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Italy, Maritime Market 2015


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Maritime Business Day seminar_Rauma 17th November 2015

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Italy, Maritime Market 2015

  1. 1. Italy - Maritime Market Snapshot
  2. 2. Agenda How to do business with Fincantieri Shipyards Get started! 2 Maritime market
  3. 3. Maritime market 3
  4. 4. Vast network of players 4 EPC Engineering procurement contractors Big size Fincantieri, Ferretti, Apuania Medium and small size More than 600 Shipyards Interior designers Ship designers System providers Component providers Industry Associations Assonave Universities Ship owners Research Center Italian Ship Register RINA
  5. 5. / 5 One of the European market leaders SICILIA SARDEGNA PUGLIA CALABRIA BASILICATA MARCHE ABRUZZILAZIO TOSCANA EMILIA-ROMAGNA FRIULI- VENEZIA GIULIA TRENTINO- ALTO ADIGE VENETO VALLE D’AOSTA PIEMONTE UMBRIA CAMPANIA MOLISE LOMBARDIA •Rome •Milan LIGURIA  Worldwide leader in boat building > 14 % market share  680 shipyards  Beauty through design with a perfect match of high technology solutions  Production  87 % motor yachts  4 % sailing boats  8% pneumatic / rubber boats  Strong producer of mega yachts (>24 m)  Clusters:  Cesena-Forli 145  Ravenna 118
  6. 6. Shipyards 6
  7. 7. Shipyards are divided into public and private Public Few players Large dimensions • Fincantieri: 9250 employees • Apuania: 200 employees 87,9% of the employment 7 Private Many players > 30 (Mid sized) >500 (Small sized) • Highly fragmented production • Employ 1350 persons • More than 30 different shipyards 12,1% of the total employment More than 40.000 employees are related to shipbuilding industry: working as suppliers/subcontractors or external recruits
  8. 8. Shipyards and other players are spread all over Italy 8 Fincantieri Shipyard (Rovaniemi ) Lat 46° N Apuania Fincantieri HQ Fincantieri Shipyard Fincantieri Shipyard (Helsinki) Lat 36° N Ferretti CRN Fincantieri Shipyard
  9. 9. Shipyards are specialized in specific productions only Public: Large cruise Large ferries Ro-Ro Navy-submarines Mega yachts Special duties-Offshore Private: Passengers Ferries Fast ships Chemical carriers Gas carriers Tugs and supply vessel Super yachts – Small cabotage Sailing yachts Motor yachts Special ships for offshore duties Ships for governative use 9
  10. 10. Offshore Italy owns only few onshore and offshore oil and gas rigs and fields. Oil and gas is fully imported from Russia and Middle East countries through pipeline. This segment does not represent a big business opportunity in Italy. LNG liquid to gas conversion plants is not yet a developed infrastucture, so not many opportunities are available for LNG carriers. Potential in oil and gas technologies is offered by Saipem, known company operating worldwide in offshore constructions, pipelines and field research. Good opportunities for the implementation of new technologies and related services. 10
  11. 11. How to do business with Fincantieri
  12. 12. Fincantieri: The order book is full until 2022! 9250 employees 8 shipyards Most important Customers  Costa Crociere (Carnival)  Holland America Line  Carnival-P&O, SNCM Marghera Sestri Ponente Ancona Palermo Castellamare Muggiano Riva Trigoso Genova Procurement and HQ in Trieste R&D , design centers in in Genova and Trieste Orders are for medium passenger ships, large and medium size cruising ships.12
  14. 14. Cruise ships orderbook - Fincantieri 14 YEAR Cruise Line Ship Cost M $ GWT kTon Capacity Passengers Yard Sailing Delivery 2015 P&O Cruises Britannia $760 141 3611 Fincantieri Europe March Viking Ocean Viking Star TBA 47 944 Fincantieri Europe Spring 2016 Holland America Koningsdam $520 99 2660 Fincantieri TBA Feb Viking Ocean Viking Sea TBA 47 944 Fincantieri Europe Spring Carnival Vista $780 135 4000 Fincantieri TBA Spring Regent Explorer $450 54 738 Fincantieri World Summer Seabourn Encore TBA 41 604 Fincantieri World Second Half
  15. 15. Cruise ships orderbook - Fincantieri 15 YEAR Cruise Line Ship Cost M $ GWT kTon Capacity Passengers Yard Sailing Delivery 2017 Viking Ocean Unnamed TBA 47 944 Fincantieri Europe Early 2017 Princess Unnamed $760 141 3600 Fincantieri TBA May Viking Ocean Viking Sky TBA 47 944 Fincantieri Europe June MSC Cruises Seaside $950 154 4140 Fincantieri TBA Novemb er 2018 Carnival Unnamed $780 135 4000 Fincantieri TBA March MSC Cruises Unnamed $950 154 4140 Fincantieri TBA May Seabourn Ovation TBA 41 604 Fincantieri World Spring Holland America Unnamed $520 99 2660 Fincantieri TBA Novemb er
  16. 16. Cruise ships orderbook - Fincantieri 16 YEAR Cruise Line Ship Cost M $ GWT kTon Capacity Passengers Yard Sailing Delivery 2019 Carnival Corp. Unnamed TBA TBA Est. 4,000 Fincantieri TBA TBA 2020 Carnival Corp. Unnamed TBA TBA Est. 4,000 Fincantieri TBA TBA 2021 MSC Cruises Unnamed $950 154 4140 Fincantieri TBA TBA Carnival Corp. Unnamed TBA TBA Est. 4000 Fincantieri TBA TBA 2022 Carnival Corp. Unnamed TBA TBA Est. 4000 Fincantieri TBA TBA Carnival Corp. Unnamed TBA TBA Est. 4000 Fincantieri TBA TBA
  17. 17. Vast categories of products 17 These are just examples!
  18. 18. ( 6 to 12 months procedure) Don’t go there alone! Ask support for basic preparation and local assistance! Get in touch with the Purchasing Dpt and gain a Company presentation meeting in Trieste. The meeting is crucial for initial evaluation: be prepared with Company data, product samples, approval certifications, pictures, catalogs, reference list and a bit of Italian immagination. Fincantieri will evaluate the benefits/features offered by the candidate Company and will recommend (or not) to apply to E-procurement portal. Fincantieri will also check Company potential and reliability (size, credit check and financial status, references…) If OK, then Candidate is approved, ranked and allowed to bidding. The offered products/services must be of interest of Fincantieri. No business if the Company is not qualified as selected supplier. 18 Supplier selection is a long process
  19. 19. How Fincantieri places orders to Suppliers The list of selected suppliers is sorted per product, estimated amount of the order, company rank. Fincantieri will ask the supplier to quote (e-procurement) The offers are technically balanced and price aligned Total Cost of Ownership is the key word  Price  Innovative solution 19
  20. 20. What do you need to have if you want to enter the market? • Have an innovative and/or a niche product • Compliance to the newest safety or environmental regulations • Standard product ? = Competitive pricing! • Good sales and marketing material • Show benefits, business cases and references • Local support / partner is needed! 20
  21. 21. Get started! 21
  22. 22. Key takeaways The Italian market is an opportunity for you! The order books are full for cruise and luxury vessels. The access to the main shipyards is challenging but not impossible. Access to shipbuilding industry requires adequate preparation and planning in advance. Need of local support is crucial for success for business and language reasons. Ship owners are your final customers – Do not forget them as opinion leaders Complete solutions are easier to sell than single products (less tech discussion and more added value) Start now to collect fruits in the future! 22