How To Build A Location Independent Business Lifestyle


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How To Build A Location Independent Business Lifestyle

  1. 1. For Extra Resources Go
  2. 2. Fire Your Boss, Build A Sustainable Web- Based-Business Of Your Own, And Live Anywhere You Want In Just 1 Year.Digital Nomad Academy is unlike any other online course availableright now. DNA is not just a product, and it’s more than just a course.What sets us apart is our focus on direct mentorship, interaction,and participation.Join us on the inside and you’ll have your own Private Panel of ExpertAdvisors – all Hugely Successful Lifestyle Business Owners, DigitalNomads, and Location-Independent Professionals – who will holdyou by the hand as you build an ultra mobile business that lets youtravel, work, and live anywhere.Visit the Digital Nomad Academy Website
  3. 3. They say that you are the average of the five people you spend themost time with… and I sincerely believe in the transformative powerof mentoring, Master Minding, and collaborating closely with otherpeople who have successfully achieved what you want to achieve,and with ambitious, like-minded individuals whose energies are alsofocused on the same goals.Well, DNA is a virtual university where that’s exactly what you’ll get,where you’re going to have to invest considerable time and effort,but you’re going to come out on the other side with a great deal ofpractical knowledge, experience, relationships with a wide variety ofpeople who have DONE IT successfully, and a massive supportnetwork.The tools I’ve used to build a location-independent business and an international network of friendsand colleagues are also available to you. Now it’smy turn to take you by the hand and introduce you to my world.Digital Nomad Academy was created after it became clear to me thatthere is NO central place, no institution educating or training peopleto create a successful mobile lifestyle.For years, I have been on a mission to empower young professionalsand entrepreneurs to follow an unconventional path, strive forexcellence, and make a positive difference in the world by doingwhat they’re truly passionate about.
  4. 4. After five years of experimentation, trial and error, failure, andexploration, I’d finally made this work for myself, I’d helped severalothers make it work, and I’d found dozens, maybe hundreds, ofextremely successful people who were doing the same.I’ve learned such a tremendous amount along the way, distilled thebest knowledge and resources, put it into practice, and made it work,and finally it hit me that I was in a position where I could help showother people the path—I could turn around and teach others thelessons (and loopholes) I have learned, and I could bring togethermany of my peers (who have developed much more impressivebusinesses than me, and are living even more exotic lifestyles!) toshare their knowledge as well.So I made it my job to build a place where we could all worktogether, to connect you with key people that I’ve learned from andthat I look up to, and to give you the benefit of a six-year head startthat I’ve had to learn through the school of hard knocks.
  5. 5. The digital nomad lifestyle ISN’T for everyone. But if you’re herereading this, it probably IS for you.There are too many people all over the world who crave morefreedom, more flexibility, more adventure, who are stuck at home orin the cubicle living vicariously reading OTHER people’s blogs.We’re here to change that.I’ve spent the last 6 years connecting with some incredibleentrepreneurs around the world, and the highest-value benefit youget here inside the Academy is direct access to them:You get private access to regular LIVE mentorship calls with a widevariety of exceptional,Knowledgeable professionals who you can speak with directlyYou also have exclusive membership in a thriving community of like-minded people who are all learning and developing businessesalongside youOther products are content-focused (which is great, and we haveplenty of that as well), whereas DNA is more about connecting you
  6. 6. with the right people you need to become an A-player and build asustainable, successful business.If you’re committed to making the effort required, and ready tomake a considerable investment in yourself & your business tochange your life this year, then DNA is the place for you. And you’regoing to learn from the best damned teachers there are.Digital Nomad Academy gives you Direct Access to Top Performing,Successful Lifestyle Business ExpertsThese are just a few of the experts who have already committedtheir time to our students on DNA Mentorship Calls and InteractiveGuest Lectures:Keep reading... Go here: FREE VIDEO REVEALSA Super Simple 3 Step Formula That Has Helped Over 30000 People (Mostly Clueless Newbie’s) Generate $100 - $170 Per Day Online.