Social Media for Small Law Firms


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Learn why social media is the present and the future of online legal marketing, and how your firm can use tools like Facebook, Twitter and blogs to connect with clients and prospects in a direct, highly effective way.

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  • The goal of today’s webcast is to help you:Gain a better understanding of the opportunities social media can provideFind out how to join the million of conversations happening onlineLearn best practices for law firm uses of social mediaGet recommendations on how to get started
  • Officially, social media is “an umbrella term that defines the various activities that integrate technology, social interaction, and the construction of words, pictures, videos and audio.”
  • Social Media allows you to interact with consumers in the present, instantaenously.It provides the opportunity to listen to unbiased conversations about your firm and join them, engaging directly with potential clientsNot only do social media platforms provide cost effective ways to build awareness and loyalty for your firm, they also allow you to shape your public image and improve your bottom line
  • You may be reaching the people that know they need an attorney..what about the people that don’t know they need an attorney?People need social validation and information from their peers before they pick up the phone to call youYour website is your billboard/brochure = social media are your source of referrals“if these were the numbers four years ago, imagine what these would be today!”
  • 93% of social media users believe a company should have a presence in social media. *can note with the 2008 statistics, imagine what that is 4 years later
  • Never forget the basic rules: (We’re going to take you through each one of these steps)Listen EngageMeasureYou Get What You Pay forIt’s not the answer to everything
  • What if you have what nobody wants? Or you do but you’re not promoting it to the right people?Listen to what consumers are saying…what’s happening out there that affects what you do and provideSocial referrals: is anyone talking about you?
  • Elevate your brandListen to your clients, talk to potential clients
  • 85% of social media users believe that a company should go further than just having a presence on social sites and should aslo interact with its customers.
  • Look at the quality of people you are following and those following you, assessing their level of influenceWatch engagement levels (posts/linking/website visits) as you generate content and interact with current and potential clients onlineTrack referrals from your social media platforms to your firm’s website
  • In sum, not going to sit and tell you that it doesn’t take time, because it doesSocial media is not for everyone, it’s not the answer to everything, you can still be a successful attorney without social media  is it a missed opportunity yes – but you don’t have to do it: now maybe make a comment that everyone listening is here because they’re willing to invest the time otherwise they wouldn’t be listeningIf you’re doing it just to put your name out there and you don’t have time or resources, then don’t do itIf you’re not going to do it right don’t do itThe average Social Media user spends 6 hours per week on social media. Proficiency depends on your goals, but the more you engage the tools the faster you will feel comfortable navigating and interacting with your online presence. Budget specific timeframes and set simple goals that will provide you with a roadmap to your social media ramp.
  • This would be a good time to discuss R.O.ICan make a comparison to “Coaching a Little League” “Joining a Charity” - in a way Social Media is your P.R. It’s consumer outreachYou have to make sure your presence matches up with who you’re looking for as clients “best fit presence”Stand to the left – Stand to the right analogy?
  • Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, Blogs, Google Plus: essentially what these represent are different flavors of the same thingDifferent ways to have a conversation, it’s a way to make a personal connection Optional to talk on specific products if you prefer (twitter tips you received) It allows you to create a personal bond as a brand and a product
  • As always be in tune to your state policies and considerations
  • When asked how many followers an attorney should have, FindLaw did studies and these are the recommendationsWhen questioning how many followers your firm should have on a given platform what’s MOST IMPORTANT is to remember quality if better than quantity. It’s about the “RIGHT PEOPLE”, you can be cheap and easy and have as many followers as you like but if no one is talking about what’s relevant or interesting that won’t do you any good…you need people who care about what you care about! They may not have an immediate need for an attorney but they care about bankruptcy, business, criminal law, family law issues..Again back to engagement..engage with the right people!At the same time, critical mass is important when trying to gain momentum and natural growth. Based on industry statistics, a reasonable target for a law firm is a network size of approximately 300 relevant people and businesses. FindLaw recommends the quantities listen.
  • Summary of the presentation Key Take-Aways
  • If it’s not clear by now, social media is a fancy way to describe the zillions of conversations people are having online 24/7
  • Social Media for Small Law Firms

    2. 2. AGENDA• Social Media Importance• Join the Conversation• The Basic Rules• Connect and Re-Connect• Get Started
    3. 3. WORD OF MOUTH IS SHIFTING JOIN THE CONVERSATION To Build Relationships, be where the conversation is happening! Off-Line OnlineAccording to a recent ABA study asking consumers how they find lawyers: 20% 15% 9% would consult would consult would consult Facebook a blog Twitter Source: ABA, “Perspectives on Finding Personal Legal Services,” February 2011
    4. 4. Officially, social media is “an umbrella term thatdefines the various activities that integratetechnology, social interaction, and the constructionof words, pictures, videos and audio.”
    5. 5. JOIN THE CONVERSATION SOCIAL IS THE “FUTURE OF THE WEB” ….AND THE FUTURE IS NOW• LinkedIn: The platform adds 10 new members every 5 seconds (Business Insider)• All Fortune 500 executives use LinkedIn (LINKEDiNFLUENCE)• 45% of members are major decision makers (LINKEDiNFLUENCE)• Twitter: Twitter’s reach is estimated to double the size of its users (Exact Target)• Users are the most influential consumers on the web (Exact Target)• Facebook 42% of consumers use the platform daily (Exact Target)• 90% of people trust recommendations in their network (Exact Target)
    6. 6. JOIN THE CONVERSATION The Internet is now the single biggest source for legal information  73% of American adults use the Internet regularly  95% of homes with $75,000+ incomes are online  45% of Internet users, (60 million Americans), say the Internet played a major decision in their lives over the last two years  65% of people begin their search for a lawyer on the internet (1)  Attorney referrals come in multiples – people research before they call (2)  27% in-house counsel consider attorney blogs “most important” in selecting attorneys  56% of private practice attorneys use social media – Up from 15% in 2008Source: 1NYS Bar Assoc. Journal 2009, 2Cone, Business & Social Media Study, September 2008
    7. 7. 93% OF SOCIAL MEDIA USERS BELIEVE ACOMPANY SHOULD HAVE A PRESENCE INSOCIAL MEDIA.Cone, Business in Social Media Study, September 2008
    9. 9. RULE #1: LISTEN
    10. 10. RULE #2: ENGAGE
    11. 11. RULE #3: MEASURE
    12. 12. RULE #4: • Allocate timeYOU GET WHAT • Allocate people YOU PAY FOR • Use quality tools
    13. 13. RULE #5
    14. 14. GET STARTED Social Media is Join the the new Conversation “Word of Mouth”
    15. 15. In practice, socialmedia can be thoughtof as a broad rangeof Web properties,tools and apps aimedat helping people:• Discover• Share• Discuss• Comment• Critique• Converse
    16. 16. SOCIAL MEDIA POLICYCONSIDERATIONS1. Know state / city bar rules2. Don’t give legal advise3. Always write in the first person – ONLY speak for yourself4. Don’t cite or reference clients without permission5. Don’t publish proprietary of confidential information6. Don’t criticize the Judiciary in any way or manner7. Include disclaimers such as “The contents of this website are offered for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice.”8. Don’t use gmail for client confidential emails
    17. 17. CONNECT AND RE-CONNECT 150 50 50 50 Followers Fans Connections Connections Approximately 300 Relevant People and Businesses QUALITY IS BETTER THAN QUANTITY!Social Media Industry & Best Practices /
    18. 18. KEY BENEFITS• Elevate your brand• Expand your online footprint• Further establish expertise• Positively influence conversations• Establish a referral network• Increase visibility with SEO benefits• Engage with your customers
    19. 19. SOCIALMEDIA
    20. 20. Stop thinking “campaigns”Start thinking “conversations”
    21. 21. LEARN MORELooking to expand your firm? Look to FindLaw.We offer the industrys most comprehensive lineup ofmarketing tools and resources for small law firms.Our local consultants will work with you tounderstand your needs and we back it up withuncompromising service and support.For more information and education on Social Mediafor small law firms, visit