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  1. 1. Shared hosting refers to a web hosting environment where many websites reside on one web-server. You as a customer shared a server with other customers.Usually it's about 100 to 400 accounts in one server.managed hosting
  2. 2. For hosting your Web Site on Web you can choose from two typesof Web Hosting solutions - Dedicated Server and Shared ServerShared Server is a server which is shared by more than two websites In contrary to shared server, dedicated server is a server whichis controlled by only one site This could be thought of as a PersonalServer
  3. 3. Shared web hosting can be carried out in two different ways Thefirst method is Name based shared hosting, which has numeroushost names on individual machine It also has own IP address Whilebrowsing the internet, web browser asks for resource from the servervia http/
  4. 4. It admits the required resource as request and server managedhosting takes this information and shows the requested websiteWhile choosing a host make sure that they offer live chat, ticketbased or email based support and support 24x7 in your languageThey should also have a toll free number and able supportrepresentatives
  5. 5. Money always comes first in the priority list and no one wants towaste money at any cost So user should act very carefully whilechoosing the hosting service User should look at severalhostingsites before making any decision
  6. 6. One important thing is that user should not select the serviceoffering the lowest price as he/she can regret later for this decisionOne should choose the plan offering best service at reasonable price If cost factor is not concerned then dedicated server has manyadvantages over shared server
  7. 7. The only thing that refrain the businesses from hosting a dedicatedserver is the technical minuscule related to it To manage it theprofessional should have high technical bent of mind But if you wantyour site to be noticed by the users you need to have a dedicatedserver as it will reduce the time taken by your site to get downloadand will help you to retain visitors for long
  8. 8. If you want a good shared web hosting, then search for a fastinternet connection without ignoring the fact that you only have topurchase what you need It is recommended for you to choose anaccount that includes simply the services that your site needs Ifthere are some offers that include services you will not use than donot choose them because the costs will increase without beingnecessary
  9. 9. One thing that is important to be sure of is that the shared webhosting company provides you a solution for your site in thecircumstance it grows If you Want to Build E-commerce Site I wouldSuggest you to Choose Static ip Instead of Sharing Ip due toSecurity Issues
  10. 10. Check the Whether the company Offers Static ip or Not SomeCompanies Will Charge a Small Amount for Static ip
  11. 11. managed hosting