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Finworx Core Values SlideShare - V20170809


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At Finworx, our core values are in practice every
day throughout the organization.

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Finworx Core Values SlideShare - V20170809

  1. 1. Core Values
  2. 2. Finworx starts with a belief that when great people set out to do great work, the opportunities are endless. Our core values are in practice every day throughout the organization.
  3. 3. Our success depends on the teamwork of our employees. Despite ups and downs, we win together. We get there together.
  4. 4. We do the right thing, in spite of the noise. Cutting through the noise and mediocrity of the world, we hold ourselves accountable to always do the right thing regardless of the noise. Do the right thing.
  5. 5. We are young, hungry, and agile. As change happens, we adapt without lamenting “what if’s” and bygones. Instead, creative, out-of-the-box thinking is encouraged and rewarded. Bend, don’t break.
  6. 6. We don’t settle for the status quo. We approach things differently and ask questions that lead to innovation and improvement. Ask why.
  7. 7. Play is an important part of our culture, but political games, entitlement, and division of the team isn’t us. We respect diversity in thought, debate, and dialogue. Fun, no games.
  8. 8. We deliver excellence by never stopping short, always actively responding to our customers’ needs, and never letting up until the job is done. Wrestle the bear to the ground.
  9. 9. We get there together. Bend, don’t break. Ask why. Wrestle the bear to the ground. Do the right thing. Fun, no games.
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