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Fillarikonsultit - Cycling Consultants Pecha Kucha presentation held at ASEFUAN Dialogues on Climate Change in Madrid, Spain, 26.11.2009

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  • -why we chose to to do soemthing with cycling: wordwide 14% and -Ido believe that idividual choices matter -and if we want to cut down our emissions, we have to use all possible tools An our mobility is that as choice that each of us makes every day – how we got to work and school Lisää detaljeja (suullisesti esitettäväksi): -kolmannes suomalaisten matkoista liittyy työhön, kouluun tai opiskeluun, vajaa kolmannes on asiointimatkoja -”henkilöauto korvaa entistä suuremman osan kevyenliikenteen ja joukkoliikenteen matkoista” -viime vuosituhannen loppuun verrattuna työmatkojen matkasuorite on kasvanut eniten, polkupyörän matkasuorite km/hlö/vrk on pienentynyt samaan aikaan -polkupyörällä ajetaan 3 prosenttia päivittäisten työmatkojen matkasuoritteesta
  • Chicago cycling centers webpage -in general, we scarcely change behaviour because of the environmental factors -on Wednesday we were all saying how we’ll change our behaviour But that’s the best thing about cycling that that is actually not a “climate sacrifice but rather increasing our life quality: -stay fit -save time -save money
  • Inari Cycling 20091127 Pecha Kucha

    1. 2. “ In Finland and EU 20 % of GHG emissions are related to mobility” Source: NRDC Issue Paper, June 2008 – The New Energy Economy
    2. 3. CO2 emissions of different vehicles, g / km <ul><li>Cycling < 0,0 g CO2 / km </li></ul>
    3. 4. Finnish Facts <ul><li>An average Finn travels every day 42 km of which: </li></ul><ul><ul><li>1,3 km walking </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>0,8 km by bike </li></ul></ul>Source: National Travel Survey
    4. 8. Goal in Copenhagen <ul><li>By 2015: 50 % of commuters cycling to their places of work or study </li></ul><ul><li>-reduction in CO2 emissions: 80 000 t </li></ul>Helsinki? <ul><li>Double the amount of cycling trips from 6 to 12% </li></ul>
    5. 9. Top 100 reasons why NOT to cycle to work
    6. 10. ” I have to take kids to their hobbies.” ” I have so much stuff to take with me.” ” I can’t dress up sportly to work.”
    7. 11. ” I have to take kids to their hobbies.” ” I have so much stuff to take with me.” ” I can’t dress up sportly to work.”
    8. 13. First case: Hub Helsinki
    9. 15. the best looking bike rack in town -a design competition air pump tool kit to borrow pop out bikes with the Hub’s visual design enough racks the cycling employee of the month bicycle leasing bikes the first thing in How to find us section
    10. 19. Marek Salermo Head of the Helsinki City Bicycle Planning Helsinki City Planning Department ” Compared to wearing a helmet, a lot better way to increase safety of cycling is simply to increase the amount of cyclist ”
    11. 20. Thanks! [email_address] www.britishcouncil/challengeeurope