Mobile Virtual Networks opening in China – Business opportunities for Finnish companies


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Mobile Virtual Networks opening in China – Business opportunities for Finnish companies

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Mobile Virtual Networks opening in China – Business opportunities for Finnish companies

  1. 1. Mobile Virtual Networks opening in China – Business opportunities for Finnish companies Pietro Karjalainen Finpro Market Opportunity Day 9.5.2014
  2. 2. What’s happening in the market? • More and more consumers have access to smart phones • Mobile internet subscribers overpasses fixed internet user in spring 2014 • China issued in December 2013 11 mobile virtual network operator licenses and in January 2014 8 more licenses to Chinese companies • The mobile communications market is opening to private companies 09/05/2014 2© Finpro
  3. 3. License holders have various backgrounds • The background of Chinese license holders vary. Licensees include for example – E-commerce giants – Mobile phone vendors – Companies involved in software/media/gaming industries. • Companies have different plans on what services to offer ranging from normal mobile communications and text/data services and from healthcare to mobile office solutions 09/05/2014 © Finpro 3
  4. 4. Licence holders need to differentiate from each other • Mobile virtual network operators need solutions enabling service to their customers. – For example business support services and platforms such as customer care, billing system, mobile commerce platforms and more advanced services platforms such as SMSC or Voicemail – Typical value added content such as games and applications to differentiate from other service providers – In the long run also offering that is more specific and targeted to selected consumer groups 09/05/2014 4© Finpro
  5. 5. Operators want to develop concepts to serve selected clients • Many of mobile network license holders will develop concept to answer certain segment’s needs. • For example; – Funtalk is targeting its services at active people with high concern for personal health. • This segment will be offered health related special services, such as health management terminals integrated into the mobile subscription – China Telling Communications aims their services to segments of people who love sports, who take care of health and family members. 09/05/2014 © Finpro 5
  6. 6. Why Finnish provider? “We will be open for co-op with foreign and domestic suppliers for development. Finland experience and solutions can be helpful in the future for MVNOs.” - Chinese mobile virtual network license holder • Finland was one of the first countries to issue mobile virtual network licenses • Good reputation and technology experience that the local companies might lack • Finnish technology providers have both total and partial solutions 09/05/2014 6© Finpro
  7. 7. Finpro in China 09/05/2014 7© Finpro • Finpro has a strong presence and networks in the market • Experts in Finpro trade center’s are identifying business opportunities for Finnish companies
  8. 8. Business and growth from China • Even a small business action in China can bring great cash flow to a Finnish company • Key elements to success in China: – Local business understanding – Right partners – Path to the decision makers 09/05/2014 8© Finpro
  9. 9. MVNO licensed companies (February 2014) 1st batch (26.12.2013) 天音通信有限公司, China Telling Communications (subsidiary of Telling Telecom Holding ( 浙江连连科技有限公司, Lianlian Technology ( 北京乐语世纪科技集团有限公司 Funtalk Century Telecommunications Equipment Retail Chain ( 北京华翔联信科技有限公司 Beijing Huatong Telecom Co., Ltd ( 京东世纪贸易 Jingdong Century Trading (operator of B2C e-commerce platform Jingdong) ( 北纬通信 Bewinner Communications ( 中国万网 HiChina Technology (subsidiary of e-commerce conglomerate Alibaba Group) ( 迪信通 Beijing Digital Telecom, D.Phone ( SoShare在线网络技术 SoShare Online Network Technology ( 巴士在线控股 Bus Online Holding ( 话机世界 Telephone World Group ( 5/9/2014 9© Finpro
  10. 10. MVNO licensed companies (February 2014) 2nd batch (issued 29.1.14) 苏宁云商 Suning Cloud Commercial ( 国美电器 Guomei Electrical Applicance ( 爱施德股份有限公司 Aisidi Stock Co., Ltd( 厦门三五互联科技股份有限公司 Xiamen Technology Co., Ltd( 苏州蜗牛数字科技股份有限公司 Suzhou Snail Game Tech Co., Ltd ( 中期集团有限公司 Cifco Investment Group Co. ( 长江时代通信股份有限公司 Yangzi River Time Communication Stock Co., ( 远特(北京)通信技术有限公司 Yuan Tel(Beijing) Communication Tech. Co. ( 5/9/2014 10© Finpro
  11. 11. Thank you! 09/05/2014 11© Finpro