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ITS and MaaS opportunities in Norway


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In Finpro's seminar on May 4, Antti Mäkikyrö spoke about big investment plans in ITS and MaaS in Norway.

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ITS and MaaS opportunities in Norway

  1. 1. Business Opportunities in Norway – Large Investment in National Transport plan MaaS - & ITS - seminar Helsinki 4.5.2016 Finnish Partners AS Antti Mäkikyrö - Partner / Co-founder #AnttiMakikyro #FinnishPartners
  2. 2. Content: #FinnishPartners – Our Mission #7millioner – Seven million people in Norway – Still low unemployment rate #Norgeetteroljen – High technology country and supplier Norway’s renewable sources and world leader in electric vehicle adoption. ≈ € 100 bln investments until 2029 – High estimate in current National Transportation Plan One of the countries where people travel the most and fly the most Climate change and population growth the main drivers High focus on Intelligent Transport Systems. • Way forward in Norway!
  3. 3. To serve as a local business partner for Finnish companies in Norway, by providing timely and accurate market information, coordination and prospective matchmaking services. Our Mission
  4. 4. …is like having your own team of business development capabilities who Discover, Approach and Follow up potential clients in one place, where you can harvest on all these benefits with minimum of resources spent. Becoming a Member of Finnish Partners Network
  5. 5. Source:Rolls Royce from National Transport plan presentation Source:photo Erik Hellan Urke and
  6. 6. Oil price affects future investments Source:
  7. 7. Many years to go with current reserves Source: Norsk Petroleum
  8. 8. High estimate growth – 7 million people by 2040 Source: SSB, NTP
  9. 9. National Transportation Plan Source: NTP National Transportation plan
  10. 10. Norwegian Transportation Plan • Estimated €90bl-€100bl until 2029. • Roads €50bl • Railroads €30bl • Searoutes €3bl • €7bl to develop collective projects. • Collective, walking, cycling Source: Illustration from Dutch transport plan
  11. 11. Needed ITS developments • Making databases to talk with each others! • ERMTS – Common European railway signalling system • Traffic management and controlling systems • Real time traffic information and monitoring • Beacons for passenger flow development • Drones for monitoring, inspection, surveying, photography • Remote control towers • Self driving/controlling vehicles for enclosed areas • Facilitating self controlling vehicles for public roads • E-navigation, dynamic risk management for vessels, weather/wave/storm sensors, modern sea lights (LED?) Source: NTP National Transportation plan
  12. 12. Activity in Norway will remain high! Source: Norwegian national transport plan and Statoil subcontractor day presentation
  13. 13. Finnish Partners will be part of it…
  14. 14. Few resources causing challenges today… $ 1,2bl are spent yearly doing market research on business opportunities only in Norway. Finnish Company A Client 1 Client 2 Client 3 Client 4 Client 5Client 6 Market research Long list of potential clients Short list of potential clients Contact potential clients Arrange meeting Meeting? Follow up 1 Deal? Proposal Follow up 4 Follow up 3 Follow up 2 Finnish Company B Finnish Company C Finnish Company D Find collaboration partner!? Matchmaking Finnish Companies with Norwegian business opportunities Client 1 Client 2 Client 3 Client 4 Client 5 Client 6 Finnish Partners Matchmaking Database Finnish Companies Our Solution Structuring the information flow thus maximizing your company's efficiency, resources, and ultimately your ROI v/s
  15. 15. Thank you! Takk! Kiitos! #FinnishPartners Your Local Business Presence