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Okanagan Waterwise: sockeye returning home need water too


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Okanagan Waterwise: sockeye returning home need water too

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Okanagan Waterwise: sockeye returning home need water too

  1. 1. Capital News Friday, September 30, 2011 A13 NEWS▼ SALMONRemember…sockeye returning home need water tooGwen Bridge stresses the fish. goes for your pets. Off- ter. Wise is an initiative of theCONTRIBUTOR • Remember that wa- road activities near water • Choose biodegrad- Okanagan Basin Water ter that enters storm sources can kick up sed- able products where pos- Board. The return of sockeye drains flows directly into iments, creating murky sible. Gwen Bridge is theto the Okanagan River creeks, rivers and lakes, water that harms aquatic For more on Okana- natural resources manag-system this year is some- carrying with it chemi- life. Grease and oil from gan WaterWise, visit www. er for the Okanaganthing for everyone to cel- cals from our yards, drive- bikes, and pet waste can Nation Alliance and anebrate. ways, streets, and park- also contaminate the wa- Okanagan Water- ONA board director. Not since the 1950s ing lots. This damageshave we seen this type the health of these watersof return, and the future and the creatures that calllooks even better. them home. HONESTY • INTEGRITY • QUALITY • COMMUNITY * However, it’s also a re- • If you need to wash TH ON ! FREE ESTIMminder that we must all your vehicle, take it to a A MR A ROOF ATES * 69do our part to keep the car wash that recycles its FO EW Nwaters clean and plentifulenough for the fish. water and treats it before it’s returned to the envi- $ Before there were ronment.Okanagan people here • If you must give thethere were salmon—chi- car a quick wash at home,nook, coho, chum, steel- use a trigger nozzle tohead and sockeye. prevent water from be- Today, those salm- ing wasted, and wash the YOUR RELIABLE ROOFING CONTRACTORon are either completely car over grass. The lawn For all your Residential & Commercial roofing needsgone or found in very low will act as a natural filter We offer THE BEST WARRANTY in the industry: covers workmanship for 25 yrs!numbers. that removes many of the * $69/mo. covers the cost of an asphalt re-roof, based on an average-sized roof costing $5600, The annual return of chemicals before the wa- repaid over 10 yrs @ 7.24% interest, OAC.Okanagan adult sockeye ter makes its way back to Call us toll free 1-250-860-8832has been as low as 2,048 our lakes and streams.(recorded in 1998). • Medications and This is mostly the re- chemicals should not besult of human activities flushed down the toilet orin and around water— washed down the homes and docks built Instead, take unused med-up along the banks of the ications to any pharma-Okanagan, with the chan- cy, and take paints andneling of Okanagan Riv- ONA FISHERIES DEPARTMENT/CONTRIBUTOR other chemicals to appro-er in response to flood- STAFF WITH Okanagan Nation Alliance’s fisheries priate disposal, and the construction department collect mature salmon from Okanagan Check out the waste re-of dams on the Colum- River for breeding. duction department ofbia River (the Okanagan your regional district forRiver flows into the Co- baby salmon. plentiful for fish: more information on haz-lumbia). It is important we all • Conserve water ardous waste disposal in All of these chang- make an effort to keep our in your home and out- your have made it hard for water clean and healthy. doors. Low water levels • When enjoying thethe salmon to return from Here are a few tips to in spawning channels cre- outdoors, stick to main-their passage to the ocean. keep our water clean and ate warmer water which tained trails. The same However, since 2000the Okanagan Nation Al-liance Fisheries Depart- ATTENTION: DR. NINA BLINKHORN’S PATIENTSmen has been working Dr. Blinkhorn would like to inform all of her patients that as of Octoberhard to bring the salm- 1, 2011 her new address and phone will be: 102-3040 Tutt Street,on back. Kelowna 250-763-7701. Anyone who is her patient will have their chart In the past two years, moved to the new address. Sorry, she will be taking no new patients.the ONAFD has record-ed between 80,000 and120,000 spawners (2010). Projects that have con-tributed to this success in- Kids Matter.clude the reintroductionof sockeye into Skaha Teacher Care!Lake, the alteration of thegates at McInytre Damto make salmon passage In a world of almostpossible, and the Okana- 7 billion people,gan River Restoration Ini- children make uptiative (returning parts of one third of ourthe Okanagan River to population and all ofits natural state, making our future.salmon migration easier). While there is much tocelebrate with this year’s Teachersamazing sockeye run, it have made the futureis important to remem- our life’s work.ber that clean water is ab-solutely necessary for Talk to ahealthy fish, especially teacher today. #210-1751 Harvey Ave. News from Kelowna, B.C. V1Y 6G4 your Phone: community 250-860-3866 Capital News Fax: 250-862-3024