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Linking money at_money_16052010


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Linking 10€ at 1 trillion€ U_S_A
by datevaluation Gool-Bama-Cash financial recipe is proposing to share cash production sharing day multiplied cash results at TOM (Timestock-Owned-Market) at 12:00 New York local time

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Linking money at_money_16052010

  1. 1. Linking money-at-U_S_A Cash sharing production for day cash results at 12:00
  2. 2. Linking money-at-money is your ability of date valuation for yielding wealth by personal webcashmotor Your free Webcashmotor starts to run in Universocial Cash Economy
  3. 3. Linking money is datevaluation of 10€ parcels, creating 1 link for each Using your Personal Webcashmotor At WUW The Webcash Universocial Web you have to cashput 10€ of your bank you may get all information about your money to shift asset into the registered datevalors action. property of 1parcel of your Personalized Webliving Savings. After settings of your dynamic webcashaccount a robot places a You do got the ownership of 1 stamp of time, date, year at the moment of Owndated Webquantum containing 10€ every datevaluation. in fusion with the time of your singular creation which enables you to share Your Personal Webcashmotor bot have to cash production sharing day after day work with web dates (timestock) and multiplied cash results at 12:00 New financial charges of money (allways 10€ York local time. parcels) for webrobotic cash results.
  4. 4. Linking money by 10€ parcels you control more and more your personal bank financial power Bot have to work with web dates and money (allways 10€ parcels) Because your Personalized Webliving Savings are pushed by web dynamic botcash 24/7, 365/365 for free Owndated Webquantums by Sharing cash results produced by up 1 trillion€ in datevaluation of 10€ each 1. Universocial_Sovereign_Anchor Dynamic reserves of Personalized-Webliving-Savings on cash-sharing-cash position Multiplied Cash Results at 12:00 every day