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Beautiful Beijing seminar presentation by Kari Hiltunen, Tekes


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Beautiful Beijing seminar presentation by Kari Hiltunen, Tekes

  1. 1. 6/20/2013 THINK FINLAND 1Think FinlandBEAUTIFUL BEIJINGSino-Finland International Cooperation InitiativeKari HiltunenCounsellor (Science & Technology) Embassyof Finland芬兰驻华大使馆 科技参赞Director, Tekes Beijing芬兰国家技术创新局北京办事处 主任
  2. 2. Background• FYP targets– Energy consumption per unit of GDP to be cut by 16%– Urbanization rate up by 4%– Improving energy efficiency trough technological upgrades– Quality of live to be improved– Strategic emerging industries:• Energy saving and environmental protection• New generation of information technology• New energy• New energy vehicles• Health– Prevent / cure• Image : how attractive is Beijing?– Tourists, Talents– Foreign companies and investments• Public pressure– Something must be done and fast6/20/2013 THINK FINLAND 2
  3. 3. Energy & Environmental topics in China Daily in week 5 /201301.02.2013 © Finpro 3
  4. 4. Beautiful Beijing Initiative• Signing of MoU– Ministry of Environmental Protection and Tekes– To nominate group of experts in China and in Finland to conduct the joint study– Signed in presence of President of Finland and high level Chinese authorities: high visibility• Joint study– To create holistic understanding of the factors behind living conditions in Beijing• Especially air quality• Multi disciplinary approach– To identify most suitable areas to collaborate aiming to improve living conditions in Beijing• study will act as a platform for further cooperation in the future– Outcome of the study: proposal of action points in four categories:• Existing technologies, solutions and innovations for short term implementation, with due regard tocost-effectiveness and best practices;• Solutions and technologies that need further development, including existing technologies andsolutions that need localization;• Areas and challenges that need scientific research;• Potential fields for policy cooperation.6/20/2013 THINK FINLAND 4
  5. 5. Why Finland?• Among first countries established diplomatic relationship with China• Science and technology agreement signed in 1986• Finland is leading country in innovations– Number one in Global Technology Ranking in 2010 by Martin Prosperity Institute– Number four in OECD in scientific publications per capita– 4% of GDP invested in R&D: second highest among OECD• Environmental sustainability index: Finland number one in many years• Climate conditions about same in southern Finland and in Beijing– Built environment’s energy efficiency : existing building stock, infrastructure– District heating and cooling– Life cycle costs• Finland’s industry is energy intensive– 50% of total energy consumption => energy efficiency top priority– ESCO model• Frontrunner in utilizing renewable energy, especially bioenergy, biofuel and waste to energy• Finland is neutral, credible and trustworthy partner– One of the world’s least corrupt countries• Finland is recognized in international media– Newsweek: Finland the best country in the world to live in– Monocle: Helsinki the most liveable city in the world6/20/2013 THINK FINLAND 5
  6. 6. Steering GroupEnergyProduction &DistributionBuildings &ConstructionTraffic &TransportationIndustrialsourcesMonitoring &AnalysisThe production andtransportation ofheat, gas,electricity and othertypes of energyBuilding construction,including buildingmaterial production,building materialtransportation &building operation.Indoor air quality.Traffic andtransport industry,including fuelstandards,emission standardsetc.Role and relativeeffect of otherindustriesAir qualitymonitoring &measuringstandard, system,and equipments,data analyzingsystem andcontrolling system,etc.Expert Groups
  7. 7. Collecting dataEnergyProduction &DistributionBuildings &ConstructionTraffic &TransportationIndustry Air QualityMonitor &AnalysisExisting technologies, solution and innovationsSolutions and technologies that need further developmentScientific research areaRegulation and policiesCategory ICategory IICategory IIICategory IVFinal report of the study, Common workshop, Delegation visitActionPlan IActionPlan IIActionPlan IIIActionPlan IVWorkshop & brainstorming
  8. 8. Category ICategory IICategory IIICategory IVChinaDemands• Need• Capability to invest• Opportunity• Will to invest• PartnersDecision Makers& Decision MakingProcessFinlandOfferings•Technologies•Services•Solutions•Policy andRegulations • Research• Regulation & StandardsBUSINESS & PROJECTOPPORTUNITIES• Matchmakings• Pilot Projects• Demonstration Projects
  9. 9. Kiitos !Thank you!谢谢!