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  1. 1. Baking your own bread is easier than you mightthink. Who can resist the smell of freshly baked bread? I know I cant. As soon as you pick up on the smell you want to eat some straightaway. My mother used to make her own and welooked forward to tucking into it just as soon as it had cooled down.official site
  2. 2. The major difference in bread making then compared with now is thebread-maker machine Mother used to prepare and bake the bread, fromstart to finish, using her hands to mix it, then knead the dough You thenhave to leave it to rise before it is ready for the oven, and how long thattakes depends on the room temperature at the time
  3. 3. The results were a bit hit or miss, but that wonderful smell is still thesame Bread makers have taken much of the hard work out of the job Allthe user needs to do is add some pre measured ingredients into themachine, in a specific order, press some buttons and let the bread makermachine do the rest
  4. 4. You can walk away and do something else while it is baking Howconvenient is that? About four hours later the bread is cooked, and whenthe bread is cooked you can then get down to the serious business ofeating your wonderful tasting and official site smelling loaf of bread Yes,it is that easy
  5. 5. Baking your own bread goes down very well with family and friends, andit is surprising how popular you can become when word gets around thatyou bake fresh bread The convenience of baking bread on demand,when you want it is wonderful
  6. 6. No more special journeys to the supermarket because you have run outof bread There are good health benefits of baking your own bread aswell
  7. 7. You get to control what goes into the bread before you eat it And, thatsnot all
  8. 8. Bread making machines can do other things apart from bake bread Forinstance they can mix pizza dough, make jam and make lots of differentkinds of bread
  9. 9. Tempted? Give it a try, and you dont have to buy an expensive breadmaker to get started
  10. 10. official site