Dossier Financial Congress Digital Meeting 2011


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Welcome to the Largest Online Financial Event!

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Dossier Financial Congress Digital Meeting 2011

  1. 1. !"#$%&"(%()"*+,-".(/0#10"210+0$1+#34"0(55 June 9-10, 2011 1 opening ! finances
  2. 2. JUNE 9-10, 2011 June 9-10, 2011 1 January, 2011Kaixo (Hi! in Basque language),FINANCIAL CONGRESS Digital Meeting is the largest Financial Event Online worldwide with a twofoldpurpose: to share and disseminate financial knowledge among Institutions, Companies and Individuals. Thisinitiative, was born as a response to a suggestion by various members of the fanpage in facebook of websiteFormación Financiera (in spanish, Financial Education) with the aim of contributing collectively to being moreand more financially literate and aware. The diverse group present will be able to learn from one another, bothas speakers and as attendees. We think that the access to Financial Knowledge must be a right for everybody, notan exclusive matter.This second edition will be held at Euskalduna Conference Centre (World´s Best Congress Centre 2003) on June9th & 10th.Please find included in this package detailed information regarding FINANCIAL CONGRESS Digital Meeting. Ourteam of organizers is passionately dedicated to this event and we hope that you will, by sharing your knowledge,share in our excitement.Thank you very much in advance for your consideration and we look forward to hearing from you soon.SincerelyAitor del Valle Sanchez
  3. 3. JUNE 9-10, 2011WHAT´s FCDM? June 9-10, 2011 1 Financial Congress DIGITAL MEETING is a face2face and online conference with a double objective: •!To SPREAD and SHARE financial knowledge •!to BRING TOGETHER institutions, companies and private people of all kinds.
  4. 4. JUNE 9-10, 2011 June 9-10, 2011 1 The event has a DOUBLE FORMATWHERE? FACE 2 FACE ONLINE Euskalduna Conference Centre (World´s Best Congress Centre 2003)
  5. 5. JUNE 9-10, 2011 June 9-10, 2011 1The Congress occurs in Bilbao, a city which is theheart of a metropolis of more than a million inhabitants.Since its foundation more than 700 years ago, it hasbeen the driving force behind social and economicdevelopment and a vital factor in the modernisation ofthe surrounding Biscay region.In 2010 the city of Bilbao has been awarded with theLee Kuan Yew World City Prize, known as the "Nobelof the Cities", which recognises the local government´sefforts in transforming the city into a vibrant metropolis
  6. 6. JUNE 9-10, 2011FORMAT? June 9-10, 2011 1 20 min. Speech 4-5 Questions from all over the world via social media It´s the new way to interact!
  7. 7. JUNE 9-10, 2011WHEN? June 9-10, 2011 1 Corporate Day ! June 9th Investors Day ! June 10th
  8. 8. JUNE 9-10, 2011 June 9-10, 2011 1 Aitor del Valle Sánchez CEO of (in spanish, Financial Education). PD Corporate Finance (Instituto de Empresa Business School). EFA™, European Financial Advisor.WHO? Eneko Knörr Founder of Hostalia and Ideateca. Founder of the Association of Internet Investors and Entrepreneurs (AIEI). AMP Instituto de Empresa Business School. Jorge Garcia del Arco CEO of Xupera Xperiencing Customers. TEDxBilbao licensee. Participates in several boards of @digital association. ExMBA Instituto de Empresa Business School.
  9. 9. June 3-4, 2010 1
  10. 10. 22 Speakers More than400 physical More than 20 attendants countries More than 3.000 online attendants
  11. 11. JUNE 9-10, 2011June 9-10, 2011 1
  12. 12. Find all the information about speakers
  13. 13. JUNE 9-10, 2011June 9-10, 2011 1
  14. 14. June 9-10, 2011 1 More info at: