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Content management

  1. 1. Content ManagementUniversal Banking Solution System Integration Consulting Business Process Outsourcing
  2. 2. Overview Typically, a bank’s website can source various types of content from a content managementAs relationships with customers grow increasingly system, ranging from details of bankingsophisticated, the demands made upon a bank’s products, schemes and advertisements in pdfwebsite become more complex and the format, to images, audio, video, and staticmanagement of its content more complicated. content such as logos and menu options. A CMSIn the old world, content management was can also support a website’s multi-lingual andessentially a technical activity; content owners search features.would generate the information, but depend onthe webmaster and his team to publish it. What Should a Content ManagementHowever, today, when banks need to capitalize System Include?on new business opportunities by reactingquickly to market changes, their website content At an enterprise level, content management(news, blog content, services, products, offers) solutions have to deal with more than one form ofbecomes more valuable and needs to be updated content, for instance:regularly. Thus, when there is a need to publish • Digital assets - digital photographs,several new documents a week authored or animations, videos and audiosedited by different people, it makes sense to usea Content Management System (CMS). • Documents - electronic documents, images of paper documentsThis paper gives a comprehensive descriptionof a content management system in the context • Web content - website contentof online banking, as well as its benefits thatenable banks to centrally and securely manage • Records - file records such emails, applicationtheir content. data, certificates etc.Problem A content management system is primarily aimed at managing the lifecycle of informationIn a world without a content management from initial publication or creation all the waysystem, the management of an organization’s through archival and eventual disposal. A CMSwebsite content was a tedious multi-stage should have managed workflow (an action-process that included converting the source approval cycle in the content managementmaterial into HTML format, editing the structure scenario where one process is passed throughof the site, and placing the new content on several approval steps for completion) in astaging servers to allow manually-driven approval collaborative environment.processes (if approval was sought at all) beforefinal publication. The organization depended The figure below depicts the lifecycle of contenton the IT folks even to make small changes. This as follows: creation - uploading by the bank’swas both costly and slow. administrator - viewing by a customer on the website - expiry.Solution Content creation,What is a Content Management System? Editing, Integration of external contentA Content Management System (CMS) is a toolthat enables its users to create, organize and Expiry and Destroypublish a variety of content (such as text, Lifecycle of Contentgraphics, video, documents etc.), whilst being Quality assurance and approvalconstrained by a centralized set of rules, Versioning and Archivingprocesses and workflows that ensure coherent,validated electronic content. CMSs are frequentlyused for storing, controlling, revising, semantically Content upload/Publishingenriching, and publishing documentation. Version Content viewed by a Bank Admin by a customercontrol is one of the primary advantages of a CMS. Content Management
  3. 3. What benefits does a Content Management Such control can prevent editors from alteringSystem provide? the look and feel of the website. When a content editor adds or updates content, the contentCost Benefit management system abstracts away from theEvery time you need to make a change, update fact that you’re editing an HTML page. Contentyour event calendar, feature a product or is displayed in a text area and a Word-likeservice offering, or add new information, in the toolbar is provided to format the text withabsence of a CMS you need to pay IT headings, bullet points, colours etc.resources by the hour. These recurring expenses Approval Workflowcan be avoided by using content managementsoftware to maintain and manage the content of In several scenarios, such as when there areyour organization. tens or hundreds of content editors, it makes sense to have a controlled approval routeCentralization and Sharing of Content whereby website content that is added orContent is consolidated into one powerful modified is subject to review before it is publishedrepository, facilitating content sharing among on the website. Approval work flows accomplishco-workers. this task by providing a process by which contentVersion Control editors can submit web pages for approval. An approver is notified to review the web pageMost content management systems have a and has the authority to reject or approve it. Ifversion control mechanism, allowing roll back approved at this point, the content will beto a previous version of a web page. This is published on the website.useful if a web page is published with mistakes,or if it needs to be modified for a limited time Schedulingperiod, after which the changes have to be Some content management systems allow webreversed. Version history is also useful for pages to be published to a schedule, so thatauditing; displaying what content was changed they only appear on the website for a predefinedwhen and by whom. duration. Such functionality is useful for time-Facilitating Fresh Content sensitive information, such as special offers orIf your company does not have anyone with news articles, and contributes to keeping websitethe ability to update your website, such as a content fresh and relevant.webmaster or IT department, it is likely that How Online Banking Uses Contentsome or all of the content on your website is Management Systemsout-of-date. You may have to periodically payan external company to make changes for you,which can be costly and comes with an inherenttime delay. In most cases, when a website is notupdated on a regular basis, it is difficult to retainrepeat visitors. The website may lose relevancein search engines and appear further down thelist of results than it used to, because otherwebsites in direct competition with yours areupdated more frequently.Separation of Content from DesignWhen a developer implements a website on topof a content management system, she createsa set of templates, or page layouts, which issubsequently used to create pages. A templatecontains one or more editing areas, which cancontain text, images, audio, video or a mixture ofthese. The developer can usually control thetype of formatting that the content editor cando, for example, by limiting the color palette. Content Management
  4. 4. different perspective. JCR is an infrastructure Typical Business Scenarios for a CMS specification for interacting with general purpose content repositories using a Java API. On • Mexican user is browsing through a the other hand, CMIS is an interoperability bank’s website to view product catalogs. specification for interacting with document- He clicks on ‘Spanish’ in the multilingual centric content repositories via HTTP-based label section. The content on the screen protocols. It is also interesting to note that while is displayed in Spanish. JCR is Java-based, CMIS is platform and • A retail customer wants to know the risks language- independent. involved in investing in mutual fund Customization products. He logs in to the e-banking application and starts a new thread on a A CMS software’s ability to cluster and allow discussion forum. He invites all the users extension/development and customization is in his address book to comment. another factor taken into consideration when • A bank has uploaded the e-statement of comparing it with the others. a retail customer’s savings account on Storage Type an online vault. The customer can access the vault after logging in to Internet A CMS can use any kind of repository, ranging banking, and check the e-statement. from file-based storage to relational databases. • A prospective customer logs on to a The kind of storage used is also a factor of direct banking site and seeks help on comparison between different systems. opening an overdraft account. The Multi-Channel Content Delivery application provides the user with a video demonstration of all the steps involved. A content management system must be capable of presenting information over multiple channels, with different displays and themesKey Selection Criteriafor a Content for various users, and different levels of securityManagement system and access control.Simplicity & Ease of Use Security and ScalabilityCreating web content and scanning documentsand other types of files can collectively be To ensure optimum availability and resiliencecalled authoring. A key selection criterion for a of online banking services, a high-performancecontent management system is the ease of content management system should alsoauthoring, i.e. the availability (or absence) of a separate staging and production environments.‘what you see is what you get’ editor, easy In a typical scenario, content is drafted andupload of documents, ease of content creation refined on the staging server, and pushed toand related tasks such as tagging, editing etc. the production server when its ready to be published. The production server can run differentAuthorization and Access Control domains and privacy settings simultaneously,CMS solutions provide multiple authorization in order to deploy a website, a private website,levels and different access control for users of or an intranet site. Both the content repositoryweb content, pages and repository nodes. and the production server should be able toHowever, the granularity of access control and cluster and scale to enterprise-class workloads.applicability to other tasks such as editing, Various Content Management Systems inmodification, and publishing etc. is what the Marketdistinguishes them. There are different CMS products available inStandards Compliance the market under licensed and open sourceVarious CMS solutions use different platforms categories. The following CMS software solutionsand conform to different standard APIs are chosen for evaluation. Some of them areavailable, say CMIS (Content Management licensed, whereas some are open source.Interoperability Services) or JCR (Java Content While they use separate content managementRepository). Each of these standards has a frameworks, all are Java-based systems. Content Management
  5. 5. Alfresco Content Management- Alfresco is still under incubation. Apache also offers one web development framework, namely,Alfresco Web Content Management is an open Apache Sling, which uses JCR and has gotsource content management system. It provides some CM qualities.a complete Enterprise Content Managementsolution by providing Web Content Management, Liferay CMS - Liferay, Inc.Document Management and Image Management. Liferay is a free open source enterprise portalIt can be deployed to any application server by written in Java. It is one of the leading portal-binding the latter to a CIFS directory. based platforms for social networking, portalSandboxes are a special feature provided by development, business intranets, corporateAlfresco. Content is managed in sandboxes that extranets, forums, archives, and generalisolate each users changes. There are facilities web publishing.for submitting content to a shared (staging) Liferay comes with two different products viz.sandbox and then deploying that content either Liferay Portal and Liferay Social a flat file system or another instance of Alfresco. The former provides a portal platform with workflowLotus Web Content Management - IBM features whereas the latter offers 3 features,Lotus WCM is a proprietary software suite namely Content, Context and Collaboration.offered by IBM. It offers web content managementalong with workflows. It provides features Why Should Banks Invest in a Contentranging from content authoring to publishing Management system?along with social software capabilities like blogs • To deliver fresh and dynamic web contentand wikis. easily and faster. It will enable the bank toIts special syndication feature replicates data distribute and act on content from virtuallyfrom one web content library on one server to any source.another web content library on another server. • To attract more visitors to direct bankingeXo - eXo Platform thereby improving the chances of converting prospects into customers.eXo is a portal-based platform that offers • To provide useful, quality information tocontent management, document management, all customers.and workflow along with social collaborationand networking features. The software provides • To respond to customer needs faster.Java middleware for cloud-based services and • To improve productivity, cut costs andis based on service oriented architecture. enhance services.Apache CMS Stack - Apache ConclusionApache CMS stack includes 3 different productsviz. Lenya, Jackrabbit and Chemistry. Lenya is Today, content management solutions arean open source content management system addressing the content related issues facedfrom the Apache software suite, which is based by many banks to reduce operational coston a Java/XML platform. The latest 2.0 version and increase profit. That being said, contentoffers LDAP integration and access control by management with Web 2.0 and XML-basedIP. The entire site or a part of it can be SSL technology will continue to distribute contentprotected as well. This is a simple system that across multiple channels to create richer customercan be studied as a reference implementation. experience and spread the workload of content creation across the business and beyond.Apache also offers Jackrabbit which is arepository framework fully conforming to JCR Authorthat is implemented on JCR 2.0. This is usedas the underlying content repository by many Shilka SharmaCMS software solutions like Hippo and Weceem. Associate Consultant, FinacleApart from this, Apache also has one CMIS Infosys Technologies Limitedimplementation called Apache Chemistry which Content Management