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Digitális Szerződéskötések Meetup & Workshop - 2018.11.14.


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Hogyan digitalizáljuk a jogi osztályt? Útiterv a jogi munkafolyamatok újragondolásához a Digitális Szerződéskötés Meetupon & Workshopon.

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Digitális Szerződéskötések Meetup & Workshop - 2018.11.14.

  1. 1. Contracting digitalization Teemu Marttinen Dealsign Oy 2.9.2018
  2. 2. Teemu Marttinen • Current Role • Co-founder and Chairman of the Board, • Senior Procurement Professsional • Last 6 years @ Finnair (Procurement and IT) • 10 years @ Nokia Indirect Sourcing (Development, IT, Marketing, Fleet mgmt, Transactions, etc.) • Sales and procurement at various other companies in the IT industry • Interested in Procurement Digitalization and holistic development of procurement functions
  3. 3. What are the current problems in contracting process? • Before signing • Latest contract templates not found or easily available • Negotiation communications, emails bouncing back and forth between lengthy meetings • Contract commenting, redlining, version control and track changes • No status visibility and understanding of your contracting project management • Workload and performance management • Very little automation in contracting process • Scarce resources and labor heavy process • After Signing • Finding the signed Agreements • Contract compliance, missing signatures and lost contract documents • Missing important contract information and metadata • Analytics and detailed content search not possible with incumbent storage systems • Risk management and audit trails
  4. 4. Data in contracts is a huge opportunity Contract debt (or commitments) Contract risk (overall risk ratings) Price data e.g. Internal benchmarking on rate cards
  5. 5. Liquid expectations or Sunday evening – Monday morning problem • Shifting expectations from one industry to another
  6. 6. Efficiency is the target - Technology is the enabler Just for contracting process, following technologies are developed at the moment • Online negotations • Contract BI and analytics • e-Signing solutions • AI in drafting, review, DD, Contract mgmt, data and analytics • RPA for negotiation processes or robotic negotiations • Contract lifecycle solutions • Blockchain and smart contracts Target should be to achieve 50-80% saving in time spent on contracting
  7. 7. Maslow hierarchy for contracting tools AI Contract automation, e- Negotiations Contract mgmt, e-RFX, e- Signing Printer, scanner, computer, e- mail, security Pen, paper, spoken agreement Delight to use AI powered tools Automation tools Company tools Compliant tool to contract Basic tools to contract Self actualization Esteem needs Belonging needs Safety needs Physiological needs
  8. 8. Contract Mill Oy1 © Contract Mill - Confidential CONTRACT MILL Document Automation for lawyers who love their clients Digital Contracting Meetup & Workshop Budapest 14 November 2018
  9. 9. Contract Mill Oy22 Meet Hannele Korhonen Co-Founder & Chairwoman of Contract Mill Chief Brand & Marketing Officer Recovering lawyer Founder of law firm Previously in-house counsel in banking and ICT Passion for transformation and access to justice @HanneleKorhonen
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  12. 12. Contract Mill Oy55 WHAT IS DOCUMENT AUTOMATION Follow on Twitter @ContractMill
  13. 13. Contract Mill Oy66 Document automation in contracting process CREATE NEGOTIATE SIGN MANAGE Follow on Twitter @ContractMill
  14. 14. Contract Mill Oy77 Your templates made smarter Transform your word templates into dynamic and smart digital templates Follow on Twitter @ContractMill
  15. 15. Contract Mill Oy88 Create documents in minutes Create customised documents by answering questionnaire in minutes Cre cus doc ans que min Follow on Twitter @ContractMill
  16. 16. Contract Mill Oy99 Comparison Making of the 1st draft Joint call Joint call Make first draft Check old wording Review 1st draft jointly Review 1st draft jointly 1st draft Joint check Joint check 3 h2.5 h2 h1.5 h1 h30 min Freed up time: 2 hours Lawyer Lawyer Business owner Business owner Follow on Twitter @ContractMill
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  18. 18. Contract Mill Oy1111 SAVE TIME Follow on Twitter @ContractMill
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  25. 25. Contract Mill Oy1818 Contract Mill in contracting process INPUT CREATE NEGOTIATE SIGN MANAGE Follow on Twitter @ContractMill
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  27. 27. Contract Mill Oy2020 Contract Mill is different Users love our UI/UX, it is intuitive and easy yet works perfectly for both simple and complex documents We offer Contract Mill Widget to have the document automation where you need it Our inbuilt advanced style editor allows own look and feel in documents We offer special features for client facing Our pricing model is attractive Follow on Twitter @ContractMill
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  30. 30. Contract Mill Oy2323 Easy implementation - Choose your model Inhouse - your own team Hybrid - expert to set you up External - outsourcing the automation work Automated documents as a service Follow on Twitter @ContractMill
  31. 31. Contract Mill Oy2525 Company Legal Tech company focused on needs of corporations and law firms Founded in 2016 in Finland, located in Helsinki Founded by two experienced lawyers – services developed by experts to experts! Passionate about bringing truly user friendly solutions to the markets that are easy to implement Kaisa Kromhof CEO, Sales LL.M Law Hannele Korhonen Chairwoman, Brand & Marketing LL.M Law, Econ. Alex Lukyanov CTO, Technology Computer Science Follow on Twitter @ContractMill
  32. 32. Contract Mill Oy26 Contact & Follow 2626 @ContractMill @ContractMill @contract_mill /company/Contract-Mill
  33. 33. DIGITAL CONTRACTING MEETUP & WORKSHOP dr. Orsolya Szabó November 14, 2018
  34. 34. HYPE Æ VALUE #documentautomation #digitalcontracting contract life cycle process optimization
  35. 35. CONTRACT LIFE CYCLE Creating document First draft ApprovalSigning Filing / Searching Move to Æ Adding instructions to filling out a questionnaire-document Æ Text options one-click away Æ Sending question in link, answer automatically embedded in doc Æ Signing on smart devices Æ Intelligent archiving
  36. 36. • expertise Æ process Æ wrap up in legaltech! • selling value, not time Æ productize quality legal service • quantify legal work to show value Æ KPI Legal Expertise Process Product WRAPPING LEGAL EXPERTISE
  37. 37. • source technology Æ marketplace • implementation projects: • map out existing legal processes • plan pilot project • roll-out & manage implementation LEGAL INNOVATION JOURNEY
  38. 38. INNOVATION JOURNEY WITH GDPR Proportionality test Contracts Tech Start-up Client