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CFA Information

  1. 1. CFAChartered Financial Analyst
  2. 2. Agenda • About FinTree • Detailed Program outline • Contact Information
  3. 3. About FinTree FinTree is one of the leaders in trainings for Finance in India It was founded in 2007 by a team of CA’s/CFA’s/ IITians. Currently FinTree has presence in Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore & Kuwait. FinTree and it’s trainers have successfully completed training programs for various companies in India and Abroad.
  4. 4. Agenda • About FinTree • Detailed Program outline • Contact Information
  5. 5. CFAChartered Financial Analyst
  6. 6. Agenda •What is CFA? • Career opportunities? • Global reach? • CFA training at Fintree?
  7. 7. What is the CFA ?• A self-study curriculum with three levels of examinations offered by CFA Institute (USA), it is the most recognized global designation for finance professional in the world.• Practical, relevant education based on a practitioner-driven global body of investment knowledge.• Exam locations worldwide at more than 200 locations in 74 countries.• The CFA charter provides you with a strong foundation for a variety of career choices in the investment profession.
  8. 8. Agenda • What is CFA? •FAQ’s • Career opportunities? • Global reach? • CFA training at Fintree?
  9. 9. Sr. Question AnswerNo1. What is the cost Involved? Approximately 1.25 Lakhs* spread over the period of two years *Subject to exchange rates and other variables *For more information visit www.cfainstitute.org2. How many exams do I need to Three Exams, Level I, II & III pass?3 What is the Course duration? Approximately two years, varies based on how quickly you pass the exams!4 Do I have to pass all the three No, There are job opportunities available after each and every level. levels to get a job or make a For more information visit! switch?
  10. 10. Sr. Question AnswerNo5 Is it relevent for Engineers as Yes, specially for candidteas from IT background. There are huge amount of well? opportunities in India and Abroad.6. How does is stand compared Different opinions here, but It works as a complement as well as a substitute. to a MBA program?7 How is CA+ CFA Combination? Excellent, In fact a sought after profile by many equity reserach houses in India.8 How is a MBA + CFA Again opinions vary here, in our opinion If you’re a MBA from top five B-schools in India, Combination? then CFA might just be a “nice to have on CV” kind of Exercise. If not, CFA might be a necessity. ( Our CFA lead instructor is a visiting faculty with top B- Schools in India)
  11. 11. Agenda • What is CFA? •Career opportunities? • Global reach? • CFA training at Fintree?
  12. 12. CFADesignation
  13. 13. Agenda • What is CFA? • Career opportunities? •Global reach? • CFA training at Fintree?
  14. 14. Global Members and Candidates.The AmericasMembers: 65,800 Asia PacificCandidates: 75,200 Members: 13,600 Candidates: 80,400 Europe, Middle East & Africa Members: 16,100 Candidates: 44,300 Sharp increase in candidates in Asia over last five years
  15. 15. Agenda • What is CFA? • Career opportunities? • Global reach? •CFA training at FinTree?
  16. 16. CFA Training at FinTree• Most successful CFA training provider in India• Consistently Produced passing rates more than 80%• Out of the box approach to training• Extensive, self sufficient Classroom Training• Weekend/weekday/online batch formats
  17. 17. Contact Information Utkarsh Jain + 91- 88880 777 22 Vaishali +91- 97300 369 93 FinTree Opp. Coffee Stop, Near OM Super Market, Model Colony, Pune, India- 411 016 020- 25670122