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  1. 1. Competition could find in any field eithereducation or marketing. Globalization has given rise to several new corporative sectors of various industries. Moreover it has increasedessentiality of computer. The finest of the entire computer related exertion that we gain isinternet. Now with this medium, one can access information of other end without any time. The availability of various sites one side gives relevant information to its user, at the same time it construct a competition among web portals.why on this website
  2. 2. One can promote sites to catch more eye of visitor with the help ofseo services The service provider of SEO gives more stress tocertain keywords These keywords are that words used by users toget their exact search By giving space to these keywords, one canoptimize their web pages to get first in the link search page
  3. 3. The popular tactics used by these services are backlinks, black hatand white hat The backlinks uses promotion of a number andinbound links tactics while Black hats or spamdexing is a process offorming a frame link of keyword stuffing and article spinning thatdegrade relevance of search result Search Engine Optimization canbe promoted with the help of various smo services Search mediaoptimization is a process to create brand image and businesspromotions
  4. 4. With the help of blog and article writing, online press release writingand distribution and forum making, SEO increase traffic andpenetrate into client target audience The blog has become acommon tool to build online identity and create brand awarenessThe idea of SEO first used by John Audette's companyMultimedia Marketing Group, later gain global approach withemergence of Google in the year 1998, unveiled by Larry Page andSergey Brin
  5. 5. In the present time about 60% of total net world population usesGoogle search for their search for web pages The uses of Googlesearch have pulled attention of advertiser to use google adwordsservices for putting advertisement in web pages As Google holds abig share of search market due to user friendly algorithm thatprovides easy navigation, quality content, relevance and load, the adwords services of Google cover a large mass of internet visitor and aprimary search for advertisers
  6. 6. The Google ad world follows the basic policy of pay per why on thiswebsite click model The model is made available with the help ofppc services Various services related to pay per click offer attractivepackages to put your advertisement in websites
  7. 7. The leading services of pay per click service provider are Google adworld, Yahoo search marketing and Microsoft ad center All three ofthem follow a bid based model of putting advertisement Thepay-per-click follows the rules of paying money to host, when their adis clicked
  8. 8. Available of various sites has created a competitive environment inachieving higher ranking with the major search engines Hence linkbuilding services is a process of establishing relevant, inbound linksto web portals to gain targeted traffic by higher ranking in majorsearch engine
  9. 9. why on this website