Dangers of cancer.


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Dangers of cancer.

  1. 1. Cancer is another word that theyuse for disease. Cancer is a causedby uncontrolled division ofabnormal cells in a part of thebody. This is mainly caused by cellsthat are not really normal meaningthat it is not a normal cell meaninglike a break away, which is notgood because then the cells split.And with it splitting it cause them totake over other tissues in your body.
  2. 2.  Leukemia is a cancer that messes with thetissues that forms the blood in your body. Withthat being said it also causes it to make moreimmature white cells. When healthy you have the THREE mainblood cells.› White› Red› Platelets And each of these three play a big role withyour blood system, because one helps fightinfection, carry’s oxygen through your body,and to help with blood clot.
  3. 3.  So when having Leukemia the bone marrow iswhere the blood cells are made. And whenthe bone marrow makes the not normal cellsthis is called Leukemia. Normal white and the abnormal cells do notaffiliate with each other. This can cause thepain in the body. Leukemia› Acute or Chronic› Lymphocytic or Myelogenous These are four types of Leukemia, meaningthat one makes it grow fast, one gets wroseslowly, and there are the ones that affect thewhite blood cell.
  4. 4.  Leukemia is a cancer to be known as onethat there is no way to prevent it. This isbecause many people would not know ofa factor that they may have that causesLeukemia. This can be affected family history wise, butnot really directed from the parents. Being exposed a lot to radiation This is a greater risk for those individuals whohas down syndrome. And also being much exposed to smokeand gasoline.
  5. 5.  There are many places around this worldwhere you could go to get help if you havethe cancer Leukemia. There are placeswhere you could get tested to. American Cancer Society, you can call orvisit there website for more info. And for being tested you can just go toyour personal family doctor and if you thinkthat you have it you can explain it to himand then he will check you up and checkfor the systems of Leukemia. And if so willtest you.
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