Business and venture capital from usa


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Business and venture capital from usa

  1. 1. Business and venture capital from USAThe market for software and digital media in the United Statescontinues to be the world’s largest. Silicon Valley is both the placeto be and the global center of innovation within the software, digitalmedia and telecommunications sectors. In addition to innovations, itis also a significant venture capital market. Success in US marketsrequires an innovative business idea, commitment, investment, hardwork and a proper understanding of the business opportunities.Finnish ICT companies have a good track record in US markets:during the last four years the number of Finnish companies operatingin Silicon Valley has increased from 12 to more than 40. A presencein Silicon Valley is an essential element in building comprehensivebusiness understanding and local networks.Topics exhibiting a strong positive trend are mobility - everythingis becoming mobile - and big data, and the demand for solutionsin both sectors is strong. Success is possible for companies witha truly innovative offering and the right connections. To graspbusiness opportunities in the US market, Finnish companies mustoffer innovative solutions with the right focus and business model.Even though the US business ecosystem is agile and complex, Finproexperts have a good track record in business development and cansupport your company in reaching the correct decision makers andmaking the right moves.
  2. 2. WarnerSenior Consultantmichael.warner(a) 40 3433 386Kimmo AuraArea Sales Managerkimmo.aura(a) 40 5048 317Mobilization of IT >Bring your own deviceEmployees expect enterprise applications andservices to be easy to use, just like the onesdelivered to consumers. IT departments have tobe ready to accommodate a wide range of devices,which increases maintenance costs and requiresapplications to be built for heterogeneous platforms.Enterprise applications used to be monolithic anddifficult in use. Evolution in such applications meansnew opportunities and niches that even smallerplayers can fill - larger companies may not be nimbleenough to grasp them.A major hotspot formobile operatorsAs Silicon Valley is a technology hotspot, mobileoperators from all over the world have technologyscouting organizations located there. Silicon Valleyis where major mobile operators from Asia, Europe,Latin America and the US can be met in a singlelocation.Media markets can be accessedMedia markets are now a significant business sectorwith mobile enabling new and innovative solutionsfor media companies.While New York and Los Angeles continue to beimportant locations for the advertising and mediasectors, the intertwining of media and technologymeans that most media companies also have apresence in the San Francisco Bay Area. Many keyplayers and upcoming companies in the mediasector were founded in San Francisco and havetheir headquarters there.A strong Finnish presence and starcompanies from the gaming sectorIn the last four years, the number of Finnishcompanies with a presence in Silicon Valley hasgrown from 12 to more than 40. All thesecompanies have realized that they have to bewhere the industry and its major players arelocated. A presence in Silicon Valley is essentialwhen building networks to find partners, customersand potential investors.The money is in Silicon ValleyAll respectable venture capital (VC) companies havea presence in Silicon Valley. A major proportion ofVC investments take place there - almost 50% ofthe US capital market.CURRENT & RELEVANT TOPICS IN SILICON VALLEY FOR FINNISH COMPANIES