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Ifla swsig meeting - Puerto Rico - 20110817

  1. Welcome to the 1 st Semantic Web SIG open session IFLA 77 th WLIC August 2011
  2. Library Linked Data Incubator group report Semantic Web SIG meeting BERMES, Emmanuelle Centre G. Pompidou Paris, France IFLA 77 th WLIC August 2011
  3. Linked Data Principles Use URIs as names for things Use HTTP URIs so that people can look up those names Provide useful information using standards (RDF, SPARQL) Create links with other datasets Linked Data principles from Sir Tim Berners-Lee
  4. To help increase global interoperability of library data on the Web, by bringing together people involved in Semantic Web activities — focusing on Linked Data — in the library community and beyond, building on existing initiatives , and identifying collaboration tracks for the future .
  5. Tom Baker – Ed Summers – Jeff Young – Antoine Isaac - Michael Panzer – Marc Van Assem – Jon Phipps – Alexander Haffner – Paul Walk – Martin Malmsten – Emmanuelle Bermes – Ray Denenberg – Karen Coyle – Gordon Dunsire – Marcia Zeng – and also – Asaf Bartov – Mike Bergman – Uldis Bojars – Dan Brickley – Kendall Clark – Alexandru Constantin – Nicolas Delaforge – Monica Duke – Kai Eckert – Kevin Ford – Wolfgang Halb – Michael Hausenblas – Andrew Houghton – Fumihiro Kato – Lazlo Kovacs – Dickson Lukose – Tod Matola – Carlo Meghini – Andras Micsik – Peter Murray – Guenther Neher – Joachim Neubert – Glen Newton – Ikki Ohmukai – Jonathan Rees – Felix Sazaki – Jodi Schneider – Anette Seiler – Oreste Signore – Ross Singer – Lars Svensson – Hideaki Takada – Kosuke Tanabe – Herbert Van de Sompel – Bernard Vatant – Daniel Viala — Kim Viljanen – William Waites – Mohammed Zergaoui
  6. Standards reports Semantic Web SIG meeting IFLA Namespaces task group report RDA task group report IFLA 77 th WLIC August 2011
  7. Libraries implementing linked data reports Semantic Web SIG meeting Deutsche Nationalbibliothek, Biblioteca Nacional de España Library of Congress Bibliothèque nationale de France ... IFLA 77 th WLIC August 2011
  8. Please join us !!! [email_address] [email_address] Semantic Web SIG IFLA 77 th WLIC August 2011

Editor's Notes

  1. The charter explains that the mission of the group is focused on interoperability for library data. Limited to library because specific and complex enough, but should obviously reach out to other communities in the end (in particular LAM). Expected deliverables : state of the art report, use cases, requirements, technology pieces.
  2. What's an incubator group ? It's a short lived, light weight structure intended to identify future working tracks. The incubator is here to ask questions, not answer.
  3. Lot of different people. Meet mainly on teleconferences, IRL only once (DC conference last october in Pittsburgh).
  4. The use case effort : show huge and very diverse interest for LD in the community. Difficult to extract something at a global level -> creation of clusters. Shows the benefits of LD to users (patrons but also librarians, developers, etc.)