Solutions for suppliers of smart wireless devices in asia finpro


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Presentation material from Finpro Market Opportunity Day, May 17 2013.

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Solutions for suppliers of smart wireless devices in asia finpro

  1. 1. Solutions for suppliers of smartwireless devices in AsiaThe opportunities for Finnish companies
  2. 2. References21/05/2013 © Finpro 2
  3. 3. Drivers behind this opportunityThe rising large Asian brands face atough competitionManufacturers’ challenge is how todifferentiate from othersFrom “Made in China” to “Designedin China”An Asian trend opening possibilities forFinnish companies with innovativeoffering.Leaders in smart wireless devicesare from AsiaVarious potential clients in differentparts of the wireless value chain.”Internet of Things”Building smart cities in China requiresadvanced M2M solutions21/05/2013 © Finpro 3
  4. 4. Examples of needs in the value chain21/05/2013 4© FinproChipsetDesigner &ManufacturerDesign HouseWirelessProductManufacturer(ODM/OEM/Brand owner)Machine2MachineNew materials,includingnanotechnologiesSoftware services suchas chipset testingTechnology-enhancingsolutionsNew technologies andmaterials, for exampleto reduce powerconsumptionInnovative PCB designenabling for examplesmaller footprintsSolutions on userinterface and userexperienceAdvancedknow-how andmanufacturing-relatedtechnologiesTechnology andhardware related toNFC and RFIDSoftwaresolutions connectedwith for exampleLBS and e-commerceHigh-end sensors andreceivers for smartgrids andsmart meteringBig data solutions thatenable information tobe utilized effectivelyCloud computing andadvanced securitysolutionsThere are various needs in the Asian wireless device manufacturing – for example:
  5. 5. Finpro’s presence in Asia21/05/2013 © Finpro 5• Finpro has a strong presenceand network in the market• Experts in Finpro tradecenter’s are identifyingbusiness opportunities forFinnish companies
  6. 6. Finpro as an internationalization partner21/05/2013 6© FinproImprovingMarket PositionEstablishing aPresencePlanningMarket EntryPlanningInternational GrowthAcquisitionCandidate SearchMarket MonitorSales AcceleratorEntry Options Partner SearchInternationalGrowth PlanTest DriveRight MarketsSales ChannelDevelopmentDirect SalesEstablishingCompanySupplier EvaluationExport PartnerGroupsTrend PulseFinpro’s network in Asian markets is tosupport Finnish companies to success.With the understanding on local ways towork, we are able to help you out to build asolution from our services to reach the rightmanufactures in the business.
  7. 7. Labwise offers full-scale digitalTV device testing services to TVbroadcasters, network operatorsand device manufacturers. Withthe help of Finpro, Labwise hasbeen able to familiarize with theKorean and Vietnamese marketsand to establish local contactnetworks there.Pasi Toiva, CEO, LabwiseWe chose Finpro as ourcooperation partner, because theyhave local operations in our targetcountries.The most concrete benefit for ushas been the help in building localcontact network in Vietnam andKorea.We are very pleased to see, howthings have progressed. We havereached our targets and a little bitmore. In the beginning our targetwas to analyze and understandthe target markets. Now, we havefound even some new customers.
  8. 8. Labwise offers full-scale digital TV device testing services toTV broadcasters, network operators and device manufacturers. Labwiseis also acting as an expert interface between device manufacturers andnetwork operators, providing support in issues like localization and inter-operability. Labwise was established in 2004 and the company is locatedin Tampere, Finland. Their main clients are Asian device manufacturerswith Nordic countries as their target market.Labwise is a very international company, a real born global, with 90-95%of their turnover coming from international markets. In order for Labwise tobe able to increase its turnover and market share and to fight offcompetition, it needs to upgrade its service offering. Labwise needed helpin understanding how relevant their new planned offering was to theprospective growth markets before making any significant investment inits production. Labwise also needed Finpro’s help in gaining a betterunderstanding of the business opportunities especially in Asia. Theywanted to find new markets and customers and to develop new businessmodels.
  9. 9. Labwise participated in Leaping Tiger program, which aims to familiarizeSME’s with the business opportunities and market characteristics in Asia.The program started with a short operator study in Vietnam. Soon afterthe beginning of Leaping Tiger, Labwise started to develop theirinternationalizing plan with Finpro. The internationalization plan includedkick-off workshop, development of value proposition and Test Driveassignments in Korea and Vietnam. The overall objective was to maximizethe future commercial potential of Labwise’s new service by obtainingappropriate market feedback before making any significant investment inits production. The internationalization plan was followed by a fact findingtrip to Vietnam, wherein Labwise met potential customers.With the help of Finpro, Labwise was able to target its offering to bettermatch the need of prospective clients in new markets. In addition,Labwise has been able to familiarize with the Vietnamese and Koreanmarkets and to establish good local contact networks. The company hasalso found some potential customers from the markets. The cooperationbetween Labwise and Finpro continues, as Labwise plans to startoperations in Vietnam and Korea.
  10. 10. Pietro KarjalainenRegional Sales Managerpietro.karjalainen@finpro.fiJari StenvallSenior Consultantjari.stenvall@finpro.fiFollow Finpro on socialmedia and visit ourwebsite