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Filmteractive Network 2014 - case study presentation for NDPC meetings


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Filmteractive Network 2014 - case study presentation for NDPC meetings

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Filmteractive Network 2014 - case study presentation for NDPC meetings

  1. 1. Filmteractive Network 2014
  2. 2. What is Filmteractive Network?
  3. 3. Filmteractive Network is a project focused on: • enabling networking for artists, creators, producers and content buyers from Northern Dimension and other European countries • development of an international Cultural and Creative Industries Network
  4. 4. Filmteractive Network 2014 consists of: • Filmteractive Market - annual event • Filmteractive Network – online networking platform • Filmteractive Yearbook – annual print publication
  5. 5. Filmteractive Market • Part of Filmteractive event • First interactive and crossmedia audiovisual content marketplace in Baltic Sea Region and Central and Eastern Europe. • It is the place for young content creators, and for those who want to sell and buy a project or a technological solution. • Organised as a competition
  6. 6. Filmteractive Market 2014 edition • 72 submissions • 9 international experts • 8 pitching sessions • 2 winners • 1 honourable mention
  7. 7. Filmteractive Market submissions We received 72 projects from • almost all European countries • USA • Canada • Dominican Republik • Izrael • Rwanda Among them, there were • interactive videos • cross media projects • web documentaries • second screen • interactive technological solutions
  8. 8. Selected projects • Above (Estonia) • Axion (Sweden, Poland,) • Komplex, 28 (Italy) • Monsters to Clowns (Estonia) • Sweet Dreams Interactive Film (Poland) • The Debtor (Italy) • The Reward (Denmark) • Zamek (Poland)
  9. 9. Filmteractive expert panel Adipat Virdi, Transmediasphere (UK) – Head of the Expert Panel Lucia Haslauer, Commissioning Editor, ZDF (Germany) Charlotte Applegren, Secretary- General for Cine-Regio (Denmark)
  10. 10. Pietro Pierangeli, Editor in Chief, Subvertising (Italy) Andreas Joseaar, Head of Media Research, Head of Crossmedia Production Program, Tallin University (Estonia) Martin Simka, Vice-president of Technology Evio Polska Sp. z o.o. (Poland)
  11. 11. Maciej Hazubski, CEO, IQ partners (Poland) Sebastian Grabowski, Director of Orange Labs Research Centre (Poland) Aurelie Taguet, Editor in digital storytelling and transmedia, France Télévisions (France)
  12. 12. Filmteractive Market 2014 – NDPC award winner
  13. 13. The winner of this award is „Axion” – international project supervised and presented by Jasmine Idun Lyman (Sweden) and Julian Maciejewski (Poland). Axion is a unique, app‐based interactive documentary about scientific work.
  14. 14. The winners of NDPC award
  15. 15. Filmteractive Market 2014 – „Evio” award winners
  16. 16. The winner is „The Reward” form Denmark presented by Bo Juhl Nielsen and Charlotte De La Gournerie. A nine-minute fantasy student film created at The Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark. Further development: short film and website enabling the interaction with audience
  17. 17. The winners of „Evio” award
  18. 18. Filmteractive Network Online networking platform
  19. 19. Filmteractive Yearbook • Annual booklet • Distributed among CCI companies and institutions in NDPC area and in other European countries.
  20. 20. New formula of 2015 Market • 16 pitching sessions • 3 award categories • Experienced and diversified international expert panel
  21. 21. 2015 award categories: • Best creative project (transmedia, crossmedia, digital and innovative content) • Best commercial project (content for brands) • Best technological Start-Up (best startup solutions supporting innovative a/v works)
  22. 22. Agata Lepianka Project Manager