Graham Hodge at The Future of Branded Content by Fire Circus


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Graham Hodge from LBi's presentation from The Future of Branded Content, brought to you by Fire Circus

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  • Show of hands for who’s who (tough, I’m not changing my presentation at this stage)Intro to self
  • You know these guys right? Endlessly pondering the meaning of love.
  • I’m endlessly pondering the meaning of CONTENT – and I’d like your help with this
  • But for the purposes of today, I want to focus on YouTube, not just because Steve Paler bribed me to, but because it’s the way most of us consume digital content, and so is a platform worth understanding properly.And I want to focus not so much user-generated content, as on how brands can best create content for YouTube.
  • Right, here’s a question to get us started
  • Not including “brands” like Rihanna and Vice, there’s only one.It’s a sobering stat.Guess who
  • Want to take a guess at what number they’re at in the Top 100?
  • Pretty lame huh?Anyone from Red Bull here?Well in that case…
  • There is only one consumer brand in the Top 100 most subscribed-to channels on YouTube: it's Red Bull, which is at No. 90, and is not even a consumer brand in the conventional sense. Many of the other 99 channels have built loyal, engaged audiences of millions with timely, frequent, relevant content, often created with slender resources. Why aren't more brands, like these successful channels, using YouTube to attract, cultivate and communicate with their very own audiences? Drawing on experiences of creating content for YouTube channels for brands like Sony Mobile, I’ll offer some thoughts about creating content to cultivate audiences on YouTube. You'll emerge with a blueprint for YouTube dominance for your brand*. (* maybe)
  • 4.7m subscribers (No. 39)1.1 billion viewsAnd it’s videos normally look like this…
  • New content goes up, according to a tight schedule, every day, apart from Friday and Sunday
  • Opportunity to jump on a trending topic and benefit from conversations that are already engaging millions of people – in this case, GTAV social issues
  • Simon and Martina – 2 ex-pats based in South KoreaLike a 24/7 Old Spice guy for Korean pop music
  • Here they are answering their audience’s questions about healthcare in Korea – and amassing zillions of comments in the process
  • This is a “LYRICS VIDEO” apparently…
  • Awareness => funnel
  • Graham Hodge at The Future of Branded Content by Fire Circus

    1. 1. Why Does Your Brand Suck At YouTube? Graham Hodge 26 September 2013
    2. 2. Content is…?
    3. 3. Question: How many consumer brands are there in the Top 100 most subscribed-to YouTube channels?
    4. 4. Answer: 1
    5. 5. Your Brand Sucks At YouTube!
    6. 6. How Not To Suck At YouTube
    7. 7. How Not To Suck At YouTube No.1 Don’t just be entertaining…be useful too
    8. 8. No.1
    9. 9. No.1
    10. 10. How Not To Suck At YouTube No.2 It’s a monster – keep feeding it
    11. 11. How Not To Suck At YouTube No.3 Do everything 10x faster than you do now
    12. 12. No.3
    13. 13. How Not To Suck At YouTube No.4 Get involved… no, properly involved
    14. 14. No.4
    15. 15. No.4
    16. 16. How Not To Suck At YouTube No.5 Your audience is mobile – make sure your content is too
    17. 17. No.5
    18. 18. Sony Mobile Is Not Sucking At YouTube
    19. 19. [LINK TO VIDEO]
    20. 20. The Take Out One episode per week Builds on Sony’s authority as a curator of entertainment Provides route into brand for nonfans
    21. 21. Questions?
    22. 22. Thanks @whatlofi