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Team Finland stand brochure at Mines and Money, London 2015


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Team Finland Mining: Providing assistance and networking services to investors, junior mining companies and prospectors is one of our key focus areas. We operate in close cooperation with the Geological Survey of Finland, the Ministry of Employment and the Economy and Finland’s mining community.

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Team Finland stand brochure at Mines and Money, London 2015

  1. 1. EXPLORE FINLAND – Europe’s Premium Mining Destination Meet us at the Team Finland Mining booth (F17, F18, F19, F20)!
  2. 2. 2 3 2 1 4 1 1 5 36 7 9 8 2 3 17 18 20 23 21 19 22 4 5 10 12 11 13 14 87 4 1 16 9 15 6 10 11 12 Current Mining Deposits & Projects in Finland PRECIOUS METALS 1. Iso-Kuotko gold - Agnico-Eagle Ltd 2. Hanhimaa gold - Dragon Mining Ltd & Agnico-Eagle Ltd JV 3. Kittilä gold - Agnico-Eagle Ltd 4. Kettukuusikko gold - Taranis Resources Inc. 5. Naakenavaara gold - Taranis Resources Inc. 6. Pahtavaara gold - Lappland Goldminers Ab 7. Rompas gold, uranium - Mawson Resources Ltd 8. Suhanko-Konttijärvi PGE - Gold Fields Arctic Platinum Oy 9. Kuusamo gold - Dragon Mining Ltd 10. Laiva gold - Nordic Mines Ab 11. Antikanperä gold - Belvedere Resources Finland Oy 12. Hirsikangas gold - Belvedere Resources Finland Oy 13. Ängesneva gold – Belvedere Resources Finland Oy 14. Kopsa gold - Belvedere Mining Oy 15. Piilola gold - Mineral Exploration Network (Finland) Ltd 16. Taivaljärvi silver - Sotkamo Silver AB 17. Pampalo gold - Endomines Oy 18. Hattu Belt gold - Endomines Oy 19. Seinäjoki gold, antimony - Nortec Minerals Copr. 20. Osikonmäki gold - Belvedere Resources Finland Oy 21. Orivesi gold - Dragon Mining Ltd 22. Jokisivu gold - Dragon Mining Ltd 23. Kaapelinkulma gold - Dragon Mining Ltd BASE METALS 1. Riikonkoski copper, gold - Taranis Resources Inc. 2. Kevitsa nickel, copper, PGE - First Quantum Minerals Ltd 3. Sakatti nickel, copper, PGE - AA Sakatti Mining Oy 4. Läntinen Koillismaa (LK) nickel, PGE – Finore Mining Inc. 5. Kuhmo nickel - Boliden Kylylahti 6. Talvivaara nickel, zinc, copper - Talvivaara Mining Co. 7. Hitura nickel - Belvedere Mining Oy 8. Pyhäsalmi zinc, copper, pyrite - First Quantum Minerals Ltd 9. Kylylahti copper, gold, zinc, nickel, cobalt - Boliden Kylylahti 10. Outokumpu copper - FinnAust Mining Plc 11. Hammaslahti copper - FinnAust Mining Plc 12. Valkeisenranta, nickel, copper - Boliden Kylylahti DIAMOND 1. Kuhmo - Karelian Diamond Resources Plc OTHER COMMODITIES 1. Kolari iron, gold, copper – Tapojärvi Oy 2. Kemi chromium - Outokumpu Chrome Oy 3. Mustavaara vanadium - Mustavaaran Kaivos Oy 4. Otanmäki vanadium, iron, titanium - Vuorokas Oy 0 10 050 K M Land Tenure 15 January 2015 (from Tukes) Mining Concession Claim/Exploration permit Reservation MINE EXPLORATION
  3. 3. Sotkamo Silver Oy Timo Lindborg, Chief Executive Officer Email: Tel. +358 40 508 3 507 Sotkamo Silver Oy Kidekuja 2 FI-88610 VUOKATTI FINLAND Sotkamo Silver develops silver, gold and zinc deposits in the Nordic region. The Company has completed the Definitive Feasibility Study for Silver Mine project and is working on project financing issues. In addition, there are two gold de- posits, Harnäs which is a former small scale gold mining site in Sweden, and Hopevuori gold occurrence in Finland. Keliber Oy Olle Sirén, CEO Email: Tel. +358 (0)10 567 0600 Keliber Oy Toholammintie 496 69600 KAUSTINEN FINLAND Keliber Oy is a Finnish near-term mining company owned by Finnish private investors and Nordic Mining ASA. Keliber aims to become the first company to produce high-purity lithium carbonate from spodumene in Europe with target production of 6 000 t/a of Li2CO3. Company has JORC compliant mineral resources of 6.22 Mt and several exploration targets. Company has mining license for Länttä deposit and environmental permits for Länttä deposit and Kalavesi production plant. Keliber logo - Mainostoimisto Heinäkuu 10.5.2013 RGB: 1, 156, 73 CMYK: 85, 12, 100, 1 PMS: 7482 C #019c49
  4. 4. SLEIPNER Finland Oy Janne Pöllänen, Director, Marketing and Business Development, Co-owner Email: Tel. +358 509117730 SLEIPNER Finland Oy Palokärjentie 2-4 40320 JYVÄSKYLÄ FINLAND Sleipner- system, innovative and new transport system. Sleipner Finland has the complete solution for moving tracked equipment, saving on maintenance costs and valu- able time. Break even quickly and sustainably, and optimize logistics with Sleipner – at your service globally. The Sleipner E-series is easy to use and made to last, for excavators weighing 20-565 tonnes. It allows speeds of up to 15 km/h, lowering on-site transit times by up to 85%. Rigorously tested for safety in mining countries around the world, Sleipner’s patented E-series reduces the need for undercarriage repairs, and increases operational flexibility. At the same time Sleipner – system reduces CO2 - emissions and fuel- consumptions at least 85%. The new Sleipner DB-series is for moving large bulldozers, drilling machines and other heavy tracked machines up to 120 tonnes. With tilting drive and high clearance, Sleipner’s patented DB-series allows on-site transit speeds of up to 30 km/h, allowing for more operational flexibility and less need for undercarriage repairs. Global Ecoprocess Services Oy (“EPSE”) Lasse Musakka, Member of Board Email: Tel. +358 50 5871640 Felix Fondem, Member of Board Email: Tel. +358 50 5695688 Global Ecoprocess Services Oy P.O. Box 37 33471 YLÖJÄRVI FINLAND Mining processes generate environmentally harmful waste. With current treatment methods the precipitate is soluble and thereby a hazard risk to the environment and a significant cost. EPSE’s patented method cost-efficiently separates soluble metals from mining waste and process waters and makes the precipitate insoluble. The material generated by the EPSE method is no longer harmful to the environment and can be used as raw material which leads to significant cost savings. The method has been success- fully tested in laboratory as well as in industrial pilot.
  5. 5. Finnish Industry Investment Ltd. Kimmo Viertola, Director, Industrial investments Email: Tel. +358 50 309 2734 Finnish Industry Investment Ltd. Mannerheimintie 14 A (9th floor) P.O. Box 685 FIN-00101 HELSINKI FINLAND Finnish Industry Investment invests in private equity funds and directly in companies in growth and internationalisa- tion phases. We increase the availability of risk financing for innovative growth companies and boost their chances of succeeding in international markets. The Geological Survey of Finland (GTK) Pekka Nurmi, Research Director Email: Tel. +358 40 504 5236 Geologian tutkimuskeskus/Geological Survey of Finland P.O.Box 96 FI-02151 ESPOO FINLAND GTK’s core activities include economic geology, explora- tion, geophysics, information technology and evaluation and processing of natural resources, with a strong research effort in analysis of geological processes and mineral sys- tems, as well as, in development of exploration and benefi- cation technologies. GTK runs the only mineral processing pilot plant in Europe. GTK’s vision is to evolve into a European centre of excel- lence for natural resources and their sustainable use, and to consolidate its role as the national geoinformation center. GTK is promoting mineral exploration and mining in Finland, and is actively involved in the mineral policy devel- opment in Finland and Europe.
  6. 6. Invest in Finland Invest in Finland, Finpro Oy Porkkalankatu 1 FI-00180 HELSINKI FINLAND Invest in Finland promotes foreign investments into Finland. Invest in Finland assists international companies in finding business opportunities in Finland and provide all the relevant information and guidance required to establish a business in Finland. Invest in Finland’s services for the mining industry cover all aspects of the investment process such as data collection, opportunity analysis, entry alternatives, networking and partner search. Providing assistance and networking services to investors, junior mining companies and prospectors is one of our key focus areas. We operate in close cooperation with the Geological Survey of Finland, the Ministry of Employment and the Economy and Finland’s mining community. Tuomo Airaksinen Program Director Mobile: +358 50 372 0820 Marjukka Holopainen-Rainio Program Manager Mobile: +358 50 5710 038 Our Expertise at Your Service