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Mention for passion partners club 1


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Mention for passion partners club 1

  1. 1. Love and wise pursuit of wisdom, wealth, and influence with dignity, grace and passion.
  2. 2. Introducing… Passion Partners ClubWhere entrepreneurs can access valuable mind tools, career ideas, and training to develop their professional career in network marketing.
  3. 3. Hi, I am Suzanna AbbottToday I am in the business of helping people likeyou create massive network marketing success.
  4. 4. I have been an entrepreneur most of my life.And I have swam in the waters with big nameheavy hitters that taught me how to compete, beon top of my game, and win. I love business.Fortunately, I have had wonderful mentors.
  5. 5. I haven’t always been successful.In fact, my MLM business got off to agreat start. Then I looked around and Ihad to admit…I didn’t have a clueas to what to do next.
  6. 6. You see when I first got into thenetwork marketing business, Iknew nada! Nothing! It was abrand new game.Unfortunately, I didn’t even knowthe right questions to ask!
  7. 7. Bottom Line…I Had To Learn About the MLMBusiness the Hard Way…Lots of rejections, lots of loud “Nos”, andlots of turned off friends who didn’t want totalk to me. Nothing I tried work.
  8. 8. I take full responsibility for not beingmore aware, knowledgeable and moreinformed.You must educate yourself!
  9. 9. The good news is… My prayers were answered! And I learned a powerful lesson… Never give up!If you can see the invisible, anything is possible!
  10. 10. Some people might call it luck… I call it Divine Intervention!I now have 22,000 people in my organization. And we bring in over $10 million a year in sales volume.
  11. 11. And believe me…If I can do it, so can you!
  12. 12. I made a promise on the day I finally figured it all out, that if Ihave the opportunity to help others achieve their dreams andgoals…I will do my very best to give my team (my business partners)extra tools, any and all additional information, the bestresources possible, and most importantly the top training andcoaching within my power to give.That is my purpose in life, and I am very clear.
  13. 13. Why Develop Yourself?You need to take charge of your own career development...
  14. 14. Success is really only about one thing... Clarity.
  15. 15. I like to ask my team members three questions.What are your goals in your business?What do you want in life and your business?How do you plan on getting what you want?
  16. 16. The most successful businesses have the most clarity on what they do. And the most successful entrepreneurs have themost clarity on what they want.
  17. 17. The more clarity you have aboutwhat you need to do, need to know,and need to accomplish… the moreCLARITY youll have on how andwhat you need to do to get goals,challenges, and tasks done.
  18. 18. The Tools & Resources In Your Passion Partners Club Will Help You… Get crystal clear about what you want to achieve... Discover the essential steps you need in order to succeed... Define your own level of success and... Achieve it faster than you ever thought possible!
  19. 19. Have you ever struggled with this question?“Whats the first step I need to take to get started in my business?”
  20. 20. No matter what business youre in...No matter what your plans are...Answering that question will usually leadto another question…an important question.“What are the necessary skills, tools,training and resources I need to besuccessful?”
  21. 21. And that is WHY I created the Passion Partners Club… I want to help entrepreneurs like youwho are seeking answers for their MLM questions…be successful.
  22. 22. If you want to learn a variety of skills,keep informed on the most up-to-datecareer info, and improve your people skills and much more… You have come to the right place.
  23. 23. Are you committed to making a positive differencein peoples lives and willing to go the extra mile todo it?Are you looking for a challenging and excitingbusiness where your hard work is rewarded?Do you love personal growth and strengtheningthe mind and body?If this sounds like it might be of interest to you…as your partners…we will support you every stepof the way.
  24. 24. The Importance of Good Support All of us need appropriate"tools" & resources to do our work.
  25. 25. I believe It is important foryour business success to have a regular flow of reliable information.
  26. 26. Passion Partners Club Members-Only Area…Where insiders get training, coaching and thesupport they need to get ahead in theirbusiness career and make personal growtha constant and ongoing part of their lives.
  27. 27. Passion Partners Club Provides… Trainings, Conference Calls, New Ideas, Webinars, Self-Development Programs,Relevant News Stories, Articles, Updates, & A Wide Selection of Mind Tools
  28. 28. We Want To Help You AchieveYour Goals
  29. 29. And the best part it is 100% FREE…Passion Partners Club is for ourpreferred customers and distributors only.This is how it works…
  30. 30. When you sign up and become part of ournetwork marketing business and purchaseyour choice of products, you have becomeone of the family.Then all you need to do is fill out theMembers Area form, give us yourID#, name, telephone# and you are all set!
  31. 31. Welcome Passion Partner!
  32. 32. Heres the Positive WayFor You to Take Chargeof Your Life, and Design Your Business…
  33. 33. Designed to help youmake a difference in the world.
  34. 34. And I want all of our members of thePassion Partners Club to feel freeto ask for what you want. If there issomething you don’t have the answerfor or have an idea that would helpothers…we will listen.
  35. 35. Contact Us by email or phone.We got your back!
  36. 36. Passion Partners are committed, diligent, andpassionate in building a sustainable businessthat will last for years…1) Are interested in helping people with their health and inner growth2) Are teachable and open minded3) Have a burning desire to transform their own lives and others as well
  37. 37. "With every breath, the possibility of a new aspect of self arises.“ ~ Wayne Muller
  38. 38. From Our Heart To Your Heart… All Of Us At Passion For The ImpossibleWish You All The Happiness, Success, and Joy You Desire! Suzanna Abbott
  39. 39. When you order your first shipment of the products of yourchoice, you’ll be automatically signed up to get Free membershipaccess to our results-based online Training Program. Thisinformation is exclusively for members only, and is not availableto the general public.As soon as you receive your first order, be sure to check out ourPassion Partners Club online within the Members Area of Passionfor the Impossible. The suggestions and information given therewill ensure your success. You will find testimonials, scripts, andmuch more.