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Jun kaneko ppt


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for art class

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Jun kaneko ppt

  1. 1. Jun Kaneko
  2. 2. Jun Kaneko was born in Nagoya,Japan, in 1942.He began to study painting in high school, underSatoshi Ogawa. He painted in his studio during theday and attended school at night.Nagoya,Japan
  3. 3. In 1963, Jun Kaneko came to the U.S. to study at the Chouinard Institute ofArt. When he was introduce to collector Fred Marer, he became interestedin ceramic sculpture. He studied with Peter Voulkos, Paul Soldner, andJerry Rothman, during the Contemporary Ceramics Movement.He became a teacher at Scripps College, Rhode Island School ofDesign, and the Cranbrook Academy of Art.ChouinardInstitute of Art
  4. 4. Jun Kaneko makes many differentkinds of artwork, including...DangosHeadsDrawingsPaintingsBronzeGlassTextile
  5. 5. Dangos & HeadsDangos Heads
  6. 6. Other Work
  7. 7. Interesting InformationHe currently lives in Nebraska.He has held exhibitions all over the world—even here in Portland!He and his wife, Ree, are the founders ofKANEKO, a space designed to bring art andcreativity to people.
  8. 8. “It doesnt matter what thematerial is as long asyoure making astatement.”-Jun Kaneko-