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Fingrid Current: Taavi Veskimägi, CEO of Elering AS


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Baltic Sea Offshore Grid

Presentation by Taavi Veskimägi, CEO of Elering AS

In Fingrid Current 10.3.2020.

Published in: Engineering
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Fingrid Current: Taavi Veskimägi, CEO of Elering AS

  1. 1. Baltic Sea Offshore Grid Taavi Veskimägi CEO of Elering AS
  2. 2. • Electricity and gas transmission system operator with the primary task of ensuring a high-quality energy supply to Estonian consumers. • Electricity and gas network consists internal transmission network and cross boarder interconnectors • Elering ensures conditions for well- functioning, efficient and transparent electricity market About Elering Gas transmission network Electricity transmission network
  3. 3. We have a vision- Common Finnish-Estonian energy market ESTLINK 1, to the market Effective day ahead and intraday market coupling aFRR is prepared common flexibility market platvorm is coming 2021 COMMON WHOLESALE AND RETAIL ENERGY MARKET data hub’s interlinked …. Analog and digital Common offshore grid BALTICCONNECTOR and EE_FI_LV common gas market EST data hub Estlink 2, to the market
  4. 4. Baltic Sea Offshore Grid Initiative WHY? • Regional energy sector have to be fully decarbonised and the Baltic Sea wind plays a key role; • Many studies (Flex4RES, BEMIP Study of Baltic Offshore Wind ) have shown if we are acting together it makes energy transition faster and cheaper for all nations. • converter-based production (onshore and offshore) brings instability, we need a stronger and more connected power system WHAT? • The dual purpose, simultaneously as interconnectors between markets and interconnection points for wind farms.
  5. 5. Baltic Sea Wind potential STUDY ON BALTIC OFFSHORE WIND ENERGY COOPERATION UNDER BEMIP Summary of identified potential offshore wind capacity in the BEMIP member countries Ambitious scenario reflecting an achievable pathway 12.7 GW in 2030 32.1 GW in 2050 6.5 GW in 2030 17 GW in 2050. 2020 expected level of 2.5 GW Offshore wind power in the Baltic Sea Area Low deployment scenario
  6. 6. • Converter-based production (onshore and offshore) speed is clearly progressive 21TWh 2016 70 TWh 2022 • The location of these investments creates an energy surplus that cannot entirely be conveyed to consumption centres • Baltic Sea Offshore Grid is part of the solution • The energy system of the future must cope with greater flexibility so we need a stronger and more connected power system • „Zero-cost“ energy enables sector coupling e.g power to X (gas, heat)
  7. 7. Grid cost is lower in the cooperation scenarios than in the National Policy scenario. STUDY ON BALTIC OFFSHORE WIND ENERGY COOPERATION UNDER BEMIP • additional interconnector capacity provided alternative export routes for the power surplus thus reducing the overall costs related to congestion. • with coordination, offshore capacity is installed closer to areas where additional capacity is needed Annualised social welfare costs of redispatch and grid upgrades across the BEMIP region
  8. 8. Baltic Sea Offshore Grid Initiative To start a dialogue „How to prepare grid connections for offshore wind generation“ • Political Declaration on Offshore Energy cooperation between Baltic Sea Countries (at least Baltic-Nordic countries) • Highlight Baltic Sea Offshore Grid Initiative in revised BEMIP • Baltic Sea Offshore Grid Initiative to conduct pre-feasibility studies for a joint offshore power network • Governments should commit TSO-s to take a driver seat, TSO-s have the skills, existing cooperation network and the capabilities; Next TYNDP 2022 (not single project based but integral part of Baltic Sea region power system) • Highlight the BEMIP region in the EU Offshore Wind Strategy • With the help of EU (e.g Just Transition Mechanism, CEF etc)
  9. 9. Thank you! Taavi Veskimägi CEO of Elering AS