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Pg connects bangalore re engagment advertising a dummies guide

Panel: Monetisation Experts Q&A
A group of industry experts tackle the key questions relating to monetisation practice.

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Pg connects bangalore re engagment advertising a dummies guide

  1. 1. Re-Enagement Advertising: A Dummies’ Guide Spencer Scott Chief Revenue Officer Pocket Gamer Connects – April 16-17, 2015
  2. 2. 2 1,000 clients - 41 of the top 50 grossing apps of 2014 – 4B downloads
  3. 3. The ability to target a group of users who have: - Previously visited your app or mobile website - Meet some set of parameters (i.e. registered but haven’t purchased) What Is Retargeting? 3
  4. 4. Running retargeting as a complement to UA can drive incremental gains in: - Revenue - Registrations - Purchasers Driving Amplified Results For one mobile game company working with Fiksu, every $1 invested in retargeting resulted in an incremental $4 in sales. 4
  5. 5. When Can You Use Retargeting?
  6. 6. •  Keep your brand relevant •  Prevent users from abandoning the app or going to competitors Goal: Prevent App Abandonment 6
  7. 7. Create custom campaigns focused on driving incremental: •  Opens •  Registrations •  Purchases •  And more! Goal: Drive Incremental Actions 7
  8. 8. •  Tell users about recent improvements to your app •  Showcase your new product line to get users excited and coming back to your app Goal: Promote New Features & Products 8
  9. 9. Key Components of Retargeting
  10. 10. A segment is a group of your current users that share some set of similar characteristics Segmentation History of purchasing – but not in the last 30 days 10
  11. 11. Targeted Creative Customized messages and images shown to each of your particular segments: •  Maximize relevance of ads users see •  Improve ad performance 11
  12. 12. Search for current users across the mobile ecosystem Reach 12 RTB
  13. 13. Case Study
  14. 14. •  As a golfing app, Golfshot’s business is seasonal.   •  Retargeting enabled Golfshot to successfully reactivate users at the start of the golf season at a fraction of the cost to acquire a new user Golfshot: Golf GPS 14
  15. 15. How Fiksu Can Help
  16. 16. •  ROI •  Reach •  Manage across sources •  Simple, fast implementation Fiksu Retargeting 16
  17. 17. Want to talk? @fiksu @3I770 Thank You! Learn more: Download our new Retargeting ebook today!