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Denmark is building super hospitals


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John Bendix, Building Project Director, Herlev Hospital. Changes in Scandinavian healthcare sector - oppportunities for Finnish companies. Finpro seminar materials 19.4.2012.

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Denmark is building super hospitals

  1. 1. Herlev hospitalCopenhagen area
  2. 2. Parlament has desidedto spend 6.000 mio € The conditions: An Emergency guidline has to be followed Closing off smaller hospitals 20-25 % have to be used on medical equipment. The construkion cost must be max 4800 €/m2. The running cost has to be cut with 6 - 8 % Some standard of sizes has to be met. ex. Ambulatori 245/7 og single bedroom 33-40 Norge 23-32 m2 The ideas has to be exchange with other regions
  3. 3. HERLEV 320 mio €Ålborg Bispebjerg450 mio € 420 mio €Viborg160 mio € Rigshosp. 260 mio €Gødstrup Hvidovre450 mio € 200 mio €Skejby Hillerød900 mio € 500 mio € Kolding Sct Hans 130 mio € 80 mio € Køge Åbenrå 570 mio € 180 mio € Odense Slagelse 900 mio € 200 mio €
  4. 4. Herlev hospital Main hospital in Copenhagen area.• 500.000 inhabitants• 22 somatic specialties• 4500 employees• Extraordinary architecture extraordinary
  5. 5. Future capacities■ Number of beds will be reduced by 1,7 % a year - 35 m2 pr. bed■ Ambulatorie activity increces by 3% a year■ All surgery rooms has to be active - 245 days and 7 hours pr day■ Acute and elektive funktions has to be separated. - lower running cost■ Focus on research and education New construction = 57000 m2
  6. 6. How should the patient see the new hospital ? Clinical functions: ■ Close relations to the GP. ■ All kind of specialist all hours. ■ Single bedrooms (lower infection rate, confidentiality, support from relatives) ■ Efficiency in treatment.
  7. 7. How should the patient see the new hospital ? Building: ■ Healing architecture Safety Green areal for relaxation Integrated art. ■ Wayfinding Intuitive understanding ■ Sustainability ■ Innovation and new technology ■ Evidensbaseret design
  8. 8. Project competition Winning project finished 2017 architects Henning Larsen(Made the Copenhagen operhouse)
  9. 9. Services Existing ElectiveSiteplan Existing beds Parking Underground Emergency + Acute Children Heliport + Parking Waste Water treatment
  10. 10. ProfileNew Building
  11. 11. Main Entrance
  12. 12. Gardens in round buildings
  13. 13. We want the newest Designing a new hospital Building a new hospital Designing a new hospital Hospital in operation To be safe you learn from the former (8 years old) design taking experiences and evidence into consideration (Safe) It must be an active decisition whetherYear 1 3 6 you should go more or less safe Getting experiences and design evidence Day to day small steps of innovation Conceptual innovation More seldom conceptual ones takes place (not so safe) How clearly are you exposed to succes or failure ?..
  14. 14. An example – centralized dispence of medicin Prediction 8 years ago: It will be possible in 8 year time to: Secure the right quantity of medicin given at the right time Avoid inappropriate interaction between food and medicin Create talks between docters and pharmacists ………. Introducing a centralized system for dispence of medicin But first should be invented: New equipment – new IT solution – new distribution system The invention did not go as fast as expected Headline in newspaper should be: Great experiences has been gained in … project, and it will help others.
  15. 15. DilemmasEvidence Balance Innovation
  16. 16. Balances Healing architectureHealing architecture - a political request/demandConstruction cost Running cost:Increase: Increase :Lots of windows EnergyA huge entrance hall Maintenance……. Decrease : Short stay in hospital No Rehospitalization
  17. 17. Balances SustainabilitySustainability - a political request/demandConstruction cost Running cost:Increase : Increase :Investments with a long Maintenance, costly to repair return of investment and renew.Technical equipment with high complexity Decrease :……. Energy Renewable energy (country level) Disposal
  18. 18. Balances How do we design for the future ?Safe UnsafeEvidence based design InnovationBest practise Predict something Predict the unpredictable Newspaper headlines Congratulations:Newspaper headlines You has build a modern andCongratulations: upto-date hospitalYou kept the budget,timeshedules and quality. But you did spend too much money, you finished 2 yearsBut you build an old fashion too later and there is a lot ofand out-dated hospital problems with the new technics introduced.
  19. 19. How to deal with the unpredictableFlexibilityEasy changes of walls,easy changes in the technical installations. Elasticity Easy to make an extra floor, easy to make building extentions Generalization Easy to use offices as an ambulatorie Easy to turn a patient-hotel into a ward
  20. 20. Use of consultantsEmployed in hospitals are ”project managers”.What we need is: Specialist (heads) (analyze, plan, design …) Manpower (hands) (drawings, field investigations …)The need will vary during the project periode.
  21. 21. Thanks