Resources For Healthy, Energy-Efficient, Eco-Friendly Churches


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Resources For Healthy, Energy-Efficient, Eco-Friendly Churches

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Resources For Healthy, Energy-Efficient, Eco-Friendly Churches

  1. 1. Church Facilities Resources For Healthy, Energy-Efficient, Eco-Friendly ChurchesGeneral Facilities Resources .................................1 Cleaning................................................................... 6 Ecumenical .........................................................1 Construction and Remodeling .............................. 6 Government-Sponsored .....................................2 Energy Conservation and Savings........................ 7 Denominational...................................................2 Event Planning ........................................................ 8Children and Youth .................................................3 Health ...................................................................... 8Church Grounds Pest Management ................................................ 10 Lawns, Gardens, Lighting, and Parking Lots......4 Purchasing ............................................................ 10Church Office...........................................................6This publication is a companion to EarthCare’s guide Eco-Management of Church Facilities, available on the web “For every house is built by someone, but God is the builder of everything.” (Hebrews 3:4, NIV) implementing strategies in different areas, including getting, General Facilities Resources mission statements, worship, education, institutional life, and community outreach. Appendices: worship resources,Ecumenical quotes, and worksheets.EarthCare, Inc. Eco-Justice MinistriesEco-Management of Church Facilities Healthy Families, Healthy Environment –[online guide – 11 pages] Your ChurchBy Olin M. Ivey. Chattanooga, TN: EarthCare, Inc., 2001, rev. [website – 11 pages]2008. Healthy Families, Healthy Environment.Available free online: Available free online:This EarthCare guide offers basic steps for churches that with manage their church facilities and grounds in an Includes sections on: maintaining the church building andenvironmentally-responsible manner. Topics discussed grounds, educating the church, and the church’sinclude: a scriptural basis for eco-management, neighborhood and community.comprehensive planning, grounds and landscaping, energyconservation, water conservation, office management, and Quick Tips for Including Eco-Justice in Churchadditional resources. Administration [web page – 4 pages, printed] Denver, CO: Eco-Justice Ministries.Earth Ministry Available free online: Congregations Handbook: Stories, Ideas, A list of tips for eco-friendly church administration, buildings,and Resources for Cultivating Creation Awareness and grounds.and Care in Your Congregation[book – 225 pages] National Council of ChurchesBy Tanya Marcovna Barnett. Seattle: WA: Earth Ministry,2002. Available for purchase from: Earth Ministry 101 Ways to Help Save the Earth: With 52 Weeks (206) 632- Congregational Activities to Save the Earth2426. ($30 plus shipping). [book – 35 pages]This book is a toolbox for those who want to foster creation Washington, DC: Greenhouse Crisis Foundation; New York:care in their churches. The Handbook is divided into three National Council of Churches of Christ, 1992. Available forsections and appendices: Section 1: Readings for individuals purchase from: NCC Eco-Justice Programs (800) 762-0968.or groups that provide theological and ethical foundations for (Item EJ 9420,creation. Section 2: Four different pathways for fostering $5.00)creation care, with stories of how churches have grown theircreation care ministries. Section 3: Resources for An EarthCare Resource Guide – October 2008 EarthCare, Inc., Chattanooga, TN
  2. 2. This resource contains 101 things to do in the home, garden, This guide gives practical information on a number of topics,market, office and on the road and 52 weeks of including green building, landscaping, pesticides, and energycongregational activities to help save the earth. use. It also includes a section on “How to Pay for Improvements.”Environmental Justice Covenant CongregationsProgram Form Putting Energy into Stewardship: Energy Star for[form – 4 pages] Congregations Guide. See also page 7 for informationNational Council of Churches. about EPA’s Energy Star for Congregations program.Available for purchase from: NCC Eco-Justice Programs(800) (Item EJ 9790, Denominational$0.25 each or 100 for $10.00). The front page of this form isprinted on heavier paper and is suitable for framing (item EJ Catholic1005, $0.50).This four-page form describes the Environmental Justice Eco-Church: An Action ManualCovenant Congregations Program, through which [book – 126 pages]congregations commit to be engaged or will continue to be By Albert Fritsch, S. J., with Angela Iadavaia-Cox. San Jose,engaged in environmental justice. CA: Resource Publications, Inc., 1992. Available for purchase from: Fr. Al Fritsch, St. Elizabeth of Hungary Church, 316 Fifth Street, Ravenna, KY 40472-1312. $14.95.Web of Creation AB2. $14.95.Environmental Guide for Congregations, Their This manual is a step-by-step guide to how churches canBuildings, Their Grounds become more sensitive to the needs of the earth. The[online book – 110 pages] process includes auditing the church facility by askingBy David Rhoads. Chicago: Web of Creation; Lutheran questions, considering ways that worship can strengthen andSchool of Theology at Chicago, 2006. enhance environmental awareness, evaluating personal lifestyles, and creating a plan of action that extends to theAvailable free online: larger world. Earthkeeping: The Church as a Creation EvangelicalAwareness Center [video – 3 parts] Let the Earth Be Glad!: A Starter Kit for EvangelicalChicago: Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, 1997. Churches to Care for God’s CreationAvailable for purchase from: NCC Eco-Justice Programs [kit – booklets, 3 folded posters, misc. materials](800) 762-0968. By Victoria Loorz; Ericka Albaugh; Evangelical Environmental(Item EJ 9735, $16.00). Network; World Vision. Wynnewood, PA: EvangelicalThis three-part video includes The Biblical Call to Environmental Network, [1994].Earthkeeping (21 minutes), Creations Praise... Creations Available for purchase from: Evangelical EnvironmentalCry (27 minutes) and Earthkeeping: The Church Responds Network (800) 650-6600.(31 minutes). ($10.00). Staff members from the Evangelical Environmental NetworkTraining Manual for The Green Congregation and World Vision have compiled articles and other resourcesProgram for this kit. Churches may use this kit to plan a Sunday[online book – 86 pages] worship service devoted to the topic or use portionsEdited by David Glover and David Rhoads. Web of Creation, throughout the year to integrate creation care into all aspects2006. of church life. The textual material is divided into fourAvailable free online: booklets for easy use: Biblical Roots, Seeds of Worship, Supporting Branches, and Fruits of Creation.This manual is designed to train a small group of lay people The Lord’s House: A Guide to Creation Carefuland clergy to bring care for creation into the full life andmission of the congregation. This resource offers information Management of Church Facilitieson how to develop a plan for developing earth ministry in the [book – 86 pages]local church congregation, including: setting congregational By Frederick W. Krueger. Wynnewood, Pa.: Christian Societygoals, the creation of a Green Team (or an Earth Ministry of the Green Cross; Shakopee, Minn.: Macalester ParkTeam), and developing a comprehensive action plan. Books, 1995. Available for purchase from: Evangelical Environmental Network (800) 650-6600.Government-Sponsored ($7.00). Practical information, checklists, and forms that lead you stepGreen Faith Guide by step to better creation-care of your church building,[online book – 72 pages] including how to become more energy efficient, how to doWashington, DC: District of Columbia Energy Office, 2004. landscaping and care for the grounds, and how to constructAvailable free online: creation-friendly for purchase from: Washington D.C. Energy Office(202) 673-6700. Church Facilities Resources 2
  3. 3. Lutheran Crayon Recycle Program [website]ELCA Environmental Audit Guide: For, Schools, and Other Groups Crazy Crayons, Crayon Recycling Program, LAF Lines, Ltd.,[online guide – 15 pages] 721 Village Rd., Pelican Lake, WI 54463.Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, 2004. (800) 561-0922.Available free online: This program collects crayons for recycling and sells recycled crayons.(800) 638-3522A simple, easy to use resource for congregations and church Children’s Healthgroups to assist them in reducing their environmental impact,this guide is organized into one-page sections covering Healthy Families, Healthy Environmentvarious environmental topics. Each section may be used [web pages]separately and includes an explanation of the topic,suggested activities, and additional resources. The final Children’s Special Vulnerabilitiespages of the guide provide a checklist for recording progress. Pregnancy and Mothers of NewbornsPresbyterian and Defending Gods Creation: Hands On! Your Child’s SchoolPractical Ideas for Congregations, Vol. 11[book – 144 pages]By Vera K. White. Louisville, KY: Presbyterian Church (USA),[1992]. Church InvolvementAvailable for purchase from: Presbyterian Distribution Service(800) 524-2612. Healthy Families, Healthy Environment: Involving Children and Youth at Churchresource.htm ($4.95). [web pages] ideas and resources to help your congregation withnew efforts in worship, education, personal andcongregational life-style, and public policy and community Nurseries and Preschoolsinvolvement. How Green Is Your Nursery?Quaker [online fact sheet – 1 page] By Debra Lynn Dadd., 2004. Available free online:How Eco-Friendly is Your Meeting House?: A Five- Rating System[pamphlet / web page – 4 pages, printed] A 1-page guide that lists basic ways to create a healthyFrom Canadian Yearly Meeting’s Quaker Ecology-Action environment for babies and toddlers.Network. Quaker Earth Witness Pamphlet.Available free online: Non-Toxic Preschools: You Can Find and Eliminate Environmental Hazards in Your Early Care andnghouse.htm Education ProgramAn online brochure with questions designed to examine and [online article – 1 page]inspire houses of worship to care for creation. Children’s Advocate. January/February 2004. Available free online: Html version: Pdf version: Children and Youth An article published from the magazine Children’s AdvocateSee also Health on page 8 of this guide. that briefly explains easy ways that childcare programs may make their facilities healthier for children.Art Supplies SchoolsArt & Creative Materials Institute: Certified ProductDatabase Green Building for Schools[website / database of non-toxic art supplies] [web page / links to online resources] Minnesota Pollution Control AgencyACMI sponsors a certification program for art materials for and artists, evaluating them for both acute and This web page lists books and websites that offer informationchronic hazards, quality, and performance. To identify non- about healthy schools, much of which could be applied totoxic art supplies, search their database by product category, churches. Resources waste prevention and management,company name, or ACMI seal type. For an explanation of purchasing, indoor air quality, outdoor air quality, integratedseal types, visit the their FAQ page. pest management, energy, daylighting, landscaping, water conservation, and educational resources. Church Facilities Resources 3
  4. 4. Toys Let It Rot!: The Gardener’s Guide to Composting [book – 160 pages]EcoBusinessLinks North Adams, MA: Storey Publishing, 1998.[website / online store links] Available for purchase from:,, other major bookstores This book offers valuable advice for starting and maintainingNational Geographic Green Guide a composting system, building bins, and using compost.[website / articles and online store links] Organic Lawn and Gardening Stores: Product Report: Toys (November 2006) [websites / local and online stores] Click “print this article” to view the entire article with links to Check with your locally-owned garden stores. They will often order supplies for you if they don’t have what you need in stock. online stores. Also, large chain hardware and gardening stores are beginning Toy SSC: Non-Toxic Toys (November/December 2004) to sell more organic products. Chattanooga Area: Test Toys for Lead (September 5, 2007) Holcomb Garden Center, Hixson TN Sells organic gardening and pest control products. This Year’s Hot Toys (November 2006) Online Organic Garden Directories and Stores: Directory of Organic Garden Suppliers (by Consumer Product Safety Commission: Biocontrol Network, Brentwood, TN – biconet.comToy Hazard Recalls DirtWorks, New Haven, VT –[website / recall list] Extremely Green, Abington, MA – Xeriscaping Church Grounds (Lawns, Gardens, (Landscaping for Water Conservation) See also “Native Plants” section just below. Lighting, and Parking Lots) Xeriscape Color Guide: 100 Water-Wise Plants forLawn Care Gardens and Landscapes. Edited by David Winger. Fulcrum Publishing, 1998. 62 pages.The Organic Lawn Care Manual: A Natural, Low- Available for purchase from:, and other majorMaintenance System for a Beautiful, Safe Lawn bookstores[book – 271 pages]By Paul Tukey. North Adams, MA: Storey Publishing, 2007. Xeriscape Handbook: A How to Guide to Natural,Available for purchase from:,, and Resource-Wise Gardening.other major bookstores. By Gayle Weinstein. Fulcrum Publishing, 1999. 172 pages. Available for purchase from:, and other majorA guide for creating a lush green lawn without chemicals or bookstorespesticides. Xeriscape Plant Guide: 100 Water-Wise Plants forOrganic Gardening and Composting Gardens and Landscapes. By Denver Water Dept. Fulcrum Publishing, 1999. 192Composting: Creating Good Dirt – Healthy pages. Available for purchase from:, and otherFamilies, Healthy Environment major bookstores[web page] Native PlantsBasic instructions for using yard and food wastes to createhealthy dirt. Gardening with the Native Plants of Tennessee [book – 355 pages]DirtDoctor: Natural Organic Gardening & Living By Margie Hunter. University of Tennessee Press, 2003.[website / radio program] Available for purchase from:, and other majorTo listen to the radio program visit: Corresponding website with book updates and native plant links: www.gardeningwithnativeplants.comThe Dirt Doctor website is the online version of HowardGarrett’s basic organic program. The site includes This book offers information about the diverse geography andinformation for beginners as well as experienced gardeners. plant communities of Tennessee, recommends plants thatThe site offers organic recipes for lawn care and gardens. attract wildlife, includes a summary chart of plant species,Howard Garrett is a popular host of an organic gardening and contains useful information about exotic pest show in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Church Facilities Resources 4
  5. 5. Gardening with Native Plants of the South Community Gardens[book – 208 pages]By Sally Wasowski. Taylor Publishing, 1994. American Community Gardening AssociationAvailable for purchase from:, and other major [website] http://communitygarden.orgbookstores. The ACGA is a nonprofit organization that promotesNational Association of Exotic Pest Plant Councils “community food and ornamental gardening, urban forestry,[website / links to invasive plant websites] preservation and management of open space, and integrated planning and management of developing urban and ruralLinks to regional native plant resources. lands.” Through their website, the ACGA offers online and print resources for establishing community gardens.Native Plants for Your Backyard[online fact sheet – 2 pages]U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service LightingAvailable free online: fact sheet recommends native plants and lists websites Dark Sky Best Choice Lightingand books for native plant gardening. [website] International Dark Sky Association. Recommendations:Georgia: This International Dark Sky Association’s website discusses the benefits of using shielded lighting outdoors. These benefitsGeorgia Native Plant Society include protecting biorhythms of wildlife, shielding drivers of[website / online brochures] dangerous glare, protecting neighbors from sleep-disruptingOffers the brochure entitled “Gardening with Native Plants” light, and crime reduction. It also recommends particular lightthat lists native plant recommendations. fixtures that meet dark sky and To use the Dark Sky website to locate retailers, either individual manufacturers’ links, or visit the following online stores:Tennessee: Green Earth Lighting Starry Night Lights www.starrynightlights.comReflection Riding Arboretum & Botanical Garden(Chattanooga, Tennessee) EFI Store for Interfaith Power & Light[website] [online store]Reflection Riding offers gardening workshops and holds a Sells energy-efficient products for churches.native plant sale in the spring and fall.Tennessee – Southeast Exotic Pest Plant Council Parking Lots[website / online brochures] See also Roofing Products under Construction and Remodeling on page 7 of this guide.This website offers brochures entitled “Landscaping withNative Plants in Tennessee” that contain plant lists native Cool Communities (Atlanta, GA)plant recommendations for East, Middle, and West [website] www.coolcommunities.orgTennessee regions. Cool Communities is a non-profit coalition of public andYour State: private organizations who support “improving and conserving energy by promoting the use of lighter, reflective roofing andTo locate native plant organizations your state, see: paving materials in combination with strategically plantedLadybird Johnson Wildflower Center: National shade trees as a desirable design ‘system.’”Organizations Directory[website] Heat Island Effect Guides [online guides] U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.Gardening for Wildlife Available free online: What Can Be DoneNational Wildlife Federation[website / habitat certification application] Trees and VegetationThe NWF website offers Information on creating a wildlife in your yard. The information, while not writtenspecifically for churches, may be used to create wildlife Vegetation and Air Qualityhabitats at home, church, or anywhere in the community., like families, may apply to become a certifiednational wildlife habitat. To apply, and click on the “Certify Your Habitat”link. Church Facilities Resources 5
  6. 6. Church Office Organic Housekeeping [book, 448 pages]Green Office Guide: A Guide to Greening Your By Ellen Sandbeck. Scribner, 2006.Bottom Line Through a Resource Efficient Office Available for purchase from: and other bookEnvironment stores[online book – 46 pages] This book offers a wide range of helpful information forPortland, OR: City of Portland. Office of Sustainable creating a healthy home environment. Much of theDevelopment, 2001. information can also be applied to churches. TopicsAvailable free online: discussed are organizing and decluttering, cleaning the kitchen, organic food, food safety, healthy cooking, bathroom_Guide.pdf maintenance, healthier bedrooms, laundry, general cleaning,This book gives helpful information for greening any office, indoor air quality, hazardous materials, fire safety, homewhether home, church, or business. maintenance, lawns and gardens, and indoor and outdoor pests.Office Paper Retail Sources:Chlorine-Free Products Association[website] Construction and RemodelingGreen Seal[website] Building a Firm Foundation: A Creation-Friendly Building Guide for Churches [online book – 34 pages] National Council of Churches USA, 2006.Cleaning Available free online: Basics for the Home: Simple Solutions for (800) 762-0968Less Toxic Living A practical resource guide to building with energy efficient[book, 352 pages] technologies and sustainable building techniques. IncludesBy Annie Berthold-Bond. Three Rivers Press, 1991. sections on going green and influencing the building process,Available for purchase from: and other book building a good foundation, energy, water, church groundsstores and parking, and creation connections.This book offers more than 800 recipes for addressing a widerange of homemaking needs, including cleaning, personal Building Greenhygiene, and gardening. Much of the information can be [website] www.buildinggreen.comuseful for use in church facilities and activities. Building Green is an independent company that provides print and electronic resources for designing and buildingGraffiti Remover Research and Field Test Report: construction projects from a whole-systems perspective, inThe Search for Safer Projects order minimize ecological impact and maximize economic[online book – 26 pages] performance. They are the publishers of EnvironmentalBy Stacy Stack. Center for a New American Dream in cooperation Building News. For their general reference pages with links,with the City of Portland, OR, 2003. see free Green Remodeling: Changing the World One Room at a TimeThis report rates cleaning products by effectiveness and [book – 379 pages]health risk. New Society Publishers, 2004 Available for purchase from: and other majorGreen Clean Schools booksellers[website] This book is an informative guide to green remodeling forhools homes, but much of the information could be applied to churches, as well. Green Remodeling explains theThis site offers information and resources for green cleaning, environmental advantages to remodeling and how we canas well as news about upcoming green cleaning conferences have a positive impact by making changes such water-savingand trade shows. bathroom fixtures, careful selection of cabinetry, and upgrading a furnace.Green Seal Certified Institutional CleaningProducts Green Seal[web page, 31 pages printed] [website] www.greenseal.orgCleaners listed by manufacturer. Use the Green Seal site to search for responsible products. Green Seal’s certification processList of healthier cleaning products browsable by cleaner type includes rigorous testing and evaluation, including on-siteor by manufacturer. plant visits. Their work includes working with manufacturers, industry sectors, purchasing groups, and governments at all levels to "green" the production and purchasing chain. They Church Facilities Resources 6
  7. 7. utilize a life-cycle approach, which means they evaluate a Southface Online (Atlanta, GA)product or service beginning with material extraction, [website] www.southface.orgcontinuing with manufacturing and use, and ending with Located in Atlanta, Georgia, Southface promotes sustainable,recycling and disposal. homes, workplaces and communities through education, research, advocacy and technical assistance.GreenerBuildings[website] Sustainable Buildings Industry Council A site produced by GreenBiz, Green Buildings provides [website] www.sbicouncil.orginformation to help companies and institutions of all sizes to A non-profit organization whose mission is to “advance theunderstand and address building design, construction, and design, affordability, energy performance, and environmentaloperation in a way that aligns with environmental soundness of America’s buildings.” Their website offersresponsibility. This site offers information for the layperson technical information for architects and contractors.and as well as technical resources for architects and builders.Healthy Building Network U.S. Green Building Council [website][website] The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) is a coalition ofThe Healthy Building Network is a national network of green leaders from across the building industry who promotebuilding professions, environmental and healthy activities, environmentally responsible and healthy buildings. USGBC hassocially responsible investment advocates and others who developed a trademark green rating system for buildings knownare interested in promoting healthier building materials as a as LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).means of improving public health and preserving the global Their website offers information on how a church may becomeenvironment. LEED certified and technical information for architects and builders.Oikos Green Building Products[website] www.oikos.comA website with information and resources on sustainabledesign and construction. Many resources are written for Energy Conservation and Savingsbuilding professionals, but can also be useful for churchesand homeowners. The site offers articles about sustainable Compact Florescent Lights vs. Incandescent Bulbs:design, examples of particular building projects, and a Energy and $$$ Savingsbookstore. [online guide, 2 pages] Georgia Interfaith Power & Light.Prescriptions for a Healthy House: A Practical Available free online:Guide for Architects, Builders, and Homeowners[book – 304 pages] dfNew Society Publishers, 2008. An online fact sheet about fluorescent bulbs.Available for purchase from: and other majorbooksellers Energy Star for CongregationsThis book offers valuable information to homeowners and about how to select healthier, non-toxic ionsbuilding materials and supplies. The discussion includes [website]information about why particular standard building practices U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.are not healthful, and what to do differently. One very useful An EPA website that offers energy conservation resources andfeature of this book are the tables listing particular brands of technical support to churches. One of the resources they offerproducts and where the products may be purchased. is: Putting Energy into Stewardship: Energy Star for Congregations Guide [online book – 39 pages]. DecemberRoofing Products: 2007. It is a practical guide to cost-effective energy improvements for churches.See also the cool communities and heat island effectinformation under Parking Lots on page 5 of this guide. Energy Stewardship Congregations Brochure [brochure]Cool Metal Roofing National Council of Churches Eco-Justice Program.[website] This brochure describes the help that is available to yourInformation on metal roofing, including: research papers, congregation to consume less, rebates, and links to other resources. Order free: (item EJ 9925, free of charge)Energy Star Reflective Roofing Products[website] Interfaith Power & Light (The Regeneration Project) [website] www.theregenerationproject.orgThis U.S. government website offers information on the A ministry that mobilizes a national religious response to globaladvantages of reflective roofs, including reduced cooling warming while promoting renewable energy, energy efficiency andloads, lower energy bills, lower maintenance costs, better conservation. Local and state chapters provide information andindoor air quality, reduced heat in the city (heat island effect). assistance to congregations who want to take energy-saving action in their facilities. Church Facilities Resources 7
  8. 8. TVA Green Power Switch –[program / website] Quaker Local Energy Distributors United Church of Christ Energy Resources (Links) United Methodist ; the TVA Green Power Switch program, churches Green Event Planning Guide: Choosemay purchase blocks of energy from renewable sources.TVA’s renewal energy comes from wind-powered turbines, Environmental Excellence When You Plan Specialsolar generation sites, and methane gas. Green Power EventsSwitch is sold in 150-kilowatt-hour blocks (about 12 percent [online book – 44 pages]of a typical home’s monthly energy use) that cost an Kansas City, MO: Bridging the Gap, [2006?].additional $4 each. The dollars from every block of green Available free online:power a church buys goes directly back into the Green Power program. the-Gap-Green-Event-Manual.pdf This online book offers tips on preventing and reducing waste, recycling, and environmentally responsible buying. Event Planning Green Guidance: How to Plan Environmentally Responsible EventsAlternatives for Simple Living [online guide/website][website / bookstore] United Methodist Women. Available free online:Alternatives for Simple Living is “a non-profit organization that Html version: (Clickequips people of faith to challenge consumerism, live justly on the tips in menu on the right side of the screen).and celebrate responsibly.” Through their website, they offer Available for purchase from: National Council of Churches:and sell resources for more simple Christian celebrations, as (800) 762-0968well as resources for other holidays and life activities. (item EJ 9905, $6.00) This guide offers practical information on green meetingEco-Palms: Make Social and Environmental planning and how to evaluate hotels on environmentalJustice Part of Your Parish’s Palm Sunday criteria.Celebration[program / web page] Organic Weddings: Balancing Ecology, Style andOrder form for Palm Sunday 2008: [book – 192 pages]Eco-Palms is a program of Lutheran World Relief in which By Michelle Kozin. New Society Publishers, 2003.palms are grown, harvested, and sold in a sustainable Available for purchase from:,,manner so that: palms are not over-harvested; livelihood of and other major bookstores.communities and the biosphere are protected; harvesters are This resource provides alternatives to the conventionalpaid for the quality of palms, not the quantity; harvesters wedding industry while still enabling couples to incorporateprocess and sell palms without middlemen; and workers time-honored traditions, as well as meaningful details, thatreceive a fair wage. celebrate the bride and grooms own style and values.Fair Trade Coffee Programs:By purchasing fair traded coffee through a fair trade program,churches help support fair wages, affordable credit to workers, Healthand democratic cooperatives. Fair trade programs also supportsustainable agricultural practices, which preserve the Health and the Environmentenvironment and allow families to build better lives forthemselves and their communities for the long-term. Your Health and the Environment: A Christian Interfaith. Equal Exchange Perspective: A Study/Action Guide for Congregations Catholic; [book – 64 pages] Church of the Brethren New York: Eco-Justice Working Group. National Council of ; Churches, 1998. Available for purchase from: National Council of Churches Disciples of Christ (800) 762-0968 (EJ-9780); Brethren Press (800) 441-3712. Episcopal ; This study/action guide has thirteen sessions exploring the impact of the environment on human health. More information: Lutheran ; Mennonite ; Presbyterian ; Church Facilities Resources 8
  9. 9. Indoor Air Quality Sources for Beeswax and Soy Candles:Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in Office Buildings and in Church supply stores:Homes Monastery Greetings (Catholic / Cleveland, OH)[web page – 5 pages, printed] www.monasterygreetings.comWeb of Creation.Available free online: Moravian Book Shop (Moravian / Bethlehem, PA) www.moravianstar.comIndoor%20Air.htm San Jose Candle (Orthodox / Jamestown, CA)This web page gives a brief overview of the problems, www.sanjosecandle.comsuggestions for addressing problems, and offers links to more Their site outlines the advantages of beeswax candles forinformation on the Internet. churches. (Scroll to the bottom of the beeswax page.) Other Online retail stores:An Office Building Occupants Guide to Indoor AirQuality Bluecorn Naturals (Rico, CO) –[online guide – 11 pages] Soulshine Beeswax Candles (Black Mountain, NC) –Washington, DC: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 1997. www.esoulshine.comAvailable free Also check natural foods stores in your local area.ation (or) guide is intended to help people who work in office Scent-Reduced Churchesbuildings learn about the factors that contribute to indoor airquality and comfort problems and the roles of buildingmanagers and occupants in maintaining a good indoor Is Your Church Making People Sick?: Creating anenvironment. Because good indoor air quality depends on the Environment with Less Chemicals and Chemicalactions of everyone in the building, a partnership between Fragrancesbuilding management and occupants is the best way to [online article / brochure]maintain a healthy and productive work space. Where Is God Ministries, 2005. Available online and for purchase from: EPA – Indoor Air Quality This brochure gives brief information about the effects that chemicals in perfumes and many common[website] cleaners can have on parishioners’ health.This Environmental Protection website offers fact sheets Related website:about and links to information on indoor air quality, including: Campaign for Cleaner Indoor Airindoor air quality in schools, asthma, mold, radon, carbon Scroll to the bottom ofmonoxide, and other indoor air concerns. the screen for flyers and posters for churches.Asthma Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Accessibility for United MethodistsSee also “Indoor Air Quality,” “Candles,” and “Scent- [Section of book – 2 pages]Reduced Churches” under Health. In Accessibility Audit for Churches: A United Methodist Resource Book about Accessibility. pages 9-10.Healthy Families, Healthy Environment – Asthma Available free online:[web page]; information about asthma and environmental strategies In The Accessibility Audit for Churches, available from thefor managing the condition. While the information is geared Service Center, General Board of Global Ministries, 7820toward the home, several of the suggestions could be Reading Road, Cincinnati, OH 45222, (800) 305-9857.implemented in church settings. Towards a Scent-Free Environment [online video]Candles The Lung Association (Canada). Available free online:Candles and the Pollutants Within[online article]Marietta, GA: Aerias Air Quality Sciences Resource Center. This site offers indoor air resources, including a helpful videoAvailable free online: that outlines the health effects of scents and other products the workplace and how to develop a scent-reduction program in your organization.This article contains discussion about harmful substancesthat may be emitted from candles and givesrecommendations for safer use of candles. Church Facilities Resources 9
  10. 10. Pest Management PurchasingIntegrated Pest Management – Healthy Families, Energy Star Qualified ProductsHealthy Environment [website]Available free online: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.Basic tips on reducing indiscriminate use of pesticides and Use the website to search for energy-efficient appliances.techniques for healthier ways to manage pests. Environmental Choice ProgramIntegrated Pest Management (IPM) in Schools [website] Canada’s internationally renowned environmental eco-[website] U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. labeling program.This U.S. EPA web page gives basic information abouthealthier pest management in schools and gives links to Green Seal: Find a Certified Product/Serviceother Internet resources. [website] Use the Green Seal site to search for environmentally-National School IPM Information Source responsible products. Products receive Green Seal certification only after rigorous testing and evaluation,[website] including on-site plant visits.University of Florida.This website recommends strategies and products for Responsible Purchasing for Faith Communitiesmanaging particular pest. It also lists links to state integrated [online book – 34 pages]pest management programs. Tacoma Park, MD: Center for the New American Dream, 2002. Available free online: mmunities.pdf The guide provides key purchasing steps congregations can take, outlines ways to undertake each action, and calculates the positive impact of those actions. It includes eight actions that have a significant environmental impact, help promote social justice, and are easy to implement. EarthCare Resource Guide – October 2008 Printed on recycled paper This guide is a publication of EarthCare, Inc. / email: PO Box 23291, Chattanooga, TN 37422. Phone: (706) 278-3979 (Dalton, GA) “The earth is the LORD’s, and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein.” EarthCare (Psalm 24:1, KJV) Caring for God’s Creation Church Facilities Resources 10