an empowering vision.  For Ted Williams to have a home is very empowering for Ted!  What will empower and excite you for the next 5 years and beyond? Birds do not KNOW how to fly at birth. They are merely genetically pre-disposed to flight. They must be TRAINED to fly. Interestingly, EAGLES have a very hard time learning to fly. Only 40% survive their first flight. Most crash and are killed when they leave the nest... even though they have had MONTHS of "preflight training" in the nest. Emerson was absolutely correct... You must have a strong AMBITION to succeed. A real HUNGER. It is the STARTING POINT for all success. This translates into having a strong sense of Passion, Purpose and Direction driving your performance every moment of every day. Which is EXACTLY why you must fill in your own 3 personal variables: Values, Vision and Roles and triangulate your Natural Mission and gain Authentic Direction for your life. You will then have the AMBITION To succeed. A real Hunger. It is the Starting Point for all success. This translates into having a strong sense of Passion, Purpose and Direction driving your performance every moment of every day.Which is Exactly why you must fill in your own 3 personal variables: Values, Vision and Roles and triangulate your Natural Mission and gain Authentic Direction for your life. You will then have the Ambition Emerson described.This is the most important Work you will ever do.All we have in this life are two things: Time and Energy. We must convert our Energy into unstoppable Personal Power to Create the future of our dreams.This is the most important WORK you will ever do. All we have in this life are two things: Time and Energy. We must convert our Energy into unstoppable Personal Power to CREATE the future of our dreams.
  • Thanks so much for taking this first step towards your personal development. As you know, in the end it’s not about money or what you have – it’s about who you are. Your values, skills, abilities and dreams are unique and yours alone – nobody can take them from you, and nobody can make your dreams happen except you.These next hour you’re going to receive some great free training – and I truly believe if you’ve never done some of these exercises that you’ll learn, that they’ll positively change your life.It’s the type of training you would normally pay hundreds of dollars for – but for a limited time, I’m offering it free. I know you’ll benefit from it – all I ask is that you set aside time for it, and enjoy the process as we go through the exercises.You’ve made a great decision.When you begin focusing on yourself, our dreams and your goals, you can take control our own destiny – you can  determine where our lives will lead. And it’s not selfish – by improving yourself, by giving your unique talents and showing your unique leadership, you become the change in the world you wish to see.The day you begin chasing your dreams with conscious personal development is the last day of the way things used to be.You’re going to make fantastic progress, but there’s one very important principle I want to share with you before we's time for a Success Skills Tune-UPit's time to EXPAND your VISION for what's possible for your life designed to help you instantly focus on what you must do to achieve your greatest hopes and dreams. is the "go to" place for people who want to achieve greater success — personally and professionally.
  • I’ve spent a lot of time over the last few months thinking about where I’ve been and where I want to be.  It’s something I do each year, as I’m sure most of you also do, however, instead of the empty resolutions that fall by the wayside by the end of January, I went a lot deeper.Einstein observed that humans use less than 10% of their brains. We have found, in study after study, that people use less than 3% of their God-given talents.  People have little or no direction... diminished enthusiasm and optimism... small goals and plans... a pathetic lack of focus on the important — in fact, 88% say they have no clue what's truly important to them — no forward movement and lots of running in circles. The symptoms are living paycheck to paycheck... no financial reserves... high debt... limited income potential... depression and stress... the list goes on.
  • miracle of life response…
  • There is a principle at work in the heavens, on earth, and in us…in our mind. That force is called power. The truth is you have the power of an unbelievable life force in you ready, willing and able to be put to use. You have the power to get you moving in the right direction to fulfill your personal and business goals and dreams. You have the power to release the dreams of your soul out into the world!
  • Permit your POWER to drop, and you will achieve fewer RESULTS. Increase your POWER, and you will achieve greater RESULTS. Greater Power translates into greater Results—immediately... not Someday down the line. Immediately. The Power To Achieve Greater Results...people don't like to make hard choices... or maintain their focus on the IMPORTANT. Consequently, they permit the inevitable urgencies of the day to consume them. The result? Poor RESULTS!"To will is to select a goal, determine a course of action that will bring one to that goal, and then hold to that action until the goal is reached. The key is action." ~ Michael Hanson
  • Are you wishing and waiting for inspiration? Well, it is here.Know that there is tremendous HOPE. You have found yourself in the midst of people who care about you, and have the skills, power and resources to help you. How do you use your energy?Do not be afraid. You CAN do this.We will help you. Over the next four, highly INTENSE sessions, we are going to substantially raise the bar on both sides of the equation for true and lasting success: High Expectations coupled with Brilliant Execution. We will use this time to get you moving in the right direction, right now. We will give you the orientation and organization you need to start MOVING... start IMPROVING... and start the process of meaningful personal CHANGE.
  • Imagine that you were given more growth and moredevelopment to generate greater and greater levels of success...If you had that, would that make possible what previously seemed impossible to you?Think about that for a second...Feel what it is that is sparked within you.In fact,take out our journal and startwriting all your great ideas!
  • Ask yourself daily: "How can I do better?" If you're willing to grow and learn, you will improve. You can achieve anything, if you have enough time, and the willingness to improve.Think WIN WIN: What's Important NOW ~ What's Important NEXT … Inch by inch, life is a cinch!Your unwavering commitment to attract more money or profits from your business should be wrapped in an energy of light heartedness.
  • Learning, loving and living fearlessly is in point of fact the only way to live when one simultaneously claims courage, persistence, intelligence and clarity as part of one’s character and makes the choice to expect success by executing plans brilliantly. Why? Fear corrodes our love of the goodness of life and the discovery of who we are and the exciting possibility of triumph. Have I crashed and burned? You bet! Have I had successes? You bet! Did I feel more alive than at any other time in my life than when I was creating? You bet! For me, there is nothing that can compare to being a co-creator and bringing forth something of beauty or birthing an idea that will help humanity.
  • You are measured by the RESULTS you produce... not how much EFFORT you expend. Realize this. Your family lives on the RESULTS you produce. Your career depends on the RESULTS you produce. Time judges you by the RESULTS you produce. So, improve your power to achieve outstanding RESULTS over TIME.If you want to achieve your personal best each day, do this: Expect MORE—Execute BETTER. In other words, create RESULTS that meet—or beat—your Expectations. The sad truth is, no one cares how hard you work. What matters is how much you get done... how much you actually accomplish... not the EFFORT expended.we are going to focus on RESULTS... not effort, attempts, struggles, exertion, good intentions, excuses, apologies, explanations, reasons, disappointments, dissatisfactions, discontentments, disgruntlements, letdowns, justifications, rationalizations, rues or REGRETS. Results trumps ALL of these words in the dictionary... and in your life!
  • By periodically reviewing the goals for every area of your life, you make sure that none vanish from view, or suffer from lack of attention. You know that you can't work on all of your goals simultaneously. Therefore, you select those that win out in both priority and urgency for the week.Realizing that each of your other goals are clamoring for their turn next, you are highly motivated to complete this week's goals so that you can move other long term goals closer into view. A lack of commitment to this area of your performance suggests you are too busy reacting to immediate demands to focus on what you really want. There was the book you were going to write, the garden you were going to plant and the new sales territory you were going to open. But who can think of these things when there's so much to be done right now? Weeks fly by in a flash, and they all begin to look the same.With a short sighted, day-by-day view on what needs to get done next, you rarely find the extra time to work on those special projects—and entire parts of your life disappear from view. This leads to REGRETS... not RESULTS.
  • MentalSpiritualPhysical Emotional
  • There are some need-to-know, behind-the-scene strategies and prescriptions that must be embraced to take away the pressures, questions, communication breakdowns and hard decisions that have to be made on a daily basis. Never fear, Dr. Fearless is in! You now have the opportunity to experience great shifts in your life. . . should you choose to accept them!Creating from joy rather than struggleReleasing relationships that no longer serve.The right use of power requires that you are willing to do whatever it takes. The person of mature spirituality understands that this will mean drawing on discernment, flexibility, and adaptability. One must discern when to act with insight on the past and far-sighted perspective on the future or when to act with trust in invisible allies and intuition in the face of the Unknown.Dallas Texas Sales & Motivational Guru – 9 Zig Ziglar QuotesOctober 11th, 2010 Dallas Texas Sales & Motivational Guru - 9 Zig Ziglar Quotes !!Great to have the Great Zig in Big D!!!“Success is dependent upon the glands – sweat glands.” - Zig Ziglar Quote “When you are tough on yourself, life is going to be infinitely easier on you.” - ZigZiglar Quote “Money won’t make you happy… but everybody wants to find out for themselves.” - ZigZiglar Quote“Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will.” - ZigZiglar Quote “People don’t buy for logical reasons. They buy for emotional reasons.” - ZigZiglar Quote“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.” – ZigZiglar“Remember that failure is an event, not a person.” - ZigZiglar Quote“Sometimes adversity is what you need to face in order to become successful.” - ZigZiglar Quote“Statistics suggest that when customers complain, business owners and managers ought to get excited about it. The complaining customer represents a huge opportunity for more business.” - ZigZiglar QuoteMoving into work or business more perfect for youEnjoying better health and vitalityExperiencing greater prosperityBeing a more deliberate creator of your lifeAccessing guidance and support on everything from the most philosophical to the most practical requestsAs you awaken to who you truly are – to your direct connection as your Higher Self – not only are you able to create the life you truly want for yourself, you are making a powerful contribution to the expansion of your Universe.
  • Module1 sneak peek

    1. 1. nowe
    2. 2. MODULE ONEWELCOME TO THE WORLD OF OOMPHPOWER COACHING TO GO FROM ZEROTO SUPER HERO FAST! Module One:Welcome to the world ofPassion for the impossible!
    3. 3. Inspired Action
    4. 4. Overview: The Failure to Fearless ProgramOnce you define your VISION, and set your DIRECTION, you must then power up your performance such that you meet or exceed your EXPECTATIONS.Consistently perform beyond EXPECTATIONS and you will find true and lasting SUCCESS.Dont, and you will live with the heart-break of failure... a little too often. You will become old and cynical... not old and successful. Success is a choice. Your choice.
    5. 5. Do the Impossible as a TEAM with AChange of Heart Coaching to put you onthe pathway to a Wealthy Mindset and learn ... HOW TO LIVE YOUR LIFE FEARLESSLY WITH POWER, PURPOSE, AND PASSION
    6. 6. You Have The Power To Achieve Great Results...Start MOVING... Start IMPROVING…Start FEELINGStart BEING…Powerful and Inspired. Take Inspired Action. Make Inspired Choices. Love Life.
    7. 7. YOU have the power to change things for the better.Get started…the World Needs You to Do What You Love. Forget the failures! So what! Keep on keeping on.
    8. 8. The notion of power is a good thing. We will talk about using energy and power wisely, and we will ask the question… How much power is enough to open the door of opportunity?The concept of “love of power” is shifting to the “power of love”. .
    9. 9. Think about what your life wouldbe like if you had more POWER. What would you do? Where would you go? How would you live? "Exploration is really the essence of the human spirit." ~ Frank Borman
    10. 10. How Do I Go From Zero to Super Hero? Embrace Change … Grow With the Flow...Wrap your personal power in an energy of love and light heartedness…Own100% of your power. Turn Up Your Oomph Power!
    11. 11. Before you get nervous… Is it simple? Yes! Will it work? Quickly! Can I do it? Easily!"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out...“ ~ Robert Collier
    12. 12. Loving Life and all of its rich experiences– good and bad – is a choice.
    13. 13. Big Expectations with a poor ability to Execute is a formula for disaster. Small Expectations with a strong ability to Execute is a waste of time and life.If you want better results—in every area of yourlife—you must improve your Personal POWER.
    14. 14. Improve your physical and mental ENERGY level... Improve your sense of Purpose and Mission… Improve your ATTITUDE… Improve your ability to set clear GOALS… Improve your ability to Make PLANS… Improve your ability to PRIORITIZE your actions... Improve your ability to create interpersonal SYNERGY...Improve your ability to get and stay ORGANIZED… Improve your ability to OPTIMIZE your time... Improve your desire to take bold ACTION...
    15. 15. We live in challenging times…the path of the traditional is changing. Passionate Possibility Thinking is a call toliving on our own terms…and creating our own game. What are the rules of the game? How do we know how to win?
    16. 16. Power Tools to Get You To Your Most Powerful And Passionate Place: Energy Mission Attitude
    17. 17. The 4Rs for Power and Success 1. Taking the RIGHT Actions2. Executing in the RIGHT way 3. At the RIGHT Time for… 4. The RIGHT Reasons
    18. 18. Sneak Preview…Failure to FearlessTraining Program