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FindYourWayInTheWorld Social Media Course: TasteTheFood


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Social Media Course 2012 MASTER MAPI
TasteTheFood Global Channel Study

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FindYourWayInTheWorld Social Media Course: TasteTheFood

  1. 1. TASTETHEFOODMarion Livoy & Mélanie Mabilon
  2. 2. CONTENTSI. Social medias about cookingII. Potential of these mediasIII. Develop our channel 2
  3. 3. I. SOCIAL MEDIAS ABOUT COOKING YouTube channels Facebook pages Blogs Websites Applications 3
  4. 4. II. POTENTIAL OF THESE MEDIAS Discover original and foreign recipes Follow cooking gesture Learn new food mix Learn kitchen management Learn cooking vocabulary 4
  5. 5. III. DEVELOP OUR CHANNEL Present websites :  for beginner cook  for medium cook  to discover original dishes  to discover foreign recipes Class recipes by categories Talk about new smartphone’s applications Attract people on the channel 5