Plant a Row for the Hungry - Alexandria, Virginia


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Plant a Row for the Hungry - Alexandria, Virginia

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Plant a Row for the Hungry - Alexandria, Virginia

  1. 1. b Join the programSign up now to donate your produce to the GWA’sPlant a Row for the Hungry National Capital Areacampaign! aName ____________________________________ For further informationAddress 1 ________________________________ To become involved in the National Capital AreaAddress 2 ________________________________ Plant a Row for the Hungry, contact: COMMUNITIES KCity ______________________________________ Jessica Rozmus American Horticultural Society HarvestingState ____________________________________ 7931 East Boulevard Drive Hope… Alexandria, VA 22308 (703) 768-5700 ext. 137 orZip code __________________________________ www.ahs.orgE-mail ____________________________________Phone ____________________________________ To learn about the national Plant a Row for the Hungry program, contact:Please mail the completed form to: Carol Ledbetter Garden Writers Association American Horticultural Society Local communities nationwide are 10210 Leatherleaf Court PAR-National Capital Area taking a stand against hunger through Manassas, VA 20111 7931 East Boulevard Drive PLANT A ROW FOR THE HUNGRY. (877) GWAA-PAR or Alexandria, VA 22308 Help the National Capital Area VolunteerOr e-mail your information to Committee fight hunger in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan areaAn AHS representative will contact you with more by donating your surplusinformation that will help get you started on homegrown produce.reducing hunger in your community. 2/08
  2. 2. j What is Plant a Row m You can make a M How to participate in for the Hungry? difference the programPlant a Row for the Hungry (PAR) is a people-help- PAR is rooted in the long-standing tradition of gar- Simply plant an extra row of fruits or vegetables,ing-people program designed to assist in feeding deners sharing bountiful harvests with others. or share the harvest from your current plot.the hungry in their own communities. This nation- Sharing can happen on many levels. Home garden- Canned or packaged food may also be donated butal public service campaign was developed by the ers, schools, church groups, youth and community will not be considered in the total donated weight.Garden Writers Association (GWA) to encourage organizations, and area businesses can all helpgardeners to grow a little extra and donate the pro- make a difference for their neighbors who experi- Deliver the harvest to the American Horticulturalduce to local soup kitchens and food banks that ence hunger or the threat of hunger. According to Society’s Education Office by noon on Mondays be-serve the homeless and hungry. Almost 12 million the Capital Area Food Bank, on average, 1 pound of tween April 1 and November 1. Please be sure yourpounds of fresh produce have been donated food is equivalent to 1 meal, so every little bit helps. donation is in a suitable condition for consumption.through PAR since its inception in 1995. As coordinator for the National Capital Area PAR, If you do not have a garden or would like to pro-The need is great. According to a recent survey con- the American Horticultural Society (AHS) has volun- vide additional help, you can make a tax-ducted by America’s Second Harvest, the nation’s teered its River Farm headquarters as the drop-off deductible financial contribution of any size to:largest charitable hunger relief organization, 24 to location for fruit and vegetable donations. River27 million Americans rely on emergency food serv- Farm is located at 7931 East Boulevard Drive, Plant a Row for the Hungryices annually. Approximately 633,000 residents in about four miles south of Old Town Alexandria on GWA Foundationthe Washington, D.C., metropolitan area are at risk the George Washington Parkway. For directions visit: 10210 Leatherleaf Courtof hunger; 200,000 are children. The food banks Directions Manassas, VA 20111and soup kitchens that serve the hungry continual- will be sent if you submit the application form only struggle to meet the demand for food assistance. the back of this pamphlet. Share this pamphlet with others who may be inter- ested in sharing their harvest with the community. All donations from the community will be deliv- ered weekly to the Capital Area Food Bank by an PAR is proving that through volunteer participa- AHS representative. tion, each person can make a difference in the community. Join the program today! For more information, call Jessica Rozmus at (703) 768-5700 ext. 137 or e-mail