eLearning and Inquiry in a Junior Class


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Helen Rennie-Younger
Presentation for Learning at School 2008

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eLearning and Inquiry in a Junior Class

  1. 1. learning@school Rotorua New Zealand February 2008 elearning and Inquiry Learning in a Junior Classroom Helen Rennie-Younger Northcote Primary school Fiona Grant Central North Shore ICT PD cluster learning@school Shaping teaching and learning in the 21st century Ko te whenu hou te tau
  2. 2. Room Three Year 0/1
  3. 3. 2006 School wide theme: Treasures Pounamu Creating a treasure Kiwi forever Our grandparents
  4. 4. 2007 School wide theme: Windows ‘Cool schools’ Rain on the window Water goes around Colour The Tangata Whenua
  5. 5. ‘The Kiwi’ Room Three Digital diary 2006
  6. 6. Tuning In What do you know ? What questions do you have ? How could you find information out?
  7. 7. We shared all the things we knew about the kiwi We sorted all the facts we knew into a Y chart
  8. 8. We had some question’s How big are Why do Kiwis kiwi eggs ? Where do have such they live ? long beaks ? Why do they have little wings? Why do they What do they look for food eat ? at night time ?
  9. 9. To find answers Look in books Ask ‘experts’ to our questions we decided we needed to Go to the museum or the zoo Look on the internet
  10. 10. We decided to find answers to some of our questions How big are kiwi eggs ?
  11. 11. We found a book that showed us the actual size of a kiwi egg. We used this to compared the size of the kiwi egg with things in our classroom
  12. 12. Taiga found that Shea found that the egg was the the egg was the same size as a size of his hand. piece of mobilo.
  13. 13. We compared the kiwi egg to a hen’s egg. A Kiwi’s egg is 6 times bigger than a hen’s egg.
  14. 14. Shea thought it would be a good idea to show the size of the kiwi’s egg with play dough. Wow !
  15. 15. We looked on the internet and watched a video of an kiwi hatching from its egg.It was so interesting we watched it twice!!!!!.
  16. 16. We decided to present what we’d learnt about the size of a kiwi’s egg on our classroom wall.
  17. 17. We decided to answer another question Where do Kiwi’s live ?
  18. 18. To find the answer to bo oks our question we d at lo oke watched a video and …….. …
  19. 19. We found out that……………. Where they Kiwi’s live in live is called Kiwi’s live on New Zealand their habitat the forest floor Kiwi’s live in the forest.
  20. 20. We made a display of the kiwi’s habitat in our classroom Kiwi burrow egg Leaf litter
  21. 21. We also made a class Y chart which answered some of the other questions we had about the Kiwi eg what they ate and why they had a long beak
  22. 22. Finding out What would you like to learn more about ? Do you have any new questions?
  23. 23. http://www.kcc.org.nz/birds/kiwi.asp We found out the kiwi was endangered and we wanted to know why ?
  24. 24. Sorting out What have you learnt ? How will you record this information ?
  25. 25. We found out that the kiwi is killed by ……
  26. 26. We passed the Kiwi around and shared how we felt … mad cross sad angry
  27. 27. I feel sad because the kiwi I feel angry is getting killed when possum traps are on the forest floor I feel angry when people take their I feel angry dogs into the because the kiwi forest will be gone for good
  28. 28. Going Further What would you like to learn more about? Why ?
  29. 29. We looked at an Interactive book on the Kiwi Recovery website about 006 the kiwi chick…… ……and found out that people are helping the kiwi.
  30. 30. http://www.savethekiwi.org.nz/KiwiClassroom/SniffsStories/nesteggmiracle.htm
  31. 31. To show how ‘006’ was helped by people who care about kiwis we organised all the photos we had of ‘006 ’
  32. 32. We put them in order from when the egg was taken from the bush y ecover Bird R to the … Centre… where it hatche d and when ‘006’ was ‘006’ th e chick released on was loo ked after t Limestone Island o……. a kiwi reserve
  33. 33. We looked at some other photos of people helping the Kiwi.
  34. 34. To fix the egg they put nail polish on it. This keeps the germs out of the egg. To help the kiwi a transmitter is put . They take the egg on the leg to track the kiwi in the forest. We wrote about what we saw in the photos They look at the egg with a torch to see if it is growing
  35. 35. When we ran the school assembly we shared some of the things we had learnt about the kiwi and the ways people are helping to save them.
  36. 36. We sent Perky the pukeko our Northcote Primary ambassador on a virtual field trip with Audrie the learnz teacher. Perky Audrie
  37. 37. We all got to cuddle him before he went on his trip.
  38. 38. Every day for a week we met with rooms 1 and 2 to look at the pictures and videos of Perky’s trip with Audrie
  39. 39. We watched them find Jack a male kiwi and his burrow We saw how they marked a trail to it so they could find it when it was dark
  40. 40. We watched them go back at night time and lift Jacks eggs from his burrow They wrapped the egg very carefully and put it in a box with a hot water bottle
  41. 41. We also got to see inside Jack’s burrow it was full of dry leaves and feathers.
  42. 42. The next day we saw a video of Audrie taking Jacks eggs to the Rainbow Springs hatchery in Rotorua where they candled each egg and found only one of the eggs was viable.
  43. 43. They took the photo of this kiwi that had hatched in the morning.
  44. 44. The next day they went to Warrenheip reserve, which is surrounded by a pest proof fence. The rangers caught a young kiwi called Cassidy for a health check.
  45. 45. They showed us where Cassidy’s ear opening is just behind her eye They measured her bill and weighed her.
  46. 46. Then they changed Cassidy’s transmitter to her other leg.
  47. 47. We really enjoyed watching the videos so we watched them again in our classroom.
  48. 48. Throughout the week we received emails and photos of Perky and we……..
  49. 49. sent him emails to tell him how much we enjoyed getting the daily photos and videos.
  50. 50. Reflection What is the most significant interesting thing you have learnt?
  51. 51. We decided that one way we could help the Kiwi was by raising some money for the Bank of New Zealand operation Nest Egg programme so… tu r es ul pic au t if w be re w e d ll se to
  52. 52. Action What have you learnt that you can use in your everyday life ? How can you apply this knowledge in every day life
  53. 53. Every class in the Kowhai team put their art work in the hall to sell
  54. 54. Room 2 Room 7 Room 1 Room 3
  55. 55. Room 5 Room 10 Room 6
  56. 56. We raised over $350 and presented it to representatives of the BNZ kiwi recovery trust.
  57. 57. Perky returned to school on the last day of the term. We were pleased to see him back. We look forward to sending him off on another adventure next year!
  58. 58. The end
  59. 59. Digital diary using a blog http://northcote3.blogspot.com
  60. 60. Lyn Kriegler