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  1. 1. Mac OS X 10.6.6 was reportedly "contains developer support for fetching and renewing App Store receipts," which could mean that the 10.6.6 update is scheduled for release in time for theopening of the Mac App Store. Now with the launch of Mac App Store, Mac users can enjoy the latest Mac OS - the Mac OS X 10.6.6.How to Edit a PDF file on a Mac
  2. 2. The Mac OS X Server 10 6 6 Update is recommended for all usersrunning Mac OS X Server Snow Leopard and includes general operatingsystem fixes that enhance the stability, compatibility, and security of yourMac It also includes the Mac App Store, the best way to discover andbuy new apps for your Mac With the Mac App Store, getting the appsyou want on your Mac has never been easier As for Mac App Store,different people may have different ideas, pros or cons, when it isreported a cracked open for piracy in the day of launch But for Mac userslike me are probably itching to upgrade to 10 6 6 and check it out Hereswhat you need to know about the upgrade
  3. 3. There are three ways to update to Mac OS X Server v10 6 6: 1) UseSoftware Update 2) Install from a standalone installer 3) Install on aremote server via Server Admin or the softwareupdate command-lineutility Mac OS X 10 6 6 isnt a big update, so many of you may be able toupgrade by simply running Software Update or downloading thestandalone installer from Apple (the first 2 ways:)) without any difficultyWhat you should bear in mind is to back up any important data beforeupgrade However, there are a few things youll want to be aware ofbeforehand: Graphics - If youre using a NVIDIA 4xx "Fermi" card, you willhave to re-run the NVIDIA Update to regain full acceleration Make sureyou have a Mac Pro System Definition installed from MultiBeast, or it willnot let you install Were fixing the tonymacx86 NVIDIA Update versionAudio - The Combo update will replace your AppleHDA
  4. 4. kext If you arent using the ALC889a codec, you will have to reinstallAppleHDA Rollback using MultiBeast If youre using VoodooHDA, youwill not need to make any modifications USB - The Combo update willreplace your IOUSBFamily,kext To restore full USB functionality on anon-DSDT or EasyBeast system installs USB Rollback using MultiBeastbefore reboot Sleep enabler kexts are version specific Remember todelete it before installing the update if you use it As tested, there is noneed of any other fixes between 10 6 5 and 10
  5. 5. 6 6 If youre updating from 10 6 4 to 10 6 6, you may need to run theAudio or USB fixes above Theyre quick and easy fixes, though, so youshouldnt have any trouble As always, everyones build is a little different,so your mileage will a little vary Then you are highly recommended tolearn more detailed information on this update before installing at applesupport center
  6. 6. It is also very important to know your version of Mac OS X that will helpyou find the exact way to upgrade your OS After How to Edit a PDF fileon a Mac update Mac OS 10 6, you can find the following Top MacSoftware and best Mac Apps for your Mac OS X 10 6 6 Mac DVD Tools -mainly including DVD ripper for Mac & DVD copy for Mac hatprovide solutions for Mac users to rip or backup DVDs Mac Video Serials- offer a wide range of software to convert videos to all sorts of popularvideo formats or just convert videos for specific devices, including iPod,iPhone and more Mac Portable Devices - offer a wide range of softwareto convert video formats or PDF format to ipod/ipad/iphone-friendlyformats that can be played directly on them Mac Popular Tools - includingiPhone Ringtone Maker for Mac, photo to DVD converter for Mac andmore, provide Mac users a easy and simple way to entertain themselvesand make full use of the iPhone, iPod or iPad
  7. 7. How to Edit a PDF file on a Mac