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  1. 1. If you have a residential cleaning business thatis successful, then you may consider branchingout to offer your cleaning services to offices and other commercial buildings. Cleaning officesare a little different than cleaning houses. Some office building owners may ask you to come in every night, while others may only want their office cleaned during the page
  2. 2. Here are some aspects of offering an office cleaning business that you shouldconsider when making the decision * Who should you service? When movinginto the realm of office cleaning, you may start to view just about any office asa potential client, but some offices may require specialized cleaning skills Forinstance, a health clinic or dentistry may require certain areas to be sterilizedor may have special instructions for hazardous waste disposal These may bespecialized cleaning skills that you can learn, but it may not be a service thatyou should offer if you have no prior experience * Cleaning Supplies If youalready own a house cleaning business, then you likely have all the cleaningsupplies that you will need
  3. 3. When signing on with new customers, you may inquire if they have cleaningsupplies on-site that you are expected to use If they have their own cleaningsupplies, then that will also save you time when cleaning their office buildingbecause you will not have to lug out your own equipment each time you arescheduled to clean that specific office building * Advertising To advertise youroffice cleaning services, you may want to take out an advertisement in abusiness journal that is read by business owners Another way to gain clients,is to take some time and distribute flyers to specific local business
  4. 4. If there is a small strip mall or group of offices that you would like to target,then you may decide to offer a discount for that plaza and let all the ownersknow Having all of your customers close together will also help to lessen thetravel time between places, this will allow you to get more done in less time *Online Advertising Many businesses nowadays have their own website, so itmay be helpful for you to gain exposure to clients by have a website thatshowcases your skills The website can just be a few pages that show yourmenu of services, a little about the company, and some contact information
  5. 5. You will be able to include the website on all of your flyers and business cards Many office workers may not have time to call you, but may have time tocheck out your website and learn more about you before contacting you *Service Hours As next page an office cleaning service, you will likely beexpected to work after hours, at night, or on the weekends This may bedifferent than what is common for house cleaning services because morepeople schedule their house to be cleaned during the day, then they are not athome
  6. 6. The advantage to offering office cleaning services may be that the hours donot coincide with your house cleaning services This will allow you to offer bothservices without the risk of over scheduling In addition, the more you are ableto work, then the more profits you will be able to earn
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