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Railway infrastructure construction and upgrading in india and the middle east finpro


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Presentation material from Finpro Market Opportunity Day, May 17 2013.

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Railway infrastructure construction and upgrading in india and the middle east finpro

  1. 1. Market Opportunity Day 17.5.2013Railway infrastructure construction andupgrading in India and the Middle EastFinpro / Seppo Keränen, OskarRautiainen, Dharmesh Sharan
  2. 2. Opportunities in Railway Projects• The countries of the GulfCooperation Council (GCC) andIndia are planning extensive railwayinfrastructure projects – they haveneed for latest technologies andcompetences– In India there is a need toupgrade and modernize the oldinfrastructure– In GCC countries there is aneed to set up modern railnetworks• Finnish companies have relevantknow-how and up-to-date technologyneeded in these mega projects• By finding suitable partners Finnishcompanies can participate in projects- this could also lead to business inmany other markets5/21/2013 2© Finpro
  3. 3. Middle East – Railway Projects in Brief• Middle East region is one of the strongestmarkets for railway investments in theworld.• Planned railway projects not only create anexcess of new markets for infrastructurecompanies and auxiliaries, but also supportthe overall construction industry.• Many countries and emirates are investingin rail and metro system to improve theirinfrastructure and economy.• The Gulf states are projected to spendmore than USD 100 billion on rail projectsin the coming years.– USD 45 billion under construction or atbidding stage in Saudi Arabia– USD 25 billion in Qatar– USD15 billion in United Arab Emirates– USD 7 billion in Kuwait city metro3ME Railway Opportunities / © Finpro ry
  4. 4. Examples of Railway Projects in Middle East5/21/2013 4© FinproThe Saudi LandbridgeThe North-South RailwayEtihad RailwayExisting Railway NetworkA railway to link Oman, UnitedArab Emirates, Qatar and KuwaitSAYEOMIQSYIRAFPKTRJO
  5. 5. 5Middle East Projects & Status – Saudi Arabia• Saudi Arabia - presentlyinvesting over USD 45 billion todevelop its world class railnetworks.• Its ambition of a better andbigger railway is starting tocome into life, with its newrailway projects covering a totallength of 7,000 km.• The allocated budget for raildevelopment in KSA is believedto be USD 90 billion over thecoming years.Source: Saudi Railways Organization, Saudi RailwaysCompany, Arriyadh Development Authority
  6. 6. Middle East Projects & Status – Saudi ArabiaJeddah-Riyadh-Dammam, Land bridge project• Project worth of USD 7.5 billion• Tender evaluationNorth South Railway project• Project worth of USD 5.5 billion• Construction in progressHaramain High Speed Rail project• Project worth of USD 9.5 billion• Construction in progressJubail - Dammam link,• Project worth of USD 2.3 billion• To be tendered this yearUrban Mass Rail Transit – Makkah, Metro• 4 lines 182km and 88 stations• Project worth of USD 20 billion• To be tendered by the end of this yearRiyadh Metro• Project worth of USD 7-8 billion• Tender preparation / 4 consortia qualified5/21/2013 6© Finpro
  7. 7. Middle East Projects & Status - QatarDoha Metro• The metro network will cover the Greater Doha area and willinclude connections to town centers and vital commercialand residential areas throughout the city• Project Status– Enabling works - LIVE– PMC Contracts awarded– U/G D&B tenders being evaluated– Architectural branding ready for approval• View the Doha Metro map in here5/21/2013 7© Finpro
  8. 8. Middle East Projects & Status - QatarLong Distance - Passenger Rail & Freight Rail• Freight rail line from Port Mesaieed to Ras Laffan• Mixed rail line from Doha to Saudi Arabia• High speed passenger rail line from Doha to Bahrain• Mixed rail line from Doha to Dukhan• Mixed rail line from Doha to AlShamal• Project Status– Obtaining land approvals– Coordinating and implementing GCC requirements– Tendering for Civil Design Consultant– Currently 25 interested parties for detailed design5/21/2013 8© FinproSource: Qatar Rail CEO
  9. 9. Middle East Projects & Status - QatarLusail Light Rail Transit• Four lines, twenty fivestations, seven undergroundstations• One viaduct• One LRT Depot operation• Project Status– The project is LIVE– Developing with Lusail CityProgram– Will integrate with DohaMetro5/21/2013 9© FinproSource: Qatar Rail CEO
  10. 10. Middle East Projects & Status – United ArabEmiratesEtihad Rails• Project worth of USD 11 billion• View map of Etihad Rails in here• Stage 1, 264 km– From Shah and Habshan to Ruwais– Status: Under construction• Stage 2, 628 km– From Ruwais to Ghweifat connecting to the Saudi border & fromTarif to Dubai & Al Ain connecting to the Oman border– Status: Bidding process• Stage 3, 279 km– From Dubai to the Northern Emirates of Fujairah and Ras AlKhaimah– Status: Planned5/21/2013 10© Finpro
  11. 11. Middle East Projects & Status - OmanOman Railway• Project worth of USD 15.5billion• The total project length is 1060km• 6km of tunnels, 17km ofviaducts, 35km of bridges.• Status: Tender stage for thepreliminary-design consulting-engineer contract. Fiveconsortia are bidding for a four-year contract to undertake thedetailed engineering design• View map of Oman Railway inhere5/21/2013 11© Finpro
  12. 12. Middle East Projects & Status – KuwaitKuwait Metropolitan Rapid Transit System Project• Project worth of USD 7 billion• 160 km, four lines metro network, 69 stations• Status: Planning stage• View Kuwait City Metro Map in hereKuwait National Rail Road System• Project worth of USD 10 billion• 511 km double track• The Rail Road system will serve freight and passengers andwill have a 120 km/hr regional lines speed and a 200 km/hrhigh speed.• Status: Planning/Feasibility study stage5/21/2013 12© Finpro
  13. 13. Middle East Projects & Status - OthersGCC Railway project• Project is worth of USD 15 billion• The total project length is approximately 2116 km• Kuwait-Saudi Arabia-Bahrain-Qatar-UAE-Oman• Qatar-Bahrain causeway to be established between them.• Status: Detailed engineering design stage• View project map in here5/21/2013 13© Finpro
  14. 14. Middle East Rail 2014 - The biggest rail show inthe region• Organized on 4-5th ofFebruary, 2014 in Dubai,United Arab Emirates• Unites the regionsgovernment authorities withrail operators and worldclass solution providers• Access to $156 billion worthof rail projects• Meet buyers from region andconnect with project partners5/21/2013 14© Finpro
  15. 15. Indian Railways – An introduction• The Indian Railways (IR) as a public sector organization which is administeredby the Ministry of Railways and has its own manufacturing companies apartfrom procuring equipment, services and technology from outside.– 64015 route kilometers– operating 14244 trains daily that includes 10673 passengers trains,– 1,4 million employees– world’s third largest network under single management– the largest rail passenger carrier,– the fourth largest rail freight carrier globally.– over 6900 million passengers and over 833 million tons of freight perannum.– > 35% of the total freight traffic (in terms of tons kilometers) of thecountry moves by the rail• Over the last five years, freight and passenger traffic on the Indian Railwayshas been growing at over 8% and 6.5%, respectively.• View map of Indian Railway Network in here.5/21/2013 15© Finpro
  16. 16. Railway Projects in India• In its ongoing five year plan (2012-2017) Indian Railways hasannounced the decision to upgrade the old infrastructure and preparefor growing demand– Over the last five years, freight and passenger traffic on the IndianRailways has been growing at over 8% and 6.5%, respectively• Indian Railways is looking for smart technological solutions which canimprove levels of efficiency, expand the range of services provided cutcosts and manage resources better - particularly in connection withwater recycling and power solutions.• The announced priority sectors for upgrade include safety, bridges,rolling stocks, rail tracks, wheels & axels, signaling systems, electricalsystems, communication & IT and maintenance• Indian Railways is also building new stations, improving and expandingcatering and kitchen services and passenger & freight informationsystems5/21/2013 16© Finpro
  17. 17. Indian Railways – on way to modernizationFaster Procurement• Since Indian Railways has not been able to meet its demands indigenously, ithas gone for innovative solutions for faster procurement• Public Private Partnerships (PPP) projects worth Rs 120 billion or EUR 2 billionare currently under different stages of implementation.• Special Purpose Vehicles created for faster implementation of importantprojects on mission mode, for e.g. the dedicated freight corridor.• Private Investment in Container and Special Freight Trains Operation: Privateinvestment has been permitted for wagon leasing companies to procure high-capacity, special-purpose and container rakes to end-users. Proposed Multi-modal Logistics Park will allow private investment in construction and operationof private freight terminals for multiple third-party users.• Outsourcing of certain services to private contractors e.g. catering5/21/2013 17© Finpro
  18. 18. 21.5.2013 June 2011 @ FinproMinister of RailwaysMinister of State for Railways Minister of State for RailwaysRailway BoardMember EngineeringMember Electrical Member Traffic Financial CommissionerMember Staff Member MechanicalDirectorate GeneralRailway Health ServiceDirectorate GeneralRPFSecretaryEstt Matters Admin MattersChairman Railway BoardRailway Board is the apex advisory body to the Minister of RailwaysIndian Railways Organization Structure
  19. 19. 10th International Railway Equipment Exhibition• Organized on 3–5thOctober, 2013 in NewDelhi, India• A biannual event of CIIand Indian Railways - thebiggest Railway exhibitionin India where the entireindustry participates• A good opportunity tounderstand the railwaysector and to network withrelevant industry playersand big private companies5/21/2013 19© Finpro
  20. 20. More informationSeppo KeränenRegional Sales ManagerIndia, Middle-East, Africaseppo.keranen(a)finpro.fiTel +358 400 535 907Lotta BjörkellJunior ConsultantConstruction, Logistics,Machinerylotta.bjorkell(a)finpro.fiTel +358 40 343 34705/21/2013 © Finpro 20Oskar RautiainenHead of Finpro Middle-EastP.O. Box 94363, Riyadh 11693Saudi Arabiaoskar.rautiainen(a)finpro.fiTel +966 563 463 334 or+358 20 4695 215Dharmesh SharanConsultantF-130, Ground Floor, Malcha Marg110021 New Delhi, Indiadharmesh.sharan(a)finpro.fiTel +91 11 3059 9200 or+358 20 469 5900
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