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One step to improve team workflow and collaboration

Let us introduce a brand new way of developing web apps.
If you are struggling with repetitive tasks there is a method to improve your and your team's productivity.

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One step to improve team workflow and collaboration

  1. 1. Building web apps is about team collaboration How to improve workflow with something different than another task manager?
  2. 2. Using task management and team communication tools has an extreme positive effect on your work, right?
  3. 3. That's because team collaboration is essential when working on web apps you get conctructive feedback, you are better together at problem solving, you learn from each other.
  4. 4. As a web dev you're probably struggling with something else, especielly when� running tests manually . . .
  5. 5. Let's assume your task for today is to create a signup page for a web app
  6. 6. How do you start? From scratch. With an empty layout, of course.
  7. 7. name, email, password, password repeat, maybe some data about the user, most probably some checkbox for the Newsletter. You need to add all the interactive inputs one by one: And you can add the "SUBMIT" button. source: topic=bootstrap&file=simple-sign-up-form-with-blue-background
  8. 8. Now, be little creative, do some styling tweaks. Front-end page is ready now!
  9. 9. Time for back-end. Step by step you're adding new lines of a code.
  10. 10. And what you have to do after every change batch? Yeah. You need to test the form (just to make sure that everyting's working well).
  11. 11. So most of your work is filling. Filling the form.
  12. 12. With each and every change you�need to fill all the necessary fields - just to test what you've created. And once you're done? You're starting all over, with filling the form, of course.
  13. 13. Reaching any milestone when working on a web app equals testing (filling forms... again!)
  14. 14. How many times you've been filling this thing? �'s just the begining 10? 20? more?
  15. 15. Your piece of code is tested by others (QAs, other developers on an instance stage of the app) If everyting's fine it goes to the production stage - and you have to verify it once again...
  16. 16. ...and this page is just the entry point for your web app You, your teammates, testers, product manager, company founder - will have to fill the form many times just to check how it's working
  17. 17. Isn't form filling time-consuming?
  18. 18. We think it is. That's why we came up with an idea. Idea of creating a tool that can make work of web devs easier.
  19. 19. Place all your form fillings in just one hotkey.
  20. 20. Filly is a Chrome extension that can work on top of your web app.
  21. 21. Use it as a multifunctional form filler that will manage your forms, so you can build your web apps faster.
  22. 22. Once filled form can be saved, restored, shared and reused by your teammates. Save Restore Share Reuse
  23. 23. Why use it? Web developer loses � from 4 to 10 minutes each hour due to form filling when working on a web app* *According to an internal test
  24. 24. Extra features make Filly special
  25. 25. Team sharing Share filled form when working together on the same domain
  26. 26. Domain mapping Save form on page A and restore it on page B
  27. 27. managing from the UI handle all the saved from in one place
  28. 28. Add�to Chrome Don't forget about a feedback, we're just starting! Go to the Website or