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  1. 1. I have spent the last twelve months or more researching and reviewing all the best breadmakers available in todays market place before finding what I consider to be the best. Andbelieve me there are a lot of different models to chose from.view publisher site
  2. 2. Nowadays you can buy a bread machine starting from thebasic-range that will simply bake you a loaf of bread and not domuch else Moving up to the mid-range machine that may well havea timer and a a few other functions and ending up at thetop-of-the-range bread maker that is an all singing all dancingmachine with more features than you can shake a stick at Theprices differ considerably too, starting from just under £40 andrising up to well over the £100 price tag too But from my researchinto the buying trends of all the different machines available today,two in particular seem to stand out head and shoulders above therest They are the Kenwood BM450 bread maker and the PanasonicSD-2501wxc bread maker But why? What makes these two breadmachines more popular with the buying public than any of the other?I think there are probably a number of reasons for this, of which we
  3. 3. will look at later, but without doubt the main reason is quality! Andnot surprising either In todays economic times, where money it tight,quality counts more than ever
  4. 4. So, let´s take a look at what makes the Kenwood BM450 sopopular This machine benefits from 15 different programs that allowyou to make a variety of different breads, even cakes and jam Aswith a lot of bread making machines the Kenwood allows you to bakethree different sized loafs, large, medium and small It also benefitsfrom a 125g capacity ingredients dispenser This automaticallyopens and dispenses the ingredients as and when they are neededduring the bake There is also a rapid bake setting allowing a loaf ofbread to be baked in 58 minutes Very handy for the busy family
  5. 5. Also for the busy family is the Kenwood BM450´s ability to have afresh loaf of bread ready and waiting for you each morning using the12 hour timer delay There is also a 1 hour keep warm feature tooThis high quality machine also allows you to program in up to 5personal setting for speed and convenience No wonder theKenwood BM450 bread maker has become one of the best sellingbread makers Now let´s look at the Panasonic SD-2501wxc breadmaker and see why that has become the buyers choice TheSD-2501wxc machine is what would be described as atop-of-the-range bread maker packed with new features It benefitsfrom a new design too after it replaced the old SD-257wxc machine
  6. 6. Being a top-of-the-range machine means that whatever you want ina bread maker the Panasonic SD-2501wxc allows you to have If youwant gluten free bread, it allows it If you want to bake specialtybreads using rye or spelt flour it allows that to If you want to makejam or a compote it allows you to do this as well As you wouldexpect from a top end bread machine of this quality it also benefitsfrom having a 13 hour digital timer allowing you to wake up eachmorning to a fresh loaf of bread It also features a quick bakeprogram for those times when you need a loaf in a hurry
  7. 7. This bread maker is also extremely quiet when in use But, aboveall, what has made the Panasonic SD-2501wxc bread maker such ahuge hit with the buying public is the fact that it makes excellentquality bread time after time So, now you can understand why theseview publisher site two bread makers sell in the quantities that theydo Their quality speaks for itself I hope you have enjoyed thisarticle, if so please Tweet or Facebook it to your friends
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