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ERP solutions for best-in-class companies


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Cloud ERP solutions is the best-in-class companies to have MDM strategy tied to ERP and have tools to maintain their data quality.
Visit for cloud ERP solutions for your business.

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ERP solutions for best-in-class companies

  1. 1. Best-in-Class Companies & ERP Implementation ERP implementation results for Best-in-Class companies of employees exceeded performance metrics in their annual reviews reduction in operational costs improvement in profibility over the past two years During ERP implementation, Best-in-Class companies are 2x 7x2xas likely as others to make business leaders as accountable as much as, or more so than, IT leaders more likely to have detailed analytics that measure the impact of ERP implementation as likely to have MDM* strategy tied to their ERP strategy and have tools to maintain their data quality 80% of Best-in-Class companies said that Line of Business leaders are accountable for ERP implementation and usage. | 1-866-743-2220 | @FinancialForce 46% 22% 17% *Master Data Management Research by Aberdeen Group - CIO’s Guide to Living With ERP - 2012